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  1. Paul Hamilton
    Can't login anymore...keeps telling me I have an app that is interfering...when I click link it only mentions 2 apps which I don't use...can you advise of any other apps as I am not uninstalling 150+ apps especially as I've just done a factory reset on my phone
  2. Existing user issues?!
    Laura Bennett
    As per the update, I wanted to finally be able to use this app on two android devices as makes Internet banking much easier. However despite the app saying to log on as an 'existing user' on the next screen, I never get that option and it prompts me to go through the registration process, meaning I can't then access the app on my phone without re-registering and then it wipes from my tablet. The actual app is pretty useful, just poor functionality if you're trying to use on a number of devices.
  3. Fix for 'Session timed out' errors
    Jon Gould
    Great app but had to call Support because of session timed out errors. To fix, go into Developer Options and untick 'Do not keep activities'.
  4. Good
    Michael Hill
    Almost without a doubt the best banking app offered by the most popular banks. Clean, smooth, modern and functional. Far outranks the likes of the Barclays and HSBC banking apps.
  5. Used to work well not any more
    richard j
    Since the last update I have to log in twice. Press view transactions and it logs out. It's just glitchy now
  6. Used to be reliable. Not any more
    James Goodman
    Had the same problems as others, saying that I have apps installed that I dont have. Also won't let me make payments any more. A real pain that they seem incompitent to fix
  7. Lynn Sharpes
    After the last update everytime i log in it lasts about a minute, then an error message comes up, it tells me session has timed out and to log in again. It is completely unusable at the moment. Will be uninstalling the app if it is not fixed. It worked perfectly before update :-(
  8. Madeleine Sturgeon-kell
    Wouldn't let me enter full mobile number to even create account. Am sure it is great but can login to begin with.
  9. Aaaggghhhh. Please fix bugs or return to the previous version of the app.
    Samantha Collings
    I love this app and use it daily but after the last upgrade it times out whenever I try to transfer money between accounts and make payments. I have been so used to how easy this is in previous versions I am struggling to live without it! It's been too long now and I cannot use this app. It's been fantastic up until now
  10. 10x more complicated to login than website
    Harald Brauer
    This app resets as soon as I switch windows or look at messages. The keypad is slow and the font or UI cannot be changed to make more use of larger size handhelds.
  11. Only one problem
    Yoley Biggs
    The App keeps showing up as I have 2 like it double loads and I refuse to delete it to be put through a longer progress other than that its a great app need to add £5 phone credit topups aswell
  12. Doesn't work
    Sally Penney
    Not worth installing it doesn't work can view balance but that's it can't pay contacts or pay bills it says session timed out,
  13. Was useful but doesn't work any more :-(
    Caroline Hampton
    This app was working fine until recently, but now whenever I try to do ANYTHING it just says the session has expired and logs me out. This therefore renders it useless for anything other than getting a balance. Such a shame as I need to use this app all the time and now I can't :-(
  14. Great now..
    Jon Rushton
    Just needs to hide cancelled direct debits, be able to order by date. Also would be handy to have some kind of incoming/outgoing on a month to month basis to make it easy to manage budget.
  15. Time out session needs fixing
    Amy Louisa
    App was great untill last update, i use this app often as its easy and keep an eye on my bank balance and check when bills have gone out. Never had a problem until its recent update, i cant pay into other accounts and sessions time out all the time. Fix this problem and I'll give full five stars.
  16. App not finished
    James Selv
    Cant pay contacts, cant pay credit card, app force closes on virtually any window...a complete waste of time I used this app a great deal and scince the update its is to be expected from third parties dev teams Development team dint really develop anything but devolved the app to an unusable waste of memory. Well done dev team (and oddly still no reply strange that)
  17. After update, the app doesn't work
    Nicola Evans
    Was fine until update now keeps saying timed out and switches off. Every single time. It's useless and is basically just taking up space. PLEASE FIX IT I DO RELY ON MY ONLINE BANKING ALOT ALTHOUGH I CAN USE THE WEBSITE IT TAKES TO LONG TO KEEP LOGGING ON PUTTING IN PASSWORDS ETC.... Hopefully someone actually reads your reviews and will fix the problem asap pretty please :) thanks I'll change my view 2 5 stars because in spite of this it's usually the only app I use that's extremely useful
  18. For the bank, not the app. this is the only way I can get in touch with the bank now.
    Kaden Kati
    You said on you website you would leave no one out of pocket. I am VERY out of pocket. My esa was meant to come through yesterday, and I blamed the DWP for being tardee, they confirmed my money was released and it was due to faults with natwest and the RBoS. I am now sitting in silence in my house because I have no electric. As my money didn't come through, thanks you, natwest. I tried calling yesterday but I was on hold for 3 hours so I gave up to save my phone some battery. I am broke as hell! Ffs
  19. Does not work
    Steve Carter
    Since the update I keep getting the message NatWest has stopped working. This used to be a great app but useless now. When will there be an update!!!!
  20. Crash
    chris pointon
    Won't let me transfer money connection timed out every time


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