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  1. Makes me brain
    Gerry Villa
    It would be a 5 star if the hints didn't cost you so many coins and if it allowed for daily downloads of new puzzles in stead of having to download a whole new puzzle upon completing them.
  2. Four
    Mariana Maya
    Four because some are really hard to figer out to kids if they won't to play this game they have to ask some one how knows a lot of the questions to kids .
  3. Fun :)
    Diana Herrera
    A really fun game. It gets very addictive and it makes your mined work in a good way. I love this game.
  4. Great time killer
    Valerie Camacho
    This game is great when ur waiting, traveling, or just to kill a little great.
  5. Barbara Brown
    Great game, love it when I get stuck on a picture and I have to ask my kids what it is, and they can't figure it out then we all are mad because we can't get it. LOL!
  6. great mental exercise
    Emily Verde
    fun and thought provoking. can't wait to get to the trickier levels. i can imagine it could get maddening.
  7. Addy7868
    Sohail Ahmed
    Good cool but boring and can you find funny games
  8. I rate it a 5.
    Denise Fullerton
    I really enjoy playing this game. It makes you have to stop and think about some of the pictures that they use. I rate the game at a 5.
  9. Sheila Bates
    This game is great when your on the go it just catches your attention and its fun.this gives u knowledge on different type of things,education is always around and on this game you can embrace your knowledge and skill.
  10. Greg Lietz
    Absolutely sucks, very poor picture quality, bad design as only seeing one picture at a time and costing gold for every picture. Don't waste your time.
  11. irritating
    Jaslena Johnson
    This game is irritating because every time i get to a certain one it always says rate. And when say no it dose not work. And it starts all over again.
  12. Good for the brain
    Shirley King
    So far I like the game. This is the sixth (4pics 1 word puzzle, for me. I will play all of them.
  13. GOOD
    Sofia Missori
    I like it but there's like three really easy and then boom one really hard but its still a fun game to play I play it all the time and when I do I can't stop because I really like some of the challenges that r in there and then I always want to just keep going
  14. Worth it
    Ashley Lonsberry
    Good game. Very addicting. Shoukd be a way to get mire coins like going back to old levels.
  15. Pics aren't very clear.
    Rachel Bradley
    Why no free clues. Have to. Get perfect score to unlock next level.
  16. It's fun!
    Steve LaBranche
    I play lots of word puzzle games. I like the challenge of revealing just one pic at a time.
  17. 4 Pics 1 word puzzle
    Judy Nelson
    It would help to have the answers to help you along! Love it!
  18. Good game
    Elaine Grieveson
    Good fun game and no annoying ads which is a great bonus thanks
  19. Matt Purdy
    This game isn't to bad my wife and I both like it very nice.
  20. 4 pics 1 word
    Jeannie Heberlie
    Ok..could be harder..but by far the best one. ...I have seen.


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