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rewi lew | sales manager at Howard International Group Co.,Ltd


Reviews 1,489,809

  1. Good game
    Henry Smalls
    It is a great game and very addicting but some levels either glitch at the end or doesn't give stars when you win. I did have five stars but now I am changing to three cause I can't get any further. Fix this issue and reclaim you five star rating, Mahalo.
  2. The car I just want it is here
    Victor Roldan
    Yes, finally my favorites super car are in this great 3D game ever, it lags, but is awesome,
  3. Great App
    Greg Stewart
    This app is superb, the graphics is great and the races are exciting. Thanks and continue to develop great apps like this or even better.
    Gabe Moore
    Its a great game only thing that bothers me is ads and it needs more cars
  5. Looks good so far
    Daniel Moxley
    Haven't got to fully play it, they ask you to rate before you even play the game. I'm sure its like every other android game full of advertisements
  6. Cool
    Adrian Mohammed
    It is very cool and awesome unbelievable graphic design and other stuff but guts make it easier to earn diamonds
  7. Repetitive and Dull Racing Environment
    Andy Chin
    The gameplay is rather not too bad, but one thing I disliked is the same white bridge appeared in some tracks. There are some tracks that aren't really that polished. One more thing is that most of the tracks are rather too simplistic. Some players need some challenges in cornering or drifting, so consider some tight tracks when making one.
  8. Glitch,missed 1,Camaro faster than GTR?!?!
    Wesley Person
    4 1/2 stars.Great game,hrs of fun,but ever since your last row of updates my fully upgraded GTR keeps getting stomped on by camaros(bumblebee).I thought the GTR was supposed to be the fastest car in the C class,WTF?!?!Also,there's a glitch in the Hawaii class b classic race where near the end of the race it slows your car down and there's no score.You actually have to turn off the game to reset it.
  9. Good... but lags sometimes
    Carina Johnson
    Super fun, one of the best race games.ever,, Sometimes lags though and I have to stop for a bit. Even on good WiFi
  10. Problems after recent update in July
    Gopalakrishnan Chakarapani
    1. All the Elimination rounds goes crazy if I win them at first place, means the car automatically just keep driving and no options or controls are visible on screen. 2. In any game in which I didn't earn 3 stars previously, does not get updated if I win 3 stars now. Stars just getting updated only for newly won games. It would be good to continue with this game if the developer could fix these problems. Thanks in advance
  11. irritated!
    pavan punyani
    love to play this game but it doesnt mean that we need to bjy cars like hell! so expensive everything. completely spoils the plot of the game. better than this buying a car in this game i would buy a xbox game n enjoy
  12. So far so good,
    josh Bee
    I actually deleted it once but could not find a better one than this, although you don't get very far without paying for it,but still pretty good.
  13. Good effects
    satish kumar manne
    Good game. But to unlock next level you need to purchase a new car, cost for the car more expensive than you earned
  14. Hellooo...
    Ankuss Kumar
    Amazinggg game.. w/o any lagging.. it runs quite smooth...
  15. Uday Sood
    Kinda good cause it gives me a thrilling driving. Cars are awesome and even much better after updating it, also u can upgrade ur car I often download many games but this is freaking cool for me. All over i think u should waste ur mb on this game . and most interesting thing u can play it in multi-player mode. A satisfying game 4 me.
  16. its just awesome for small end devices
    Axel Blaze
    as for the likes of asphalt 8 and real racing,the flagship killer games,this game is just a gem for people with low end devices. graphics,gameplay and enjoyment is top notch. the only issue i experienced is when motion blur is on. firing up nitro made the screen go black. so please kindly see to that. otherwise, a very good game.
  17. Superb graphics
    vedant jadhav
    Just give more money and diamonds after winning each race. Moreover plz reduce the repair cost for the cars. Anyways the game is a must play
  18. PLAY N Enjoy...
    Justin Bozora
    Best I have played... for a street racer. Not so much trafic,Great cars, customs, race modes, and runs very smooth on Samsung Galaxy android phone. Very few ads, and good reword system, you don't earn to quick but not to slow eathier. Real time$ definitely helps but not needed. Enjoy...
  19. Love it
    Cullen Malherbe
    One of the best games I have played it would be better if you have better grafics but don't worry about it
  20. One of d top game ever i played
    I like so much but there is no way to buy dimonds and car price sooooooo expensive pls give any dimond or car as update version


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