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стикмен игры


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  1. Wont work
    Marc Riccobono
    Every time I go into it, it says unfortunately stickman shooting has stopped if you fix this issue I will give you more stars
  2. Cool
    Katlin Clark
    Great time for killing time. World 16 on wave 5 the game completely crashes and kicks me out. I don't know about other worlds. Hope there is more worlds coming soon.
  3. One of the best games
    Reece White
    Great game one of best. No stupid energy bullshit. No need to purchase anything to go on. The rpg element is great please make another game like this but as an open world adventure game and you would be laughing. GREAT WORK GUYS!!!
  4. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Aj Tharp
    The game is really good but can you add more special attacks and can you add a sword stickman too I would be very happy whoever wants to download this do it is a very good game my big brother plays I thought I should download this. This is the cool thing no viruses. Can you also make powerful weapon for the wizard.
  5. .....
    Laleana DeLaCadena
    It's a fun game but everything I beat level 2 it restarts me and keeps me at that lvl. So yes please fix!
  6. Amazing
    Adam Stott
    Really good but there needs to be more levels and weapons for the characters. And I would LOVE a ninja character that's quick and has a ton of weapons a ninja would have (swords,short and long,weak and strong,ninja stars, decoy ninjas ect.) Plz put these in + levels for specific characters and weapons. Thx☺
  7. Stickman Gun
    Z Islam
    Really good game, at first I thought it was going to be a bad game but turned out to be extremely good! :D
  8. Can't get pass level 7
    Devlin Melton
    Every time I complete level 7 and exit the game it starts me over. Other than that good game please fix though
  9. Better every time.
    Anthony Bey
    Every time I download this game to a new phone, there's always a new feature that works and makes the game so much more intuitive. Fun, addictive and a great way to pass time. If you dudes make another class. Make a ninja class so that double jump would be even more fun to use than just being a way to dodge enemies. Keep up the great work otherwise.
  10. Awesome Game
    Neo Fitchett
    The greatest stickman gun game ever. It's so addicting. But the only downfall is the ad's after you beat a level. Please get rid of most of the ad's.
  11. fun
    Cale Perry
    this is a game where you have lots of fun and I love it. The levels are challenging just the way I like it so get this game. I promise you will not regret it.
  12. Love it but....
    Stacey Martinez
    Its great but you should update new guns,bows,and magig wands but everything else is great and if u could do that I'll download every game of your's anyways I love this game bye!!!!
  13. #DA BOMB!
    Mr. Jerm
    Its finally here! I have been waiting for a game like this for AWHILE!!! And guess what you guys brought it to me!! I mainly love how addicting it is, Also I would love this game even more!! If you could add more characters,more weapons for characters, and, new armor. If you could do that I would total love it 100% Boss game, but still I love it! Keep working on this game! And have fun!!
  14. Good game but
    I'm using an LG g3 and I can't use it with headphones because the screen can't rotate, super annoying
  15. Lol
    naruto uzumaki
    So i think i beat the game i finished level 14 what now like fuh realz someone tell me oh wait u add 2 new levels haha i just beat them out add more weapons like swords?
  16. Nice game, but...
    Thomas Ng
    Is the game only consist of 16 levels only? I manage to finish level 16 and nothing new come in.
  17. The best game!!
    ralph karlwin gaspar
    The new special attacks are so cool!! ;) hoping for new weapons, gears and equipment and if possible, new characters ;)
  18. Fun But Difficult!
    Mayson Clark
    This is a really fun game but starts to get hard. (That's What She Said)
  19. Hmmm
    Saba Aidini
    There should be a "saiyan" class, using some moves from DBZ, maybe going super saiyan, and AWESOME GAME
  20. Stick man and gun
    Eugene Thompson
    So fun awesome and addicted to it really cool


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