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  1. Revised: Doesn't work on Lollipop
    Mike Rogers
    This game starts on both my phone (HTC One M8, Android 5.0.2) and tablet (Nexus 10, Android 5.0.1) just fine; it just crashes when it tries to load any level. Until it works, I can't rate it highly.
  2. Will WSP
    So I go through the trouble to download the game and everytime I try to play the first level it keeps on crashing. If I knew it wasn't going to work I wouldn't have bought it. I love playing Sonic games but this is a disappointment to me
  3. Awesome but doesn't work on Nexus 5
    Morgan Babineaux
    Works on my Nexus 7 it's a awesome game but on my Nexus 5 that recently updated to Lollipop (Android 5.1.1) this game, Sonic 4 episode 1, and Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed doesn't work, Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed has a black screen, and Sonic 4 episode 1 and 2 (also the demo) crash right when a level would've started. Still crashed after increasing the performance in the developer settings but still crashes. It'd be cool if this was fixed, since my Nexus 7 broke.
  4. No lollipop
    Omari Clark
    What I have had this game for a long time and now my phone upgraded to lollipop and my favorite game crashes everytime at launch. Please fix it Sega!
  5. It's Sonic what more can I say?
    Andrew Bowles
    Since this is actually made by the Sega Sonic team it's going to be great, but I never thought it would knock down Sonic 2 and CD on my list of all time favorite games, but it has. I grew up playing sonic all the way back in the Master System era still a fan of Sega hopefully they bring out more classics like Streets of Rage or the dwarf punching action of Golden Axe...
  6. SD card
    It won't let me move it to my sd card and the game is so huge that it's consuming all of the internal storage I had left. I had to move stuff to my sd and uninstall a bunch of stuff I planned on redownloading just to download it and then uninstall more just to install it.
  7. What are you all worked out about
    Nathan Raber
    Haven't you people seen this game before? you now it's been out since 1 and a 1/2 years after STH 4 Ep.1 (not for moble but for consles.) I mean your all worked up about it. It's nothing new except the multiplayer feature other then that there is nothing new about it, great game and all that but there is nothing new guys.
  8. Sonic 4 - Episode 2 ROCKS!!!!! [Motorola Droid RAZR M]
    GRAY S.
    I am very lucky that I have a Bluetooth controller (SteelSeries FREE) to play this game on! Trying to play this game without it makes it A LOT more challenging! Sonic 4 - Ep. 2 is by far the best game I've played on any Android device & one of my TOP 3 favorite Sonic the Hedgehog games! SEGA has made so many amazing improvements to Sonic 4. Everything about it is almost absolutely perfect. I HIGHLY recommend this game to EVERYONE, b/c it is just THAT awesome!
  9. Does not work with Nexus 6
    SwimHelper Da_Killa_Ounze
    It worked fine for Atrix and Moto X but will not actually load a level. It loads the Sega logo, and let's you select to play but when loading pops up it kicks me back to my home screen. Having similar issue with episode one, I can't help but find this bogus considering this phone is cutting edge and I paid for these games. Please fix!
  10. Pretty good
    stiv k
    Not a bad sequel but could have been better. Port both to ps vita for a fair price and you get 5 stars sega. Also once the agreement with nintendo is done please port lost world too its pretty sad theres no sonic on the vita but racing transformed with is super hard even on easy.
  11. Disappointed
    patrick castaldo
    I downloaded this and another Sonic game last night. This one force closes on my Nexus 6 and I cannot even play it. Please fix or refund .
  12. Cannot play episode metal.
    James G.
    Will reconsider review if Episode 1 is made available for my tablet, or if Episode Metal is made available. Simply not worth playing Episode Metal on a phone screen.
  13. Not work on Moto g 2014 with L
    Nicolás Jafelle
    The game not work on Motorola xt1063 with Android 5.0.2. Before first stage the app simple quit.
  14. Disappointed by controls
    Neal Barry
    Lack of customisation gives me good reason to reduce 5 stars to 3 there is no reason to port a game and add customisable buttons works great on DS3 fast and responsive but touchscreen very slow almost totally unresponsive.
  15. The graphics are cool but...
    Collin Schadel
    The graphics for this game are amazing, but that's for the background, the character models are not as great. Could you please update the character models please? I mean why does the first episode and metal have such good character models and the second does not???
    Ryan Varnon
    It worked fine on my galaxy tab 3, but when I had to replace it, this game won't work on my gt4. Plz fix!!! Oh yeah, and I'm running android kitkat. And I can play episode metal just fine, oh, and whenever I start a level in the main game, it glitches out like [Expletive Deleted]. (The Graphics.)
  17. Nexus 7 2013 edition
    Marc Rowling
    Game does not work with android lollipop. Don't waste your money if your on lollipop the game wont work
  18. I love it!
    Daniel johnson
    It's nice to see Tails in the game, the music has slightly improved but the controls are still a bit uncomfortable but you get used to it, it's just as great as episode 1 though I wish Knuckles was a playable character and please bring back the Super peel out.
  19. Not as good as episode 1
    Tylar Robideau
    Not bad, but not as good as the first part, due to 2 things. One is that the level design isn't as good, a few too many cheap deaths and bumpers that send you to your doom. Second is the tag team dynamic with Tails, it just seems sloppily tacked on and really take away from the game. Still not bad, its great to have 2d Sonic back.
  20. Help
    Fgfgvhfyf Gyfyrt
    Love the game but I have an issue with sonic all star racing Transformed. I am a blank black screen every time I open it.plz fix it. Device HP 7 slate or hp 7 tablet. I will love to play this game ever since I played all star racing.


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