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  1. Jim Hainey
    Not working now,was fine until today,can't login keeps saying forgot password...please fix ASAP
  2. Used to love it
    Sally Donger
    Used to be fantastic now as soon as you try and do anything says you have timed out. Have reinstall and updated info still doesn't work
  3. Crap after new update
    Claire Marie King
    I installed the new update yesterday and now it wont even open it just says app not found each time i tap. Fix plz
  4. It works - simple!
    Iain Morgan
    Used this app for years and it worked equally well on my old iPhone and now with my Android! It has been updated over the years and has always been very reliable. You will wonder how you managed without it, transfer cash, pay bills, check balances and send a 'get cash' code in an emergency to a friend/family member - brilliant app.
  5. Won't work
    Dan Adamsbaum
    Some conflict allegedly with another app which I've never heard of! Doesn't run so uninstalling. Shame looks decent from the screen prints.
  6. Keeps closing
    samantha hazell-burlow
    Used to be really good, now it crashes every time I try and do something! Really frustrating.. Time to move on
  7. RBS App
    Farouk Dangor
    Just love it instant access to all my accounts. Only have to go to bank to make deposits and then I send others to do it for me.
  8. Keeps logging me out
    Lee Antcliffe
    Since the last update, the app keeps logging me out after a few seconds. It's not good when you're transferring money...
  9. At last, It can be used on more
    John Hamnett
    Than one device, it's now running on phone and my Android tablet.. Brilliant.
  10. Emergency Cash
    KZ Mirza
    Would be good if we can withdraw emergency Cash from more cash machines. Otherwise 5 star everything else is great
  11. Unable to move money between accounts
    Dylan Lewis
    Totally defeats the whole purpose.. It says session timed out evertime... Its never had a problem until the updates... Crap app....
  12. Why?
    Wayne Tomlinson
    I have used this app for quite a while now but after update it won't even find the app saying application not found. I need this app to keep track of money so sort it please. So why have RBS or whoever looks after this app not replied to any of us that are complaining about it
  13. When you need it doesn't work
    Cat J-J Leathem
    Okay this was app was great ... but I updated it yesterday and now my amounts are all weird the amount keeps randomly changing (just random numbers! ) it's all over the place and I now can't trust this app at all!!
  14. Dumitru Dumi
    This is outrageous! !!! Every time i try to top up my phone , i get the same message "sorry, but the app is having some technical problems. .." Please , fix this........P.S. : although grafics are getting better , efficiency is sky dropping
  15. Tony Sutcliffe
    used to work great now it says error your session has timed out, whenever I try to pay someone
  16. RBS online banking app
    Andy Hutchinson
    This app, after many successful uses, has stopped working. Either reports a problem with the service or internet connection. However can access my account fine via a web browser. Very disappointed!
  17. Fantastic new update!
    Andrew Richardson
    Looking forward to using this on multiple devices!
  18. It's ok I suppose
    Dannielle Styles
    It used to be good but everytime I try to transfer money it says my session has timed out witch is very annoying
  19. fantastic
    Daniel Simmons
    everything i need from a banking app and love the new layout all the features work never missed a beat keep it up
  20. Statements
    dave blanchard
    Make it so you can print off previous statements rather than having to go to main website.


What`s new

•Lock and unlock your debit card at any time, giving you greater control of your card when you need it the most.
•Your account view will now display the type of current account you have with us and show you it’s related features.
•Choose to lock gambling transactions on your credit card, giving you more control of your credit card spending.
•Add accounts that you hold with other banks into the app to view all of your finances in one place.


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