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  1. I Paid Money For This, So...
    Michael Zander
    It's annoying that it doesn't work at all on Android Lollipop. The OS has been out since November of last year, what's the hold up? The Taxman and Stealth remakes of 1, 2, and CD were updated almost immediately after the OS launched on Samsung phones. If you guys want to get in on the smartphone market, then it helps if your games are optimized for the latest OS. Just saying.
  2. Improve It
    Ishmeel Mayes
    I'm just going to Flat-out say it, you need to improve this game so that it will work on all Tablets\phones. I say this because I can only get up to the first enemy in the game before it just freezes. I had to delete all of my much more responsive games just to get to that point, and I don't have a lot of games. So either fix this mess you've made, or give me my money back.
  3. Great game
    Roy Prokesh
    Sonic is my fav this use to work on note 3 until kitkat update now it wont load will hive 5 stars when fixed
  4. Does not work on Nexus 6
    SwimHelper Da_Killa_Ounze
    Worked fine on my Motorola Matrix and Moto X but it won't even load the Sega label, it looks like it will upon opening then immediately becomes unresponsive back. Pretty big let down for a game I played for, made worse by episode 2 not working either.
  5. Love the game
    I love this game very much but I hate how I can only play episode 1 because episode 2 is not compatible with my machspeed stealth android tablet. Fix this and I will rate 5 stars again on both
  6. Shouldnt take this long!
    John Merced
    Sence upgrading my LG G3 to Android Lollipop 5.0 the game haven't worked and this was last year I wouldn't care if the game was free but I paid for pt.1 and pt.2 and either of them work. Come on Sega this is a major game for you guy's hell Goggle is already coming out with Android M you missed a hole cycle!! Not cool if not fixed soon mite be the last to Sega games I ever buy real sad cuz growing up you guys were the best
  7. The screen immediately goes black
    Shannon Richnak
    It is impossible to play as soon as I boot up the game the screen immediately goes black on my galaxy s5 please fix
  8. Great game, horrible controls
    Steven Friar
    Ok with a controller this game is awesome but who in the hell wants to do that. I'm guessing the majority dont. This game itself is 5 stars, but its ruined by its god awful controls. Every time you try to go left or right it ends up pushing up and down. They should have the left or right radius of the circle, that it has for your "d-pad" , much bigger range than up or down as you use them less than up and down. Besides that its really fun especially the homing attack.
  9. Seems like it doesn't work on latest OS
    Jamie Lowe
    I recently upgraded my phone to the s6 and I've been discovering a lot of my apps I've paid for are not supported, this one included. Come on Sega you're supposed to be on it with games, get with the times and update the app. Not the first triple A developer to let customers down in this department. I am going to stick to console in future when it comes to games, far less hassle.
  10. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG④ IS MY LIFE: if you love this game!!!!!!! SUPPORT SEGA♥
    Tim Sandoe
    great, full-fledged sonic the hedgehog game on the go!! perfect 5 stars. WORKS FLUENTLY ON EVERY LINUX PHONE IVE HAD!!
  11. Does not work on the Galaxy S5 (Lollipop)
    Nick E
    You tap the icon and nothing, just a black screen. The app hasn't been updated since March 2014 and it doesn't look like an update is coming any time soon.
  12. Awesome game, but
    Joshy Buonocore
    Its an excellent game, but the controls are hard to use. It is still fun though.
  13. Good game poor controls
    Heather Farrar
    The game is good, but it doesn't fit the platform well. The touch screen controls on my phone are too imprecise to make some of the platforming. Edit the levels a bit to account for this and you would have 5/5. I'm going to buy a control peripheral cause I liked the original, but you shouldn't have to buy externals to make a game playable.
  14. Another fine Sonic Team production
    Blaine williams
    It doesn't work on the Nexus 6. Goes to a black screen and freezes. Seeing as the app was last update March 2014, I don't suppose an fix for this is coming anytime soon. Good job guys.
  15. people are saying the android update (kitkat) has crashed the game
    Umbra Deus
    go figure... just seems Scroogle is trying to lose customers. every unnecessary update they take a much used feature out or change the SD write policies... its fuckn bullshit and makes me want a windows phone.
  16. Absolutely rubbish
    Andrew Nelson
    Won't even load on my LG G3. A phone only released last year if I remember correct. Come on Sega get a fix in the works. UPDATE: Still won't work on my LG G3 running Android 5 Lollipop.
  17. Love it!
    Daniel johnson
    This game is awesome! It reminds me of the Genesis classics, the only things I don't like is the music, it's not very good, and the controls aren't aren't good ether. But it's still a awesome game! PS can you please make episode 2 compatible with my dragon touch tablet?
  18. Controls!
    Joe Wagz
    The controls, can u guys make an update for the controls to be a little bigger, just to consider with big fingers like me the controls sucks right now.
  19. Doesn't work
    Nichita Bailuc
    Every Sega game has some problem with android 5. If you have lollipop installed, download the apk and test it before buying anything!
  20. Good game
    David Figueroa
    Wish the controls were more accurate but the game is solid. Great graphics, and sound with fun levels.


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