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bouncy ball


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  1. Well...
    Aimee T.
    An awesome game other than how expensive it is and the lag if you don't constantly clear you cache. Challenging levels and decent graphics, I'd recommend it.
  2. Good but
    Rowena Davidson
    The game was working on it's own I wasn't touching the seen and the ball was and i kept dying and also it keeps freezing and then takes me back to the how page of my Samsung galaxy tab 2 and it get boring after a while of playing the game other than allowed that it is near enough fin but please fix allowing of this because I can't play for long cause of it thanks if you do fix the problems and now it's being slow and won't let me go on the game more and more problems all the time but when I get on the game finally it's good
  3. Fun game, fun sequel
    Brandon Dragon
    The main reason it's only a 3 is because of the lack of use of the freakin save points that are ALREADY IN THE GAME unless we pay to use them. Don't put them in the game unless everyone can use them. That just annoys me. Otherwise it's still fairly fun. But i like the easy/hard modes better then the lame time challenge thing. -------EDIT-------- I changed it to one star just because of the fact that the game continually and annoyingly harasses me to buy the save points EVERY SINGLE TIME I DIE!!!!!!!
  4. Enjoyable
    Dean Crowe
    Its an enjoyable game my only fault is its a bit laggy at times and for some reason there is no option to select Ireland as your country
  5. Its so awesome I really really enjoyed it!!
    Mariam Showaiter
    To whom ever did this game I luv u thnxxxx for making it its so fun and enjoyable♥♥♥
  6. Good but
    lisa Westman
    Its a good game but its quite insulting because there is no IRISH flag every other one but my flag (at the beginning where its asks u to select a country )
  7. Love it
    Jaymin Jungi
    I relley love this game because in this game if you finised only 15 level then agin 15 new level is open relly this game is so good friends please download it and play this amazing game
  8. Confusing!
    Kimberly Culpen
    It as an up bounce effect if you tap up on sudden notice, wich makes it hard since I only have two thumbs. But other then that it is really great. Especially since it has a bunch of stages. But still I liked the first one better because it was a lot more simple.
  9. I like this game
    Kyle Peterson
    and purchased the .99 upgrade for restarting at the save point but I installed it on my new phone and am required to purchase it again. Same with the save. It wants me to restart the game! I was in the 7th world.
  10. The first one is a way better
    ali johny
    free to play pay to win! one of the reasons we love the first one is the game was completely free. I hope you made the 3rd game better
  11. Martin Šumec
    No Slovakia :-( also when I want to quit the game it freezes and need to put out the battery
  12. Awesome game
    Kurdt J
    Only problem is when u get to world 4 u have to pay for save points a little unfair considering how hard the levels become.
  13. Good
    nolan promin
    Great game,though the levels can get extremely difficult,especially after Uranus.
  14. Its fun
    Kayla Shands
    Its great but needs to have hints if needed to pass a level
  15. Love it
    Hazem Qannash
    Just one note about world ranking that it shows server connection error. Please try again later. Please fix this issue. And Thank you for this awesome game.
  16. It is alright
    Zippadey Doo Dah Zippadey Ayh
    Sorry but I have to say that this game isnt nearly as good as the original game
  17. Great game! Please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add more levels!!!
    Christina Atteberry
    Great game but please don't forget about it! Updates please! Can't wait for more levels!
  18. Elle Robinson
    It's fun but sometimes when you close the game the music keeps on playing
    michael lonsdale
    Please sort it out for htc explorer because it just keeps saying force close please fix
  20. Very challenging
    Nathaniel Nadeau
    It's not the best game but still fun love the level designs


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