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Chris Connor | Product Manager at Rebtel

Stockholm, Sverige |

Katrina Persson-Thomas | Product Designer at Rebtel

Stockholm, Sverige |

Sofia Schager | Office Manager at Rebtel

Stockholm, Sverige |

Saroj Maharjan | Test Automation Engineer

Stockholm, Sverige |

Reviews 83,341

  1. vikash kumar
    sir in last two days your outgoing sound not going clear. if i call my sound not goind clear but incoimg sound is very maybe 10 boy use rebtel but same problem on all account so plase chek and solve it sir
  2. Guru Moorthy
    Not good this app. I installed and credit balance but not working. When I call that time no voice came then only go one ring only
  3. Bring back visible call cost per call!!!!
    Cezanne Rafiuzzaman
    Why did you remove this feature for? We need to know per call how much it is costing, this needs to be updated, as cost can change. Also why does recent calls don't show option to SMS the number? Only allows a call to be placed. You need the option to SMS also on recent calls list. This used to be a very good app, why change what was once very good.
  4. Great app.
    Sunny Dipson
    The app is great , the voice is clear the only thing you guys lack is Customers service, we in US of A need to talk to someone when we need helps, it does not matter where this may be , Holland, or India .The way of email sucks cos, u guys don't respond quick enough. Boss revolution by IDT, has taken over your business. Good luck.
  5. bosskam200 bokam200
    The app is excellent and very clear .I cnt compare it . there charges are pocket friendly .however Rebtel never pays back .I hv refered so many clients but to date nothing paid to my account. Rebtel Check it out pls .
  6. sarfaraz sayyed
    Recently I have downloaded this app for 2 days it was smooth but from last few days I'm not able to use it.whenever I try to make a call from app the display shows on number dialling then call gets disconnect and I had tried doing uninstalling it and now I'm not able to log in it says check your Internet connection..plzz reply asap
  7. Good service
    Mauro Pavesi
    I have been using it for a couple of years, mainly using the data connection. Very useful also when you travel. Great with no connection fee compared to Skype. The problem is that Skype has still a better data connection. And why have you removed the widget for direct calls from the home screen??
  8. Cheaters
    pm bhargav
    I've contacted you by an e-mail, you din respond. You stole my money, I din use 1000 mins, now you steal balance. This is so sick.. I want to know all my call logs. $5+ tax is $6.21, why did you debit $6.41
  9. Dissapointing: poor support
    ms Natty14
    I have used this app for three years now but recently I have been disappointed. It shows me it's ringing but it does not connect on the other side and it eats up my minutes.Tried to contact the support but no response for 3 days now. Maybe it's time for me to move on
  10. A must have for frequent international callers
    Chidi Agostinelli
    Awesome app. It just keeps getting better and better. Will give 5 stars when I stop getting dropped calls. I love that I can make international calls without ever scratching a calling card with annoying pin numbers. I can't send call credits to lived ones to Nigeria. Please fix!
  11. Broken promise
    Uzo u
    Does not ring out loud.u don't know if the call is going thru until they pick up.rates to Nigeria have been increased when u said the more people join/call it will decrease.difference in 2 wk &1 month plan is too much. SENDLY doesn't work 4 Nigeria or Ghana anymore... old review-Amazing. Rebtel app is even more amazing. It converts my nos. on the go. don't have to go online to plug it in anymore.Time and money saving app.
  12. It won't allow me to add credit?!
    MsPaolina snipe
    I'm enjoying using this app for the most part.. But Why am I not able to add more credit? It's never been an issue in the past as I'm a very good customer. Very disappointed and frustrated as a customer. It's forcing me to use other companies when I don't want to but I have no choice. Bad for your business too. I don't understand why this is an issue. Hope it doesn't keep happening. When I click on the rebtel support link it tells me that this is no longer available..
  13. Annoying
    Emmanuel Ajayi
    I have enjoyed using this app for a long time but it is now becoming annoying. I'm abroad and can't sign in to my account. Quality of calls has dropped and so many other unwelcome updates. Once I finish my credit I'm going to definitely find an alternative way of making international calls.
  14. I was loving this app once a time but now this app is very annoying. When I call I hear everything but others can't hear me. I'm not gonna wait for a long time if they don't settle this problem very soon & I encourage my friends and family members to not use this app anymore.
    Abid Rahman
    I was loving this app once a time but now this app is very annoying. When I call I hear everything but others can't hear me. I'm not gonna wait for a long time if they don't settle this problem very soon & I encourage my friends and family members to not use this app anymore.
  15. I am somewhat angry
    abiola shadrack
    2013 Used it first when I lived in the UK. It perfectly served me and calls were cheapest compared to now that the network from Canada to Nigeria is horrible most times and call credit goes like crazy. There are loud noises, the receiver can't hear me or a combination of both. Yet I still spend much. Ur making me seek alternatives already.
    Adam S
    Sods law, just after purchasing our largest credit amount, quality just dropped. Takes about 20-25 attempts to get through for a bad quality hasty call, the worst part, it is deducting 20p from our credit for every FAILED connection attempt (times that by 20-25 attempts per call). At this rate better of paying BTs full rates. Something's gone wrong, so just be careful, maybe you will get a good connection. But DONT LOAD UP WITH LOTS OF CREDIT! Otherwise you could end up like us watching all our credit redu
  17. Is it a joke? Bad bad bad
    Yacoob Belim
    I downloaded this app and trying to add credit ...every time its keep saying page has been remived or temporarily unavailable. ..wht a joke how do I use this if I cant buy credit..
  18. Man Becks
    Man Becks
    It's cool... jst the cost per min is what I feel is a little more than the other competitors.
  19. Ok
    Karthi Kesan
    This App is not having Bluetooth headset connectivity. Plz update your app for that. Improve call quality too.
  20. Calls to Europe
    Nitsa Giannari
    I absolutely love this app. I call Greece every a couple of days. The quality of the calls is great, clear without interruption and super affordable. I absolutely love it.


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