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  1. Good but could be better
    Joshua Smith
    My toddler loves it but isn't as quick as a skilled player for Pop the Frog and Paint the Frog (only two levels his skill level can handle) Would love to have the ability to disable the timer to just let him have fun without the clock interrupting. Also, when I hit the home button on my Droid Turbo, the music will continue to play regardless of where I am on my phone until I force close the application.
  2. Great game
    John M
    Very well done puzzles some annoying lol
  3. Tap the Frog HD
    Bridget Walker
    My daughters ages 3,4 and 13 love this game! It is lots of fun and pretty easy for the smaller ones
  4. Nice entertainment.
    Rosangela Machado
    Once you starts the can't stop.
  5. Tap the frog
    Erica Johnson
    I love the game, really really fun game. Need to have more levels. I don't like the two player games.
  6. Fun & entertaining!
    Jeanine Chadwick
    Each mini game is different and unique !
  7. Okay and fun...
    Joko Sugiarto
    prince louis avatar image
    prince louis March 5, 2014
    Good Good
  8. Invasive
    Ciprian Dogaru
    A game shouldn't need to read phone calls and location. And shouldn't start at system boot and monitor you!
  9. Most challenging game
    Akram Hasan Sharkar
    Liked so well and interesting game. Must have game for better time pass. Add some more possibility to earn timer.
  10. Addicting
    Crista Musick
    Fun, challenge after challenge fast finger moving fun!! Love love love it!
  11. Latest update killed app
    Duncan Payne
    I can't load the app since the latest update. Was working fine on Android 4.4 before updating. Please sort it out.
  12. Free better
    April Snyder
    Paid hoping to have benefits but found same as free version n any extras u have to buy.wish had not bought
  13. Money?
    Muhamad Jazairi
    I have paid for this gameeeee yaaa not free...why have IAP,you want more money nahhhhhhh 1 starssss and where new update...this game boring
  14. Manipulative
    Gavin Hewitt
    They dont tell you, but you are strongly encouraged to make in app purchases to unlock all the games even after paying for the full game. A rip off, my young son cant get more than a couple of stars on many games and so is stuck on the same games. Will never buy a Playmous game again.
  15. Great game!
    Miguel Carvalho
    Very funny, nice challenges, good graphics and great playability. Great mood! Recommended.
  16. Force close since update
    Garen Loshkajian
    Since the kitkat update the game crashes each time I open it. Terrible.
  17. Like the game but needs more levels
    Mark Davies
    The game is good but very short compared to the iPhone version my daughter has. Add more levels, equal to iPhone, and I'll rate this 5*
  18. Forces push and still requires money for bonuses
    Mike Mathews
    I was really hoping that if I paid for this game it would stop advertisements, push notifications and allow me to win bonuses rather than buy them. Paying only stops the ads and there is no way to turn off push notifications. You're better off with the free version. The game itself is fun but not so much fun that I want it taking over my tablet.
  19. It's hard to...
    Marc Fournier
    It's hard to level up and get more stages says my 10 year old Daughter.
  20. Crap
    Jason Canady
    So you make me pay for it and there's no way to turn off notifications are you for real what if I don't care about scores on facebook and I got the game for a 3 year old uninstalled choke on the money


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