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  1. OMG
    Pony Rockstar
    Foxy did come out the first time, but didn't go outta pirates cove. Infact, none of the animatronics came! Bonnie did get very close and so did Chica, and right when the power hit 0, 6:00 am arrived and I made it! Right now I'm at night 7. I made it there in 1 afternoon!
  2. Cool game
    Dereck Devore
    I got the game last night and under 24 hours I had beaten all five nights and on the 6th night. I don't know how, but somehow I am a master at five nights at freddy's.
  3. Its awesome iam on night7
    Tristen T
    I want the second game hears some edvis for night 6 just check on Freddy and foxy then check your doors now for night seven for there ai level 20 20 20 20 check camera 4b and you r doors if chika or Bonnie are there then ones and awayele when one of them are there just close both doors and check on foxy. Oh ya you got to spam the camera you can check on YouTube with kevinkevin or beagle the beagle
  4. I really wanna play the game!
    Kmes the Awesome
    I really like the game series but i never played it before but its too big. It wont fit into my samsung galaxy tab 4 plz update it to have enough MB thank u
  5. Can't get through the phone call
    alicia eslava
    One huge bug it keeps kicking me out plzs fix it then I will rate 5
  6. Doesn't have everything
    Chance Smits
    Easter eggs as well as sound effects should be added as well as the Its Me hulusination and golden Freddy. Plz add and I will rate 5 stars
  7. Exits immediately
    Ryan Chris Montero
    One bug is messing on mine, it always puts me back at the home screen. Pls fix it I will rate 5 stars.
  8. Golden freddy
    Johanna Terrero
    Why golden freddy dosent apere???Not custom night the real he wont come please fix il give 5 stars if you fix i gave 3 stars right now to scott cawtwon
  9. Good...but
    Axel Rodriguez
    Well the game is good but my power goes down when I'm not doing anything so I can't beat night five without my power running out plzz fix then I will rate 5 stars
  10. How is this scary
    Gabe Scanlon
    After playing it for a hour I was no longer scared I thought this would be scary and really all u do is sit in a room and look at cameras.....REALLY how is this a game
  11. Great game
    Glenn Sencida
    But do u have to put chicas cupcake in the office its very scary and can u put coins in beacuse i dont want to use 5$ on this game
  12. One bug in game
    Adrian Garcia
    Scott cawthon please fix this only bug one bug when you run out of power I know Freddy jump scares you but when mine did, it cuts out part of the jump scare plz plz fix this then I will give 5 star
  13. Jake silverio
    Lags exits to the homescreen every time I try to play it please fix
  14. 1/9/8/7
    Haiden Sneed
    Finish the game then go in custom night then make it say 1/9/8/7 then click ready! So scary! Try it, it really works! Ok in real buisness this game is scary and fun and has sooooo much potential! I definitely give it 5 stars.
  15. Golden Springtrap
    This was the best game of my live but Is kind of hard but I never give up and freddy all ways kill me wen the power is 0% but I already beat the gane but I never beat 20/20/20/20 mode in 02-26-2015 I knew how to play 20/20/20/20 Mode is fun and hard in the same time...
  16. I used cheat mode
    Colden Martin
    I passed night 1 and night 2 but I couldn't pass night 3 then a couple of days later I had A goggle play card then I buyed cheat mode and 2 plushes then I buy the last of the plushes then I buyed everything then I finished the game
  17. Awesome!
    Toby Boulton
    I died on night 1 because of bonnie my phone vibrated the jumps ares startled me. mostly fazbear's tune. Can you add a foxy plush In the next update please☺ and can customize our own nights keep up the work scott
  18. Eddie Pena
    I like fnaf series but bon keeps getting in my office even when its in a different camera.and freddy only comes for me when i run out of power.
  19. GREAT GAME but...
    caybay lavy
    I like the game but every once in awhile the door and light button on the left side will glithch and wont let me use them otherwise great
  20. Awesome
    brandon klatt
    This game is awesome and something unusual happened. Last week I hadn't played the game for a while so I continue my new game and when I completed all nights I received a death screen of bonnie then my game suddenly crashed? :q


What`s new

Scott Cawthon and Clickteam bring the superior version of Five Nights at Freddy's to mobiles!
- Remastered version from the PC version
- High resolution graphics and visual effects
- Cheat Mode becomes Survival Kit and includes a new cheat (in-app purchase)
- Fixed crashes that could affect some devices
- Fixed black half-screen issue that affected some devices
- Prompt allowing to ignore battery optimizations
- Increased scrolling speed (office)
- Improved UI ergonomics