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  1. Monster blast
    Valerie Line
    I just move my finger all over the screen and monsters die, really no rhyme or reason to this game, others are much better and more challenging. Uninstalling this one.
  2. What's the point of the levels?
    lorian hartgroves
    Nice little game cute monsters. However, can't tell the difference between the levels. It doesn't seem to get harder or new concepts added aside from timed, no of moves and clear a certain no of monsters. Also the hot babe adverts along the bottom are rather inappropriate for a child friendly game.
  3. Robert Marsin
    Very cute monster faces, however because the eyes are all in the same place, on the same sized heads, the pieces are not dissimilar enough to easily spot which item is different than another. This problem compounded by the inability to disable notifications means that I'm deleting this app, sorry. Change those 2 problems and maybe more people will like.
  4. Cassandra Terrell
    uninstalling, freezes constantly & seriously play the same levels over & over again without it saying I have.
  5. Would not
    Kailey Monaghan
    let me download it because it says theres an error if you fix this error then maybe i would give you a higher mark
  6. Can't play it..
    devil maria
    Can't see any play button after choosing the stage. There's only a return button. Nothing happens when i tried double clicking the level
  7. Unethical
    Kevin Elliott
    Game play is average, nothing new. I was offended because the only way to exit game was to go to pkay store to the download page of another game. Immature marketing and a disrespectful waste of time
  8. Nice game
    Mickey P
    Nice candy crush style game, bit tired out of this type, but cute angle to the regular style. Will keep this one. Bug when no more moves it just sits there waiting instead of understanding that there are no more moves and inform me.
  9. Lots of fun!!
    Pamela Smith
    I love this game! I haven't had any problems with it. Its actually hard for me to put down once I get started! Lots of fun! :-)
  10. Okay
    Mary Godino
    It would be better if I could line up the matches without having to fight for it . When this is fix then I will give it a better rating.
  11. Rhonda Thomas
    It keep freezing up on me. I get very very close to my target then it freezes. Please fix this. This a great game but I hate when this happens. Y would this game have 7 more locks that wont let you open to the next one. I only completed 1 lock, this pitiful. Please fix, so I wont uninstall this game. The more I dont c a change im changing the star. Im uninstalling this petty game.
  12. Could've been a 5...
    Linzi Smith
    Great game but it won't let me advance past the 1st stage. I beat all 12 levels and it still won't unlock the next section...bummed about that!
  13. Monster Blast
    dianne harter
    Its an alright game ill play it a lil more to see how much I really like it
  14. Gloria Endres
    Once installed. ..cant play..stops at arrow....push arrow to play...goes back to stages...push arrow again goes back....what is goin on..does it on phone and tablet ..
  15. Addictive
    Cindy Barcase Wittmyer
    Fun and addictive! Would rate a 5 but freezes quite often on my SG4.
  16. Awsome!
    Farru Raza
    Fo tympass : Its d bst way to pass ur time nd njoy blasting the monsters.. :D Love'd it.. <3
  17. Judith Chalmers
    Same level all the time. How do I get one with full stars on all stages?
  18. Dane Tan
    This game is good but the gameplay is not very smooth and it always crash using samsung mega
  19. Good game but....
    leila green
    I have done at least double the amount of levels than it says I have done!!...... Why is this????
  20. Tracy Clark
    Very addictive .but how do you get to the next level when done 12 can't seem to open level 2.


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