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Reviews 28,782

    The business is GREAT! The app is horrible to be honest too long to try getting done at first...... moves very SHOW.... eventually I did it.... and the service was great....App still need more work in my pinion
  2. App works well
    Christian Demsar
    Haven't had any issues. Alerts and notifications are quick and painless.
  3. Very convenient app¡!
    Agustin Calderon
    I love this app, relay rides people are very friendly and fast respond to any questions about the car, pictures and descriptions of the cars very clear and easy to understand. Definitely a recommend this app, thanks relay rides :-)
  4. Great concept, well executed overall. Just needs some fine tuning.
    Vincent Gordon
    This is a great concept and an overall well done app. Growing community, hopefully it continues Over time I imagine prices will begin to drop in competitive areas.
  5. It's One of The Best Apps Ever!
    Micah Brown
    I was skeptical about using Relay Rides at first. I was unsure about strangers using the most important thing I own. After a few trips, I learned that they needed my car as much as I did, so it was in good hands. I've earned a lot of additional income in the process, which is such a blessing during ruff patches, as an entrepreneur.
  6. The apps is GREAT!
    Fards Kraft
    I love the Apps.I get the messages from my renter really fast.I love the Apps so much!! I love Relayrides. I hope this company will stay for a long, long, long time.I am able to share my cars to other people. I met people I wouldn't be meeting in my life if it's not for Relayrides. Hopefully Relayrides will go internationally like Airbnb and Uber. Relayrides creator, investors,and employees thank you and I love U all. You're BRILLIANT for creating this site!!!Lots of LOVE from me.Relayrides the best!
  7. Richard Fernandez
    I have the app but am trying to rent out and wen I put my adress it saying incorrect adress put another am putting my adress street and bulding number everything and nuthing I need help here
  8. Crap
    Stephan Harz
    Can't list any cars due to there low mileage requirements...Un installed an deleted. Prices for cars are also higher than what budget charges.
  9. Great App!!
    Mz Asija
    Great app! Very user friendly and easy to use. Would definitely recommend to others. Very good selections and affordable rates...
  10. $25 off your first rental with this invite
    Erik Smalldon
    Make sure to use this link for $25 off your first rental Paying too much for rental cars at the airport? We have all done it before. Not anymore! Silvercar is the answer. Great prices for amazing cars. I loved the car - most rentals feel like tin cans, but this was an awesome solid safe car and I felt comfortable driving in it. I really enjoyed the new take on car rentals.
  11. Works amazingly
    Clint Birchfield
    Ive been renting my car out for over 2 years now. Ive not had one bad experience that relay wasn't on top of.
  12. Very Convienent
    Don DeArmond III
    Prices are great and the process is smooth. There are a few annoying things about the app but I'm sure it will approve over time. (e.g. the need to crop 16:9 pics)
  13. Awesome ap
    Daniel-Nathen Luna
    When I travel i can count on this app to help me get around the city. Cheaper than uber fees for the weekend. Only wish I didn't have to finding parking :p
  14. Great app
    Austen Ryan
    I haven't had any issues using this app. The renter I had was very respectful and returned my truck looking just as good as it did when I delivered it. If every renter is like that than there are no worries at all
  15. Drive life
    Jared Antonio
    Get behind the wheel of cars you can't find in car rental places. Awsome!!
  16. What happened to the weekly and monthly prices?
    Jimmie Gill
    What happened to the weekly and monthly prices? After new update doesn't show only daily rate!!! Will go back to 5 stars when fixed! !!
  17. Fabulous service
    Bryce Johnson
    I rented a car for a great price! The app is well made with only a few bugs that caused it to fail to load inform, but you can use the website as well.
  18. Great with one problem
    Sherry Rietz
    Way cheaper than using the big companies. The only problem is the app does not allow you to extend your trip beyond the original return date. You can extend the time but not the day. If a car is not rented, you should be able to extend to the next day. We also got stuck in a bad accident on the freeway for 2 and a half hours and there was no way to re rent without a 3 hour time lapse. So you pay to extend at full price then re rent at full price. That doesn't make sense. Will use again.
  19. Relay Rides is perfect!
    Adriana Sauceda Romo
    Easy to use and so much better than tradition car rental services. No hassel and so many beautiful cars to choose from and find the perfect one for you. Love this app!
  20. Alberto Muniz
    Great app. Simple and easy to use. Fast and easy access to everything on your account, profile, car detail etc... love it