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  1. Great pool calculator
    Dennis Payne
    Pros: No ads, has Trouble Free Pool recommendations easily accessible. Cons: Doesn't track TCL (FC and CC only), preserving existing entry when adding new entry a tiny bit unintuitive. Still 5 stars.
  2. Perfect for me
    Peter Young
    Highly functional and, so far, totally reliable. Easily change from one form of chemical to another when balancing water chemistry, dad to day. An example being switching between granular chlorine and liquid Chlorox.
  3. Great App. Use it daily (during pool season)
    Jim Venhuizen
    Used this app for the entire summer of 2013 on a 25k inground pool in Michigan, USA. With a good test kit and nothing but bleach, borax, muriatic acid and this app, the pool was clear and clean all summer long. This is one of those apps that make android and this community great. Thanks to the author!
  4. Great app, needs some improvement.
    Joshua Oliver
    I think it is a wonderful app at an awesome price! The only thing I would suggest would be to clarify the order in which to add chemicals and add a check box to say that you have checked the suction fittings ( For VGB act compliance). Other than that, I'm very pleased with it!
  5. Andrew Reiner
    Thanks for the option to share to Google drive on latest update. I've had two devices with Pool Pal and this will make it easier if I have to change devices again.
  6. Great app
    Tom Vredevoogd
    Only issue I have is that I can't get my notes to export with the rest of the data. I save every test in Dropbox for future reference.
  7. Makes pool care a breeze!
    New above ground pool owner, this app had been spot on. Really made simple work of the BBB method I'm using. Super app telling me what needs to be added and quantities. Thanks very much!
  8. OK app
    Matt S.
    Trying to get my pool started this year, and I would like to use natural acids and bases to adjust the Ph of the pool. Could you add weak, and or household acids, and bases for Ph adjustment? Then your app would get higher marks from me. (Last year we used lemon juice, and baking soda for Ph adjustment)
  9. Great calculator
    Kenny Holt
    Works great, very easy to track chemicals, and accurate
  10. Great app - 1 request
    John Pearson
    Love this app. Use it all the time. Can you add a couple of things though? How about adding ionizer systems under sanitizer. And sodium hypochlorite under type? Again, love the app. Keep up the great work!
  11. Great app
    scub man
    Does want I need when I need it! I can also convert to what I want.
  12. jaime vazquez
    Im a pooltech at a hotel and I always use this app,is just fantastic!!
  13. Pool has never been clearer
    Anthony Scafidi
    This application makes taking care of my pool a breeze. Take your readings, plug them in and follow the instructions to keep you pool chemicals balanced. I recommend this application to anyone who takes care of a pool.
  14. Indispensable!
    Mark Archer
    A must have for every pool or spa owner. Makes maintaining pool chemistry a breeze. To save money and get more control I use a lot of less common chemicals, and this makes using the right amounts easy.
  15. Great work!
    John Etter
    Why now add user programmable acceptable ranges, and the easiest changes to make to keep your LSI acceptable?
  16. Mike Smith
    My pool has been easy to maintain and track with this app. Highly Recommended!
  17. Love it
    Ryan Moore
    Been looking for a great way to monitor my pool. This app does a great job. Would love to see some additional options like graphs, etc.
  18. Doesn't adjust FC goal to account for CYA level
    Paul Blair
    Chlorine goal should go up as CYA (stabilizer) level increases.
  19. Orp?
    Gabriel Smith
    Wish you could track orp and have multiple pressures for multiple filters. Other than that it is an awesome app.
  20. Works very well
    Michael Chuzie
    Easy to use. Matches TFP Pool Math calculations. I would like to see ability to change chemical quantity display from fl oz to qts+cups. Using the app as designed, I have to look up and convert fl oz to qts+cups. Lastly, the ability to have the app automatically or at selected intervals / activation, send an email with data to address linked to profile perhaps upon saving.


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