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enemy of the state



vikram mehta | Product Manager at Reliance Games

Pune, Maharashtra, India |

medhpranav powar | UI/UX Designer at Reliance Games

Pune, Maharashtra, India |

Ninad Aundhkar | UI/UX Designer at Reliance Games

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India |

Naman Jain | Game Designer at Reliance Games

Pune, Maharashtra, India |

Reviews 217,500

  1. That's getting me mad
    Robert michaels
    Every time I do a mission I can't finish it cuz it just goes back to my home screen FIX THAT ASAP!!!!!!!
  2. Want my progress back
    darrell poland
    So, I had this game downloaded on another device a couple months ago, I had all the best weapons and the top drone (after purchasing of course). Made sure my Facebook and Google accounts where syned. But after downloading this game to a new device all I can get back is the drone, and that's it. My achievements in Google achievements clearly show I'm way past the first 3 missions. Love the game, just don't want to have to start over.
  3. Something went wrong
    Wessam Kamal
    I have been upgraded my all weapons and finished almost the missions, now everything back from being again !! And I won't play it till u fix this issue !!!!!
  4. fix this for the armv7
    Adrian Lopez
    after i have installed it i played the tutorial and when the mission is finished it crashed and i go back to home and i click to force stop this app and i opened it again it wont load until it crashed again i uninstall it
  5. Great game
    Adam Corn
    Its more like an ac130 game but none the less it makes you want to keep playing and it all is very attainable
  6. End game issues, still good
    David Rogness
    I play on a HTC m8, and it has been great right up until I finished steel wall and unlocked the wraith and railgun, now with that and maverick missiles, I can't finish games. I am trying without the wraith and railgun, but it seems pointless to own them if I can't enjoy them
  7. Marcis Pablo
    I was a very frequent player of this game, loved it but one day it just crashed every time it opened so I un-installed and re-installed the game hoping it would work but sadly no. About 1 month later I try again and it works, except all of my progress has been wiped. Please fix this
  8. Keeps closing
    kenneth McNeil
    Hey reliance, this game is a real nice game cuz I played it on a Acer tab and it played very good, on my phone it keeps closing while it is loading to go into the mission, I hope u can fix this as soon as possible cuz I really love this game and right now my fingers are itching to uninstall, fix and I'll definitely upgrade the ratings, thanks
  9. Crashes frequently
    Amit Gupta
    The game crashes whenever a gunship comes in. Other times it freezes in the middle of the fight. Usig a Nexus 5 so the phone should not be the problem.
  10. Drone : Shadow Strike
    Kevin Riker
    I really love this game because it has everything about war from above the ground floor and I am wanting to know if you're company can make another game like this one but put an extended version and put creative more games like this one with extra cash value and gold value so that way it'll make it more interesting to play with
  11. Ammmmazing game but...
    Abdelaziz Tareq
    I like this game so much but it's make my phone is too much hot (82°c) and too fast drain on battery charge... Please, release any updates to fix this bug, Thanks.
  12. jeremy cummings
    Kept kicking me off did it three times let me play it for a bit but what I did played just cool and I'm using the lollipop
  13. Sean O'Brien
    Very good way to pass "bathroom" time and fun to play. Downfall is the need for money or gold, which is always available to purchase. Not absolutely necessary but all the better gear is expensive and will take forever to get
  14. Shadow Strike
    Ron Dolly
    A little hard to catch onto but once you figure it out its pretty fun game
  15. Classic
    Anuj Mahamuni
    A very nice game developed. Real destruction. Really fun to play with headphones, just one thing, add some background music too, some hard rock songs, to pimp up the play
  16. Best but....
    vien barrientos
    You are not exactly the drone pilot in this game, you cannot even control and land it. All you can do is on the drone's weapon's system, which is, you are the shooter. Overall, I love this game, hoping for newer campaign and deeper missions. I would also like when it comes to the other role of drones, its intelligence capabilities, please try to consider my humble suggesstion. Thanks for the greatest game of all!
  17. Awsome!
    Frank Rodriguez
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 7: Love this game. Just please add a confirm option for selecting items with gold. I've accidentally selected continue game and upgrades. Hope next missions are over oceans and mountains, etc.. The only issue I have is when the game slows down when more tanks, men, etc start showing up. It shuts down the game. Still giving five stars.
  18. Loved It
    Seth Maki
    Great game. The gameplay takes only a minute or two to get used to, the graphics are phenomenal, and the game is difficult without being impossible.
  19. Hopefully totaly free
    Phaul Anthony urcia Armenta
    It is very good game for seaman like us the only thing is when u need to upload again hopfuly totaly free but still nice game
  20. Problem
    In Snakebite mission, Game Shuts Down Automatically, When Fire Button is pressed while Aiming AT enemies... Overall The Game is Awesome... Please Fix the Above Bug


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Get powerful drones and upgrade them to build the ultimate war-machine. Equip advanced enhancements and slay your enemy base.

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