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张晓晖 | 上海地奇网络科技有限公司 - 市场总监

Yangpu District, Shanghai, China |

郭新涛 | 上海地奇网络科技有限公司 - 市场经理

安徽 合肥 |

董可晨 | 上海地奇网络科技有限公司 — 城市经理

Hefei City, Anhui, China |

丁伟峰 (david ding) | 商务拓展总监 — 上海地奇网络科技有限公司

Zhabei District, Shanghai, China |

Reviews 4,488

  1. Not stable after upgrade!!!!
    Kids Lim
    I use Samsung grand to play this game,after upgrade,I always direct drop out from the application,pls fix it ASAP!tq!
  2. Translation
    Primož Blatnik
    I have friends who would be willing to translate all text to English for free if you are willing to allow us. Please email me.
  3. 和 平 模 式 都 可 以 杀
    Ken Low
    烂 游 戏!!!不 是 也 杀 是 也 杀 害 我 打 了 这 么 五 次 赏 金boss一 个 掉 落 物 品 都 拿 不 到 !!!而 且 一 次 都 要 三 个 小 时!!! 如 不 赶 起 处 理 我 就poss上 面 子 书 让 所 有 人 都 知 道 这 是 个 烂 游 戏!!!!!!!!
  4. Asus Zenfone6
    Thomas Teh Boon Cheong
    My best friend asked me to join the games,so I will try to play thanks to all the Google team & all the Google members.
  5. YuWen Ning
    I cant login nw!!我的帐号可是没有绑定的!想uninstalled又怕data lose==faster fix it
  6. Crap
    Nomura Kazama
    Do anyone have this game contact number?
  7. Hi
    mark ryan romero
    I like the game but i cannot understand. Do we have english version ?
  8. English version please...
    Jefferson Patimo
    It's got potential but I've no idea what was going on.... despite the language it's a beautiful game
  9. Linus Goh
    This is the first and the best game in my phone
  10. English version pleasee..
    aria windu
    Should be a great game, but i cant even read it's title. I need to know what im playing in.3 stars for your hard work for now. gonna uninstall..
  11. It's a chinese game
    Xiphias Lau
    It's by a chinese company of course the game is in chinese. Dumb people stop giving poor rating because you can't understand and keep asking for english.
  12. Battery drainer =(
    Kooi Lee
    Feels like battery was draining speedly after installing. Plus, there is no options no close or turn off event/activities notification & pop up reminder, which is quite annoying. Please add on this function. Tq.
  13. Chin Ho Tso
    I didn't receive my 600 gold after my payment please assist
  14. I think its a great game but...
    Mohd Nazir
    Should u make it to English version too..
  15. Wow
    Leileya Ravencroft
    The graphics and detail are really beautiful and more detailed than many American games. Hopefully an English version will be released. Until then I will try my hardest to play. XD
  16. Love it, but
    Yusuf Matahari
    I will wait for english version, keep it up dev (y)
  17. Help
    Bernard Beh
    I need to restart my phone always to play it... midway playing will go hang... and need to restart to play it... please using huawei p7
  18. Installing for gems
    Khai Dodge
    I only downloaded the app because I wanted gems for my game and good effort make the English version then I'll play it but for now good effort
  19. I cant understnd it
    James HJ
    Its all in mandarin and i have no idea what i am playing
  20. Tuyu jua...
    Manz First
    Kasi ada bahasa melayu ba baru la siok main...hahahahhahaaha...kalau bahasa cina seja bagud bakar seja ni game...LOL