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Reviews 2,592

  1. Quit working
    jason fowler
    Won't let me sing in or do any thing half the time it won't. Even go last first screen
  2. It doesn't work on my galaxy s3.
    Chase Hale
    I have the same app on my old iphone and it works amazingly. On my new s3 it hardly works. Please fix the issues.
  3. Tn VIP
    Greg Amick
    Nine times out of ten it it will not even get to the point where you can even attempt to log in the red will never come up on the login have called the VIP hotline number supposed to be getting back with me and letting me know how to fix this issue still waiting on the call after 2 days notification of problem
  4. New to Android
    Paul S
    I have quickly found out that any scanning app is finicky. I installed this and with good lighting is working great. With low lighting, it just does work. I am using a tablet, 2meg camera. Hope this helps.
    Tracy Thomas
    i have a TON of tickets that ive been putting in on my phone. wasnt aware that there was an app i cld d/L that would scan and make it much easier. LOL..NOT!! i read all the reviews and i was hopeful that it had been fixed and there would no longer be issues. i WRONG!! it wouldnt log me in after i logged out bc i cldnt do anything else. it has 3 buttons on the menu, and when i went to enter tickets, NOTHING happened. idk who ur developers are..but they need to be FIRED!! PLEASE FIX THIS APP SO I CAN RE-D/L!!
  6. Updated now more bugs ;-/
    Wendie Massengill
    When are u going to fix this? After update have to tap scan 2x then it goes to black on view finder. Have to cancel, tap scan AGAIN, then it scans; but then the number doesnt always scan... Have to repeat this process EVERY TIME! Fix and will give 5 stars
  7. Doesn't work
    Jeff Hensley
    I read these reviews and hoped they would be wrong, but they're all very similar to what the app is doing. Fix this junk app and maybe you can get some decent reviews.
  8. Aimee
    Aimee Elkins
    What's the point of having an bar scan code if it won't work? I downloaded this app on all my devices and not one of them the bar scan worked. If you fix this problem i would definitely rate 5 star.
  9. Scanner fixed after 6 months. YAY!
    David Turner
    I only used this app so I could scan tickets. Nothing else about it is important. Then the scanner stopped working about August of 2014. I just found out yesterday that it is now working on my Nexus 5 Android version 5.0. 1. Finally!
  10. Was good?? Not any more
    Penn Mason
    Updated version made it useless . Scan will not work. Update did nothing but ruin a good app. Please for the love of all that is holy. Fix this freaking app!!
  11. Deborah Norman
    SUCKS !! I can't enter the city I live in. Keeps telling me last 4 of social is wrong. When I try to enter my bday any number I try to enter won't be the right one and several numbers I didn't enter show up. My keyboard is fine on my Samsung galaxy 4. Only does this on the app. Really disappointed. Plz fix these bugs you claim to have already fixed.
    Melissa Wix
    Since the update, keeps giving me "can not be submitted". They are not winning tickets and have never been entered so I should not be getting this message. Now I'm locked out of my account for 12hrs because the app isn't working properly! Also needs to be able to scan Drawing style tickets! Please include these fixes in your new update! Was working great before last update! Moto G User
  13. Does this app work?
    Neisha Just Me
    The only thing i can get to move is the button at the bottom. Nothing else works,its just a picture with words on it! Please fix soon.
  14. Loved it til now
    Sheena Davis
    This app has worked great until last night I sign in I go to enter tickets and it comes up and says net::err_connection_reset. Please please get this app fixed
  15. Dissatisfied
    Boss Lady
    Its says u updated issues with cameras with no auto focus, well it doesn't work!! Still can't scan tickets :( boooo
  16. Please fix the bugs on this app
    Chelsea Barnes
    I use this app all the time and never had problems until today and I will give you give stars but it wontblet me enter tickets
  17. Pleaz fix
    Cherish Fritts
    For some reason I can't scan on my HTC desire 510 it shows the scan screen but it's got a big red plus over the screen that flashes and won't scan it I see no rectangle am I doin something wrong ? Wat do I do or is the probleem on ur end? Not mine
  18. And then
    Janie Kaneer
    Was an amazing app loved it now it won't work even tried un install and reinstall and still have the same problem please fix and I will give 5 stars but not until I can use it again
  19. Sabrina Short
    It pops up to the log in page but won't let me log in I will rate it 5 if you fix it I love this app it's awesome but if I can't log in I can't use it
  20. Please fix
    Ben Walker
    Used to work on my droid RAZR max now can't even sign in I'll rate 5 star if you get it fixed - can't sign in to enter play it again tickets at all/ please fix this app & Webb site neither will let me enter my tickets


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