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  1. Scary
    Nathaniel Navarrette
    On every night on cam 8 something never leaves. In the corner something is always there but when springtrap is there its gone. Then he comes right back when he leaves. Wonder what it is.
  2. Nah
    Madison Townsend
    to me it is kinda weird and I don't rlly get the point not saying ur weird if u play it this is just my opinion. I'm not a big gamer or anything like that so that's another reason
  3. Please Read Scott Cawthon.
    Max von Dahlen
    I am a huge fan of this series, and this one is by far my favorite. But I have a glitch where Springtrap will be at Cam 10 lets say, I reboot a system and then jumpscared by springtrap, and its on Night 5. How can he move so fast across the map. Please fix!
    David Dove
    To everyone saying (on all 3 games) that fnaf isn't scary, notice how these games are located under the "action" or "strategy" categories of Google play.
  5. Creepy
    Ellis Pullar
    I was always on my toes I did not have any time to relax and that is what I like in a game because it means it does not take the scare factor away.
    Gaming DailyHD
    I don't know if it is just me but, it is actually quite hard. FNAF3 is an amazing game! The only reason that I'm not giving the game 5 stars is because I think it is missing something. But all in all it is a great game! Definitely get it!!!
  7. SCOTT
    Piggy45Pig Gamer!
    The fnaf4 is out and i want to say that golden freddy looks awful and looks fake but the other nightmare animatronics look awesome and real plz fix and when you run to the door can you make it where your not looking at the floor :D BIG FAN (7/22/15) I Saw Rassbowski play the game hes a pro!
  8. Uhhhhhhhhh.......
    Carson Langford
    Well only 1 animotronic took you a year to make it ilostions are super scary but they dont kill you springtrap can move from room 10 to your room in under 5 second on night two and spring traps jump scare is not a jum scare is a sligh twist of his body scare but the animation is 1000 times beater than the other games
    Bella Tutupoly
    Scott has made the best indie horror game series EVER. Other games are just too lazy or try to hard and aren't scary. So yeah basically coolest game eva
  10. Awesome and scary!
    Rachael Bedford
    please read Scott Cawthon! I am a fan of this series and I'm sad that fnaf 4 is the last game! If yo can, could you make a fnaf 5???? If you could it would be AWESOME!!!!! And I can't wait any longer for fnaf 4 to come out!
  11. Super scary, and I love it!
    Kawaii Sydney
    Bruh it scares the hell out of me all the time when I play this! I LOVE IT!!! (灬♥ω♥灬)
  12. I like it but...
    Lane Rigby
    I'm stuck at night four, and for me it's impossible to pass. Freddie never listens to my audio devices and both the puppet and the foxy figure appear way to much. Since they trigger the light flashes and alarms, Freddie comes and sits directly at my door, and I can't do anything about or I lose. Not only that but the time goes by super slow, and when Freddie shows at the door, it's only 2 am. Once, and only once, have I gotten to 5 am, and I still had the same puppet problem and lost due to ventilation.
  13. Can't beat nightmare mode
    Morgan Moss
    Most of the time I can't pass 1AM. If I do I get to 2 AM. Please make nightmare mode a bit easier. But really fun. Can't wait for the 4th game.
  14. Its to hard for me
    Owen Hickman
    Scott I'm not saying the games bad its just to hard so pls let me refund its way to hard one second its fine the next p marionette comes I get jump scared by Freddy then springtrap EDIT: does springtrap talk and make footstep noises?
  15. Awesome but glitches
    Adam McGee
    OK so I play audio at cam 7 and seal the vent and I'm on five also and whenever I go to the maintenance panel to reboot my audio spring trap comes in when he's not any where near me so if you can please fix that please do it
  16. One of the best games on the store
    Flynn Shepherdson
    Loved it! Foxy nearly made me drop my phone and Springtrap almost gave me a heart attack! Scott has made a new age for survival horror and indie games!
  17. Fix
    Lisa LaFave
    I love this game it scares me but one problem.night 5 is in possible.there is way to much phantom jump scares .I try to reboot tje ventilation but I dies plz fix
  18. AWESOME!!!!!!!!
    Noah Boggs
    Scott how do you do this you are amazing i have all your games bro you are awesome. (P.s you should make a fourth one for fun ok c ya later scott keep doin great.)
  19. Cool game
    Donald caro
    This is a cool game and hard on the 5th night i keep forgetting to block the vent in camera 10 and then he crawls through it and jumpscares me.
    Kiervin Andador
    This game FNAF1,2 and 3 is the scariest and the best,if you play this game you will learn to have no fear. My fearness is gone because I played this that's why I gave Scott five Ultra Ultimate Mega stars but the problem is about A LOT OF MB


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