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Rob Spampinato | Vice President of Human Resources at Rockstar Games

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Cristina Costello | Geek Blogger/Star Trek Aficionado

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  1. Lg g3! Rocks
    Frank Nunez
    Dude i was skeptical at first but i must say it works perfect on my lg g3! This is awesome sonce i never played through the one on pc. Yes there is one issue when it comes to walking on ledges but thats just due to the phone controls. This game is grwat, just wonder if the gta ones would work
  2. My favorite game on my shield.
    Ethan Milburn
    This game when played on a shield (or any other controller I assume) is an absolute blast. The original max Payne is one of my favorite shooters of all time. Being able to carry the full game around with me anywhere I go is just amazing. Totally worth the price. Be warned, the controls when using a touch screen aren't the best.
  3. Works perfectly!
    Billy Lim
    First I'm worry that the framerate will be coppy like gta vice city in my galaxy s4 i9500 octa core.... But no worry guys! Max payne will be work perfectly in your s4. Full detail n full res in 60fps. I hope rockstar can fix vice city & gta iii to perform like this for galaxy s4 i9500 octa core
  4. Moga Pocket doesn't shoot
    Shawn Martinez
    Loved the game on PC back on the heyday, jumped at the chance to play it on mobile with a controller. Turns out I can't freaking shoot! Please fix ASAP. Thank you!
  5. Fantastic port
    J. Rock
    I don't know what most people are complaining about. This game works flawless on my Galaxy S3 and MOGA and HD tablet. It's even better when I connect my tablet so I can play Max Payne on my HDTV.
  6. Edmar Fuentes
    I thought i could bring back old memories. The old playstation 1 with good control.I cant play it cause it gives me headache (tab. & phone) Graphic is very old.Slowmo is just repetitive and because of bad control im shooting my enemy mano el mano.Luckily its only 2.99 and im uninstalling it.Refund pls!!!!!!
  7. Awesome!
    Big Tony lastnamehere
    This game works great on my Nexus 7 Flo 4.4.2. No glitches and the button setup is perfect. If you really want to get busy, fire up the Six Axis app and the PS3 controller. The graphics are top notch. People should research before leaving a review. Most PS3 games in the Play Store require the Six Axis app. Well done
  8. Just like the old days.
    Dorian Edwards
    This game is freaking awesome. Didn't think the controls would be the easy but they were. This will always be one of my all time favorites.
  9. WARNING!!!
    James Aguilar
    I just wasted $3 on this game.If you are planing on buying it for the moga (pocket), don't because it doesn't support it, it does support the pro version though. always read the comments before you buy any game. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
  10. Review
    Juhal Ahmed
    The game is in HD and fully supports the Xperia Play. There is no frame rate drops and the game is packed with an enganing story and many gun fights despite the game's age, the port is handled with care and is a graphical improvement from the console versions. inclusions of graphical settings is a bonus for low end devices as well as high end. Xperia play itself can run on Max settings.The game is quite outdated yet the plot will keep you playing and the slow motion bullet time in my opinion it's. 8/10
  11. An excellent game. But is plaged with bugs and framerate issues on 86x CPUs
    Daniel Moffatt
    This game is an amazing game (of corse, it's Max Payne), the game will be just as you remeber it (if you've played the original ports). but it suffers from framerate issues and bugs on an Intel bay trail based tablet (hudl2 in my case), even on the lowest graphical and resolution settings. however, on my silghtly weaker ARM based phone (N9599T, it's a clone), it runs flawlessly on the highest graphical and resolution settings. Please fix, i really want to give a five star rating.
  12. Great game hampered by subpar controls.
    Sylvester Poulsen
    The game looks astonishing on the HTC One but the controls, while serviceable, do put a dampener on the experience. Would like proper controller support at some point in the future.
  13. Will Gray
    Best mobile game ive ever played. Controls are easy and gameplay is amazing remember to take auto aim off or it wont be fun
  14. Spec-F'in-tacular
    Doug Elfman
    I've played almost every Rockstar game and the two best are still Max Payne the original and the first Red Dead Revolver. This one: Great neo-noir story, dialogue, main voice acting, shooting, freeze framing, camera angles, death camera swirls, music, hallucinations, twists and an overall perfection of just everything.
  15. Awesome w/ a gamepad
    Daniel Daly
    ALL GALAXY S3 & MOGA ISSUES ARE FIXED! Bring me Max Payne 2!! I never finished this game when I was younger because back then my crappy pc couldn't run it well. Things sure have changed. My S3 runs it without problems. The story is just as cheesy as ever, but I still loved it. Gameplay shows it's age, but still plenty of fun. Also, touch controls blow, but a gamepad like the Moga makes all difference. Keep it up, Rockstar!
  16. Excellent!!
    Mike Chapman
    Never played this on a console or PC, but it is excellent on my 7" and 10" Android tablets! Works great and adds lots of enjoyment when paired with a PS3 controller over bluetooth!
  17. Great game
    Benjamin Sisko
    My only problem with is the controls. Sometimes they won't work correctly especially when it comes to bullet time. At least finally beat this game after all these years.
  18. Bad
    Roma Averkin
    Ok, I've been waiting for long, as nobody cares at rock star, its been few months I can't see any words in the game when I switch to Russian, so I am uninstalling the game and I will never buy your product again!
  19. Won't let me progress to next level
    Christopher Palmer
    When I complete the first level it which is called fugitive it asks me to tap anywhere to go back to the last saved point or something like that. I'm confused. I've completed this level several times now.
  20. Moga PowerA poorly supported!
    Oaden Johnson
    Buttons not mapped correctly! If it only supports the Moga Pro it should say so on the download page for this app and the Moga Pivot apps' download page! Nice partnership guys. Leave your customers in the dark so they waist their money!


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