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  1. Back to 5 Stars
    Derek Shearer
    Working again! Great app but should not have taken until February to fix a text display problem- especially when the consumer app was updated quickly.
  2. Dreadful failure!
    nick bunyan
    Update to kitkat has made app unusable - Text is invisible. Utterly unprofessional to leave users hanging for so long, pull your finger out RBS!!! Finally fixed after about 2 months of uselessness! Good app support crap...
  3. No space! Half the screen Screen used up! with RBS logo/ Acct.No
    Kathryn Erskine
    To find a RBS app was VERY confusing re: using on tablet \u0026amp; phone! With just a personal account (not business)had to speak to rbs rep to find out i could use the business app on more than one device but NOT the personal app! bit frustrated, seems obvious we may need both. Big problem with this one is on my phone,if i'm looking at an account, more than HALF! the window used to show RBS logo \u0026amp; account number, no window left to scroll through the actual transactions! very hard to see on a phone ok on a tablet!
  4. Great
    James B
    Finally, a kitkat fix so I can use on my nexus 5
  5. Andrew kaye
    Brilliant app keep up the good work RBS
  6. Easy to use simple app
    Gordon Dow
    Ian Gregory avatar image
    Ian Gregory December 27, 2013
    Invisible text Frustrating that RBS have fixed their personal banking app but left the business one broken. Expect better from a professional organisation.
  7. Kitkat?
    Alasdair Langlands
    No longer works since updating to Kitkat. All text is invisible, although frames are shown. Pretty vital service for your business customers RBS, pull your finger out!
  8. Fast and easy to use
    Nick Gorman
    I honestly can't fault this app. Gives me quick secure access to my accounts and let's me transfer money with a couple of taps. Bank of Scotland should look at this to see how to make a good user experience.
  9. KitKat support?
    Scott Margetts
    Wait a few weeks. Come on RBS! Surely you care enough about your Business Customers to get a shuffle on and sort it out. Update - 5/12 still waiting for a fix. Debacle.
  10. Doesn't work on Google nexus with Kit Kat
    Joanna Seawright
    Works great on my phone. Got a nexus for work and most of the text is missing so you don't know what info it's asking to be able to set it up. Please fix
  11. KitKat fail
    Jonathan Wilkins
    Come on developers it can't take this long to fix the font issue. Shame as a useful app before.
  12. Not working on Nexus 5
    Kris Bennett
    Worked well on galaxy nexus but now buttons are blank and formatting of fields incorrect
  13. Even, very poor
    Etz Etz
    Too complicated entry to the app. If it's for mobile it should has fast option for entering the app. Security reasons should not be an excuse as usually bank staff says.
  14. Android 4.4 on galaxy s4
    Radoslaw Lewandowski
    Buttons are without text. Cant use this app.
  15. Too slow to update.
    Tony Leach
    It is unacceptable to leave business users for so long without a working app. How can this be such a problem to fix? Lack of resource and or will methinks.
  16. Rubbish
    Patryk Dabkiewicz
    Never work properly. Taking ages to load or not loading at all. Not an aplication which can really help you. Shame as few months ago was working perfectly.
  17. Tablet
    Richad Robertson
    This works on my Polaroid 7 tablet and my phone 5 out of 5
  18. I can't even see my balance
    Muhammed M
    I can see the template but not any text since updating to 4.3....
  19. Rubbish!!!
    haazi saab
    Why only scotish people can use it,mainland prople can't!? Why we been treated as a step-brother!? Simply rubbish! And how this one sided program could be an editor's choice ? Editor, aren't u from scotland?
  20. Great app
    Sander Siezen
    Great app. Does everything it needs to do and looks great.


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