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Jacques Gaubil | Founder at Sensopia

Canada |

Francis Malka | Founder at Sensopia

Montreal, Canada Area |

Julien Pireaud | Software Engineer

Pullman, Washington |

Andreas Boehm | Project Director at B&O Gruppe

Bad Aibling, Bayern, Deutschland |

Reviews 36,700

  1. So cool and so much potential but...
    Michael-Rainabba Richardson
    Feels like it falls a bit short. Couldn't see how to deal with our vaulted ceilings. Couldn't "select a wall" to add windows or doors (kept selecting the entire room). Biggest thing though, is that based on the first screenshot, I expected this to be AR-like and contain the photos I took, but it doesn't appear to do any such thing. Please keep going though; I can see this becoming an amazing tool.
  2. Excellent app with a critical flaw
    Lyle Sidor
    Due to limitations in how the app handles walls, it is impossible to properly design an open floor plan which lacks a wall between two adjoining rooms.
  3. Helpful!
    Jim Amy
    A great little programming for quick configuring of any room in the house or at the office. Looking forward to learning more how it works!
  4. Best (FREE) App, Ever!
    Rilia Halim
    Amazing features, easy to use, sophisticated functions and it's FREE!!!
  5. Cool
    David Boulware
    This isn't a measuring tape so it isn't precise, but close enough. Nice to snap a couple of pics and place some furniture. Great app for what it's designed to do.
  6. Useless camera app doesn't work!
    Alicia Martyn
    Got it for the capture feature needs my email to send doco for me to print first! Uninstalled
  7. Adrian Walker
    Looking good, but it won't detect my Bosch GLM 100 C. The phone lists it in as a connected BT device.
  8. Said Saidov
    Came for the camera function to measure rooms. Says I need a document ROFL. I don't have a printer to print your stupid document.
  9. Could be better with some simple fixs
    Keith Albano
    I can not seem to ad interior walls that can except objects, thats enough to make this app useless to me.
  10. Eve Bradford
    Excellent app for creating simple house plans. More intuitive than others I tried. Love it!
  11. loved it
    Ully Dhita
    awalnya bingung, setelah dipelajari terus... bener2 bermanfaat sekali... terimakasih ya
  12. Just started, seems great.
    scott van den hooff
    Easy to follow instructions. Easy to edit. Seems fairly accurate.
  13. Love it
    bryan ragin
    I'm a real estate agent and this just saved my deal! Thanks!!
  14. Useless without paying lots
    Geoff Phillips
    Unable to save or export plans without signing up for expensive subscription or payment. Uninstalled after 5 minutes.
  15. Used to be great
    Dave Royer
    Adding unskippable videos of how to use the app make this completely unusable. I can't jump in and start capturing the room without watching the videos. This used to be useful software but after painfully walking through a couple videos it is getting uninstalled.
  16. No arch walls
    Shakiru Bolaji
    Arch walls should be include in the next version for better usage
  17. Very clever app
    Paul West
    Very easy to use and edit plans. I even used the image import facility with a Google earth snapshot to calculate area of my garden for mulching. Compared to manual measure and calculate, very close results. Pity so costly to export or print.
  18. Jesse Lutterloh
    A little slow, and don't like that I need to purchase certain items to use them in a floor plan, but overall a great app, much quicker than doing floor plans by hand
  19. Rani Korkise
    When I export to floorplanner most of the appliances, decorations and bathroom inclusions disappear and I have to put them in again. If magic plan and floorplanner are partners then why not have the same decorations between them so when you export it can find the same files/decorations? It's frustrating... Also it might not be a bad idea to introduce 2 finger navigation to the app, it's really difficult panning around when zoomed in and no grid is showing, because it starts moving rooms instead of panning
  20. Scott Lawrence
    It's pretty amazing. Doesn't take much time to learn.


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