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Morten Claussen | Developer & CO-Founder

Central Region, Denmark |

Brian Lund Lauridsen | Partner & Creative Director at Set Snail

Aarhus C, Region Midtjylland, Danmark |

Kasper Bøttcher | Developer and Partner at Set Snail

Region Midtjylland, Danmark |

Morten Claussen | Developer and Partner

Reviews 520,768

  1. Omg
    bonita price
    So addicted i got my sister hooked too. Its soo good. every 3 silver boxes should have a prize ahaa
  2. Ok
    Jazlynn Bailey
    I won a costume.... I didnt get it....not only that now I dont have other costumes that I had before? Why did this happen?other wise great game
  3. Daddy long legs
    Bhatt Ram
    I like Daddy long legs becaues when he fall over he makes me laugh sometimes my big sister get upset so i play this for her then she gets happy again and text her friends for 2 minutes and she dose her school work like me
  4. Difficult, but addicting
    Lucinda Perrier
    I've only been playing for a few days. Not doing that well but I'll keep trying. Can't seem to move the horse much, but I like all the different outfits.
  5. So Dope
    AtomiKat Light Industries
    This reminds me of soda constructor from Web 2.0. The key is rhythm to this game. Be patient and it will pay off. The horse is more like a bucking horse Locomotion.
  6. Fun game
    Connor Upshaw
    Can get pretty frustrating after you play for a while. It reminds me of the Internet game QWOP but this game is a lot easier. I'd say it's fun for ages 8 and up.
  7. Great game
    Really fun, original and difficult. My sister thinks daddy and horse are really cute. Don't know if you get to unlock other characters later, but if you do, she'll hopefully think the same of them
  8. Good
    Corbin Rosenbaugh
    I love this game, but I can't use it at ALL if I'm using WiFi or any other network. PLEASE fix this problem, and I will give 5 stars. Walk on set snail team!
  9. Queen Noelle
    It's a great game and I love how his eyes get wide when he falls. Great way to kill some time especially for me because I have no life hahaha
  10. Cool game
    Kali Gerchak
    I love this game because its so challenging. I like the cute costumes and I just have 1 question. When daddy falls, is that dirt or hair or whatever comes off of him? And why?
  11. Give lots of laughs
    Alda G
    The idea is simple: walk/gallop forward. But who would thought it would be so hard.... Even though I fall every time I tried so hard, it's frustating but funny at the same time (especially when he falls) the only problem is that it shuts down occasionally. Fix that, please :)
  12. LOVED IT
    Aiden Thompson
    This game is the best. At first I didn't know what to do till I tapped the screen but, let's not worry about that. Still it's the funnest and funniest game.
  13. Daddy is adorable
    V Appletree
    I want an unstable plush of daddy long legs... a cutw cubic thing with long legs that is super hard to keep standing... he will also be the softest motha effa ever ♡
  14. Love it
    Sharon Litwin
    Its really good i would recommend getting this.
  15. I did a flip with this game
    Robert Mitchell
    I flipped for this because it's such an addictive game I never took my eyes of the screen! If it wasn't for the editors I wouldn't be able to find daddy long legs. . This game feels just like it made my Christmas nothing
  16. Patrick Raube
    Great game, just one thing though, could you update your game for 5.0 lollipop so we can record for everyplay?
  17. Its good but hard
    Karsten Calderon
    Its so fun and funny and its hard but its still fun but its so annoying that when I got a gold pack it stopped then it said unfortunately daddy Long legs has stopped then I clicked on ok then I clicked on the app again and then I HAD TO WAIT ANOTHER 30 SECONDS WHICH IS LIKE ONE HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Fantastic
    Dillon Hatton
    Simple, addicting, runs extremely well. The hat thing reminds me of TF2. Will play this for a long time.
  19. Love it
    sadie marinski
    Really fun . Yet very dumb concept. It's one of those games that are kind of hard you get the hang of it and then wanna see how far you can go. Worth downloading
  20. Great game.
    Shadeux R
    It's beautifully simplistic whilst still retaining the ability to keep you occupied for a very long time.


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