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Vlad Radu | Software Developper la Pokie Magic

România |

Reviews 35,774

  1. Extra spins do not get added
    Sandi Lee
    Every time I play the Barnyard Bonanza and get the bonus, after selecting your choice of spins, you may get golden eggs with either coins or extra free spins in them. Whenever I get the additional spins, they never get added onto my remaining free spins. Has been doing this for a while. Other than that, the games are fun.
  2. Just another pokie app?
    Susanne McIntyre
    Well no, not exactly but with more frequent free spins and better payouts I would give it a better rating. I hate games that give you a bit then take it back plus more. Remember folks, any money you invest in coin to play these apps only pays to put their kids through Uni! It's not like you can get a payout!!! Money for jam really, good onya guys!
  3. Tom Davis
    Good game to pass the time and the free coins are a good plus to the game.
  4. What not again!
    Cornelia Renay Johnson
    I am finding a lot of casino slots apps that have no problem taking your coins, its you collecting on your wins, how do you win anything if the total does not change after your win. And please do not reply back, just fix your game to be fair.
  5. Not to bad
    skippy lenny
    Seems fun so far but you keep bugging me to rate the game. Maybe dial it back a little so you are not making people angry.
  6. Only played for 7 minutes
    Jane Goff
    So far they are paying better than the 3 others I installed and then uninstalled. Will see how long this lasts.
  7. Irene Jackson
    Bonuses are illusive though. Higher rating if bonuses were gotten.
  8. Players paradise players slots
    Marilyn Smith Smith
    Love, love these slots. Awesome pay outs. Great slots.
  9. Players paradise slots
    Bill Vos
    Like it but just started playing and so far find that the pays are few and far between. Will see how it goes and may give 5 stars.
  10. Players Paradise Slots
    Manuel R. Sampayan
    Excellent games, just like going to the Casinos. You will keep playing over and over... Manny
  11. Player's paradise
    Claudia Santini
    Great graphics & machines, some awesome real life machines! Good welcome cash and hourly bonuses. Features don't pay as much as they should considering how long they take to come up. Spins & adds up at good speed. Actually truely possible to win jackpots. In all, very fun pokies.
  12. Wow what a start!
    The Hammerboy
    Just subscribed. Won 700,000 within 10 spins on bonus! Hope it isn't just baiting me. Will report more later....... It was baiting! Took £20 off me eventually. Got up to 10 million at one stage but it took it all back. Typical conning online application. Uninstalled. Boring slots anyway, all the same kind of theme. Avoid!!!!!!!
  13. Pat Blume
    This game used to be a lot of fun but since I installed the update you never win anymore. You wait 3 hours for bonus points and then only get to play for 10 minutes before you are out of points again. Then you have to wait 3 hours again. What a waste.
  14. Angela Makinson
    When it says u won a jackpot it doesnt give it to you. Very slack
  15. It's ok until you're broke.
    Craig Moss
    Which usually happens in around 2 minutes. Lol. .
  16. really enjoy it what feels like 1 downside
    Josh Bell
    its a fantasoc game and i dont think ill delete it at all but it seems that the bonuses super rarley come in and youve run out of coins when you just started enjoying the game but i do love it and im not deleting it... :)
  17. Ricardo Sanchez
    Sunes you reise your bet ,dosn't give you any winnings
  18. Good fun
    Jim Bott
    Vastly improved I wish rewards were added after spin completed seems like full amount of jackpot not received great he thanks
  19. Bullshit
    Tupou Tatini
    3 million coins is what i had, betting at 10000 on roaming reel without getting 1 free spin! Took me a longtime to get up to 3 mill and 1 game to stuff it up! I didn't give this game 1 star, hell no! Bullshit is what this is!
  20. Lucita Cole
    I just started playing. Give me a time, maybe later I'll rate 5 stars.


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