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  1. Love it
    Tanya Kynoch
    I love island tribe and similar games .... fun entertaining and I've even got my grandad into it
  2. Demo game of only 5 levels.
    C. Hok
    A very fastpast gameplay. Scroll function makes it possible to get to every part of your playing field. This is good, but unfortunately scrolling does also take up too much of your precious time, that is already needed to finish in time! You have lot of different tasks to do in a very limited allotted time. This makes it very difficult and challenging to get gold or silver score! It is a pity, NO UNTIMED mode!
  3. Charlton Titus
    I bought the full version of island tribe2 but nowhere to be found. When i open the game it askes if i want to play all 5 levels again. I mean i paid for the full version so i expect more levels
  4. Really great game... Hard to put down with lots of replay value.
    Jessie Butter
    PLEEEEZ keep these games coming... U've got lots of game like this, which I really appreciate, but only a few support multi-tap, where u can click on things even if the worker is busy doing something else, he'll go to the next task in whatever order u clicked it... Why can't u add that seemingly simple feature to all ur other games?? I'd buy them all of they had this feature. (Roads of Rome, etc.)
  5. Good game
    Courtney DeRousse
    Like casual mode. Doesn't scheme for money which is awesome.
  6. Island tribe 2
    Gladys Lugo
    I really enjoy all the island tribe games, thanks...
  7. Islas tribal
    Karen Bogart
    Enjoyed the variety and the robber who comes at a price. Love the items hidden in scene that gives extra points
  8. Great Game
    Sarah Kerr
    Play it over and over. Its relaxing but hope they make another one like a 4.
  9. Let's see
    Charita srisukh
    The more star is later after I try the game
  10. Fun game
    John Murray
    It will keep you looking for things to do the visibility could use some improvement when looking for certain items
  11. Not too bad
    Aušrinė Jurkevičiūtė
    I like this kind of games, but this time I didn't played it long. The game kept freezing, sometimes it didn't react to touching at all and sometimes the green tick appeared, but the figurine didn't go to take objects.
  12. Boring,,,
    Amber Ross
    Not much gameplay as expected and not a great time burner,,, please add more I know you could do better.
  13. Catkook
    Nicholas Marshall
    I don't rely like it but I'm very picky
  14. Dawn Wikstrom
    I realy liked it just wish it was free completely now I have to uninstall it. It is a good game that was untill it asked for money
  15. Not full game
    bobbie whalen
    Didn't say anything in description about try then buy. Uninstslling.
  16. owaix Innocent
    It is too slowly game . I hate this game
  17. Fun time management game.
    Jennifer Pool
    Please make level 3. I have enjoyed all of your games so far.
  18. It's a nice game
    Inga M Seniow
    It's a good game but I miss a relaxing mode
  19. Wow!
    Abdullah Hussain
    Its a perfect game that you build and upgrade its a cool game! But there is a problem because the game is only five levels,if they make new levels it will become my favorite game.
  20. Lorraine Anscombe
    Have played before and I still love it


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