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Ivan Krupskiy | Director of Operations

Россия |

Reviews 276,718

  1. :( yet another update without new levels :(
    David Crosby
    disappointing after near 2 years of waiting, great game otherwise. ......... ADD NEW LEVELS
  2. Tangled Puppet
    Honestly, i hate puzzle games. This game changed my oppinion so much that now its my most favorite genre! I absolutley love it!
  3. Money grabbers.
    Reanna S
    I paid 1.99 to open to unlock the next world and when I did they wanted to .$2.99 to unlock all the levels. What a bunch of horse sh**** you finish it.
  4. Awsome!!!!
    Blood Lust
    Simple but ROCK!!! I like it. Hope HD version is Free too....hehehe keep up the good work!!!!
  5. GG
    kelli yang
    Already beat this game on my old phone. Wish for more levels please.
  6. Wait... What?
    Mike Maloney
    You pushed 75 MB to my phone for what? Nothing? No levels? What the hell? Are you going to let anyone play this game again? I'm getting very disappointed...
  7. Interesting and entertainingly smart
    Jose Miguel De La Cruz
    Physics way of the light through your thumbs lol
  8. 5 Star Game Gets 3
    Jason McLeod
    This is a great game... for a week... then you beat it.. and that's it. I'm kind of confused what the "devs" are doing, because this game could go places if they DID SOMETHING! Just random updates to fix "bugs". Truly p***es me off. Such a beautiful, polished game.... wasted.
  9. Spam
    Oskar Aagaard Fransson
    Good game but spams notifications every 20 minutes or so which is really annoying. If I put away my phone for a few hours the notification bar (nexus 5) will be filled with God of light icons, it's a great shame because I wanted to play this game.
  10. Beautiful but not bug free
    Sven Geier
    Loved playing it a couple levels every day. Finished it all but never got the badge for reviving all trees (even though I did get the one for finishing all levels over 500 pts). Weird.
  11. Colorful!
    Wilbu Ghost
    This is a very well made game filled with beautiful colors and mechanics we're used to, it's very well made, haven't come across anything bad thus far.
  12. Avoid if you are a busy person
    Nathanael Miller
    It's a pretty good game. Great way to kill time. Graphics are pleasing to the eye. Soundtrack is soothing.
  13. Love, love, love this game!
    Molotov Click
    Beautiful graphics, responsive controls, innovative concept and design! I cannot even tell you how much I love this game!
  14. Intelligent Design
    Samuel Bruer
    God of Light does many intelligent things with its puzzles, and offers a relaxing tone that fits mobile gaming very well. Its use of ads is also a highlight, since you can effectively choose whether or not to view them as an exchange for being able to play the game fully for free. It feels extremely fair, and worthwhile.
  15. Beautiful Game! Paid Version.
    This game is gorgeous, the music is very relaxing, and the puzzles are challenging, at higher levels. The Celestial Tree is just an intro, for all who say it's too easy. After all of the negativity, Playmous really rose to the challenge and made the Frozen Tree quite difficult, but that makes me love this game all the more! I haven't even made it to the Space Tree yet, but I can't wait to solve those puzzles too!
  16. Love the look
    Alin Dumitrescu
    I'm not hooked yet so far all good!
  17. Beautiful, Breath taking, Addictive
    Jonathan Innerarity
    This is an absolutely fabulous game. It is easily the most beautiful puzzle game I've seen so far on Android. The drop dead gorgeous graphics and the challenging think outside the box (literally on some levels) puzzles reel you in for hours of sublime cognitive entertainment. Expect to run down your battery on this one. It's awesome.
  18. Nice, but....
    João Luiz
    The game is cool. Very nice graphics. The problem is that even after watching those ads, I'm not getting my free fireflies.... Therefore, I can't move to the next world.
  19. Awesome
    bakari williams
    They game is really good, and the graphics are on point, it wood be really good if there was a plot behind why the tower lost power
  20. Cool and fancy puzzle game
    Ram Sanath
    I love this game. The graphics and animations makes the game cool and each level is a good puzzle.


What`s new

This 1.2.5 update fixes bugs that were found in the previous version of the game.