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  1. As usual...
    Tammie Kennedy
    Decent enough game...from what I could tell in the 5 levels of this "free" game I was allowed to play before it told me I had to buy it to play more.....sorry developers it takes more time than that for me to decide to spend money on a game
  2. Won't launch on Android 5
    Uli Koeth
    Customer support says that a team of specialists are working to fix this but it's been months now since Android 5 was released. Hard to imagine that they weren't able to fix if they were working on it since then. Fix it and I will give more stars.
  3. Viking saga, new world
    Melinda Woodard
    Could not play it on my galaxy s5. I only got a black screen.
  4. Does not work on Android 5 - Google Nexus 10 tablet
    C. Hok
    Unfortunately I can't check out this game. I only have a black screen and no sounds. Nothing. Uninstalling
  5. Easy to play
    Jewel K Kloth
    Great game if you only have 5-10 min. Here and there to play
  6. Black line
    james gordon
    Looks like a good game but I have a black bar down the middle of the screen tried re loading with no effect going to uninstall. Realore--Realpain
  7. Doesnt work
    Soli Riv
    Wont open on lg g3 black screen and no sounds.
  8. Not for nexus 10
    Geraldine McDonnell
    Doesn't work on nexus 10. Its a great shame as I love these games and was really looking forward to it.
  9. Awesome game!
    Pearl M
    Worked perfectly on my 7" tablet. I like that it is on one screen. No having to scroll around. I've played this on my PC and it is the same, a complete game. This one was tough, had to replay a few times to get 3 stars to play the bonus levels. I like playing on my tablet!
  10. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
    Linda Clement
    I love Realore's Vikings, both this series and Northern Tales. Interesting, frequently hilarious, just challenging enough. This one took a twist near the end that knocked me on the floor laughing. (I'm from Arizona.)
  11. CINDY Zilavy
    Great graphics. Lots of fun. Continue developing these types of games.
  12. Does not open on my Sony experia z3
    Tried to download twice. Waste of time.
  13. Zoe Davies
    Just done an update and now doesn't work. Please fix this problem
  14. Great, Like All the Realore Games Have Been!
    Wanda J
    I have not found a Realore time management game that I have not liked! Well designed and great fun!
  15. Jen Roberts
    The game wont let me log into facebook
  16. Crystal Thomas
    Keep making games like this and I'll keep buying them!!
  17. John Normoyle
    On the note 4 it still only gives a black screen.
  18. The best game
    John Murray
    It's easy to play and you learn on the run how to get to your goal
  19. Still No android 5.0 support
    andrew tierney
    It says hated but can't hate something that I haven't played's been months
  20. Not free!
    Sarah R
    Only 4 levels free then u must buy the full version. Free really? uninstalling.


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