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Reviews 260,289

  1. 1 bug, 4 years.
    Jacob Cisneros
    The game is great. Except for 1 bug that's been bothering me since 2011. Whenever you dismount, it doesnt matter how far you have unzoomed the camera or what angle you have it at, it always reverts to the same front facing camera angle by default. It's really annoying since I want to see how things kick off from overhead qnd behind the dummy sometimes. Please fix this.
  2. Everything is good
    Derek Adams
    My daughter laughs at this game, cool app. Very fun for me too. How do I change the faces? It restarts everytime I try.
  3. Freaking Awesome
    Angel Delgado
    You should freaking get this game. One more thing add more places to go to plz !!!!!!
  4. Fun
    Jack Westwood
    This was very fun and I just loved watching the crash test guy get thrown around and bounced into walls
  5. Great and funny
    Brendan Mckay
    The funny thing is you fall down the stairs and break your bones. Next is you can choose were you want to fall just a great game!
  6. Awesome Game
    srijan dubey
    This game is fun really fun but I still think turbo dismount is better and the android guy is cool character.
  7. Best game I have!
    Darius Grussing
    It is cool it is great I love it so much! I can not stop playing it‼‼‼‼‼‼‼
  8. Stole my money
    Yolo Sweg
    I bought the 3.99 bundle and it took the money out of my account and then gave me an error saying my order could not be processed at the time. There is no order in my order history but it took the money from my account. I tried pressing the restore purchases button and nothing happened. Do not buy any in app purchases as it will take your money and give you nothing. I would like a refund on the money that was taken from me.
  9. Amazing, excellent game
    Scott Hannen
    I don't care for most games. This one is great. The physics and animation are incredible. My son and I are mesmerized by watching the little crash test guy fall down, bounce off things, slide, and occasionally get some air. Then we put his face on Mr. Dismount and it's twice as much fun.
  10. Where did it go
    joshua lund
    When I played turbo dismount I uninstalled it to update an app then when I went to get I back I got " your device is not compatible with this version. Can you please bring it back? This game is really cool
  11. Fun
    duha hakim
    Its really fun. I play it on my RCA tablet every time. I like it when the guy falls and breaks his bones. Its weired but its really fun
  12. Perfect time waster
    Al Osmond
    I've had this game on all of my tablets and smart phones for a number of years now. The perfect goto app for when you're bored or on break at work.
  13. Someone is sadistic!
    Shannon Linquist
    Whoever designed this game is sick and must love pain! So here I am spending over an hour pushing this manniquin figure down the stairs, jump a construction zone and even sliding down the Titanic to see how many bones he can break! Sick...sick...sick....but oh sooo fun! :-D
  14. Love it but...
    Keiran Duffy
    I think the game is great. But the only thing is: your other game, Turbo Dismount, I can't get on my tablet. Please make Turbo Dismount available for my device and version and I'll rate 5 stars on both games. Thanks!
  15. ...great game but...
    Jared Burbank
    I had this game on my ipod and i loved it then i got a samsung, the worst electronic exprierance i have ever had, lags every five seconds and just plain sucks but i love the game... if you can make it less laggy on the samsung galaxy ace 2x thanks
  16. Awesome
    Roy Trujillo
    This is a fun game to play and I'm addicted, recommend
  17. Yeah, thanks a lot... game.
    Karen Timms
    That song you had for the 'Mosh Pit' is now stuck in my brain. You get 1 star taken off just for that!
  18. Funny but.....
    Donnell Bledsoe
    Can u guys please add more free Em chqrecters and another level if u did that I would give 5 stars
  19. This Game is .... Awesome
    Kayleigh Robertson
    I love this game you should get it , it makes my whole family laugh . ☺ I THIS GAME !!!
  20. Awesome!
    Joe Flores
    I love the game.It's fun watching them fall and seeing cool fails.Please add new maps for a update!


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