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  1. I like it but...
    Preciosa Lescano
    I think it needs more effects. Where is the Toy Bonnie animation?? Where is the camera monitor flipping?? I the Menu needs more static. It's not fair because you made more updates in FNAF 3 with static and monitor flipping. But I still think it is a pretty awesome game though.
  2. Not skery for me but I love it but it is hard thank you Scott
    Jordan Gude
    From jordan I completed it and when I go on girl's night foxy is on can you fix it please and golden freddy was no where but he kill s me can you fix it as well and they is bug in five nights at freddy's 2
  3. What?
    Breezy Riley
    Were is mangle's stacic, where is the bonnie animation where he goes across the screen? I'll give 5 stars if you fix it.also where is the static in the camera's?
  4. I would have gave it 5 stars
    Slade Stand
    1It's impossible to get past night 2 because balloon boy keeps getting in my office 2 the animation for bonnie is gone and that removes the creepiness of her 3 when you die you just sit for seconds and makes it look like you aren't dead
  5. This isn't scary!
    Emmanuel Shiba
    It is a VERY cool game but it isn't scary cause for me I know when who will come out I wish like if there was a serten luck if another anamtronic would get you
  6. Sort of...
    Treysen Parkinson
    I can't get passed night two because of balloon boy!! He is always in my office and shutting off every light! But other then that, its awesome!
  7. Julian Martinez
    Quit your belly aching why dont you go make your own game from scratch and see how hard it is. Scott puts time and energy into these games.
  8. Eh
    Patrick Valentin
    I dont like this game right now because it just logs me out. Please update and I'll give you 5 stars
    Barbara Hunt
    I think it needs a bug fix it won't Evan go ahead through the phone call dude some won PLEAS TELL ME WHARE DO I GET A BUG FIX
    Zack Walker
    I don't know if its a glitch but I can't beat any challenges with golden freddy!? He always kills me even when he's not there!
  11. FNAF2
    This is not scary except night 6 because of golden freddy.night 6 was the hardest out of all of them because of foxy! And I thought night 4 was harder than night 5 because night 4 took me like 12 times but night 5 took me 1 time.And about night 6 it took me like 7 hours to complete it and im just a KID! But I know night 7 has a trick for me.
  12. Crashes my game but still like people play the game and get jumpscared
    David Walters
    I start the game, I clicked “New Game,"Phone guy talks and I check the cameras I exit the cameras and all I do is the normal stuff you are supposed to do then it said 1 a.m I keep playing then when it is about to 2 a.m my game Crashes and I don't get to even play night 2 because it glitches and crashes my game if you can't play on android tell me Scott, WHY DOES IT CRASH ON ANDROID HTC
  13. STILL THE BEST!!!!! But...
    Leslie Rivera
    Scott, can you please fix when Bonny 2.0 (New version) comes to your room and when I put on the Freddy Mask, all I here is Bonny leaving the air vent. Please fix it so it could be like the PC version where you could see Bonny or Chica pass by your mask and disappear.
  14. This game is super scary!!!
    Dude this game will make you jump out of your pants great game Scott I hope Five nights at freddys 3 will be available for Android :)
  15. Great
    Gerardo Fuentes
    But I think you need to nerf foxy 1.0, I flash my light a as many times I can but I still get killed. Other then that great game and worthy of 5 stars.
  16. LOVE IT BUT...
    Diego Alfaro
    Why r there so many characters is hard to keep track but fun game amazing things but I want store like the first one so I can get cheat mode
  17. You know what! Ten stars!
    Alex Henkle
    This game is so wicked and awesome once foxy jumped out at in the middle of nowhere. I don't like that you have to constantly have to wind it up, but a great game. HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS GAME!!!
  18. Give me a refund now
    Nate Morgan
    I have begged mom to buy this and I gave her the money and I'm 15 years old and I have no money and it keeps kicking me out update it or refund me make a choice
  19. Scott let me just say this, you are genius!
    Dade Miers
    This game is amazing, and you know how I asked you for a refund, and for that I am truly sorry that I did that, no hard feelings right? Well that's it for now see ya Mr.Cawthon.
  20. I know how to beat it
    Laura Bullard
    You have to keep your camera on the the music box and keep flashing your light it down the hall and vents you might not be able to beat it that way you have to do it at the right time


What`s new

Scott Cawthon and Clickteam bring the superior version of Five Nights at Freddy's 2 to mobiles!
- Remastered version from the PC version
- High resolution graphics and visual effects
- Survival Kit including activatable cheats (in-app purchase)
- Improved UI ergonomics
- Display options
- Fixed the issue that prevented ending nights 5, 6 and 7
- Fixed the issue that prevented the use of the left/right vent lights
- Reduced the panning speed when looking in the office