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Monthly active users estimation: 1,500,000

Reviews 374,624

  1. Camera
    Gaganlok Singh
    Please fix the camera when boss battle begins, it zooms at boss. I cant see my dragon and loose major amount of health. I updated the frequency of extra life...but look like nothing changed.
  2. Such a blast
    aaron ruibal
    I can't stop playing it its so funny at the very beginning where she goes out and now gets revenge but the opening scene is hilarious
  3. Love the game but....
    Phil Ku
    I am level 44 and it doesn't get hard at all. All the levels are pretty much the same and gets bored easily. Still playing but can't give more than 3 stars. Hope there is an update that add some special stages or something.
  4. It's very interesting.
    farland lumentah
    Nice game, good sound effect. but please fix the camera when fight to Boss, I can't see my dragon.
  5. F for failure
    Shawn Neshkoff
    Was fun for about ten minute's, then I realized this sucks,same repetitive crap and barely any coins.
  6. Glitches
    Madison Knight
    Hey guys i found this glitch that if you grab an immortal dragon just a you run into lava it will eother stay the immortal dragon indefinetly or you will die but when you go back to it if you run into to your old self which would still be there with an immortal dragon again ot will start moving with you so you get an immortal dragon chauffeur which decimates all the obstivales idk if ots useful but i like it
  7. Aansh Sharma
    I really liked the game and at this time, I'm at level 14... But after level 9 this game become really easy and boring.. at level 9 there are 3 bosses to fight with but then after this level there are only 2 bosses to fight with... there are no lava falls.. at the start of level, instead of soldiers- there are sheep and many more things which have made the game much easier. And also my castle, from which I start the game- instead of getting bigger it's getting smaller!!
  8. Needs more
    Yol O
    Really fun... For about 3 minutes, then its just way too much good finding for way too little reward. But then again even though I'm aggravated at the game the whole time I am still playing it
  9. Rebel Twins
    Sunit Kumar
    Its aweome.Been playing it for a long time now.Would be better if new challenges are included !
  10. It is very addictive but
    Angel Juarez
    It needs a little more of eveything. Customizable skins, new specials, new maps and new enemy troops such as; warlock, mages, undead, shadowy beasts. As for specials boss fights id like say perhaps a enemy dragon and his rider, or a giant infernal demon, or even a giant tree looking thing.
  11. Random slowing and weird view
    Ryan McCone
    The game goes into slow motion before and boss fight and the camera just goes where ever, this is the reason I died most of the time. This weird slo-mo they put in the game also happens for seemingly no reason at all. Removing that from the game and it would be more like a 4/5. Keeps you interested for a little bit, then becomes really annoying.
  12. Nice idea, but it is not a game
    Ivano Sporitus
    It us designed to make money, not you enjoy the game
  13. Good, but needs work
    Ben Tapper
    I like the game. Core concepts are great, the play style is fast, frenetic, and fun! That being said, I've noticed a few issues: 1) General bugginess: I've noticed more than a few bugs, such as taking damage while invulnerable, enemy arrows/spears vanishing, and occasionally piloting an upside down dragon. 2) Annoyances: Immortal black dragon isn't resistant to knockback? Really? Additionally, the pay-stacking structure gets a bit extreme towards the higher upgrades.
  14. Achievements not working...
    Bharat saini
    I dont know what happened but it's not showing my achievements... Though I've connected it to google play services....otherwise great game
  15. Game not bad, ads causing errors...
    Randel Dobben
    This is to all games with ads in general, I understand the need for ads and making a profit, but the timing of when they pop up ruins the game, cause it to crash etc...
  16. Tan Kent
    Good concept and original, artwork is nice too, but I got bored when reaching level 5. Other than health and attack power, the other enhancements are totally useless. The whole game feels like super mario without any flowers you know, the only way I can kill is like dig and dig out only, forever. And I do not find any logic like how do I get my stupid dragon speed up. Your boss fight intro really need improvement btw.
  17. KickAss Action
    Sachin Arakeri
    A Warrior princess with a badass Dragon! What could possibly be bad about this game? Awesome gameplay, loved the little powerups.
    Jack Jill
    Back then all going smooth but suddenly when i enter this app, the brightness become so dark and i barely can see it, plus my level went back to level 1 wtf? say that the app got cloud save conflict and give me a choice neither i want to load local save or cloud save. So i choose cloud..but when i tap on it. The app seem didn't do anything ..please fix thiss please..i really like this game. I will give 5 star if y'all guys fix thiss..pretty pleasee
  19. Would be good
    Jacob Davis
    Every time I play it it's works then I try to reopen the game and it glitches and says problem detected or some thing
  20. Rebel Twins' games are so unrewarding.
    Sy Mon
    Great to look at, great to play...but they haven't cracked the balance of free play and pay to play. They might be raking it in...but their games reward you with so little it's unappealing to play on to better things. For every £/$ they make...they could be making so much more if they could bait better.


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