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  1. Very good, but can't move to SD
    Glenn Wang
    The good: Excellent 360° videos with 3D audio. The bad: Can't move to SD with the huge app and videos. Should allow nav between videos within Cardboard.
  2. Evolution of Verse
    Jeremy Coggon
    Superb for cardboard. For your first venture with VR, a truly immersive experience. What next.....give us Catatonic. It's been 'coming soon' forever!!! Come on guy's, please. Thanks a lot.
  3. Really cool, but unfortunate.
    Bill Zebleckis
    I love the idea, but the video constantly locks up on my droid turbo. I still hear audio, but the video works for 1 second, freezes for 5, works for 1, freezes for 5, etc. Looking forward to when it works properly and it will be 5 stars.
  4. Breyten Lybaert
    This app is one of the most compelling arguments for google cardboard at the moment. The potential for insightful storytelling is immense, and I haven't seen anyone do it better than Vrse so far. I'm looking forward to finding even more content such as "clouds over sidra" and "walking new york".
  5. Shows the bright future of VR
    Jim Yang
    In terms of technology right now, it's not perfect. Not sure if it's because of my phone's refresh rate (I have a Nexus 4) or processing power, the texts get blurred significantly when my head moves around. That's upon the fact that the resolution is not high, and the texts are not clear in the first place. But, the medium, the way information is presented is just incredible. It's like nothing we've known in the past. It's a completely new format, and this makes the whole story so much more real and immersive, and touching. I'm really excited about the future of VR.
  6. Droid turbo video hangs
    Shane Marcheson
    This is a potential five star app, but on my phone the video hangs unfortunately. Installing on my wife's iPhone to see how that experience is. Even with hanging video, I can see the potential. There is high quality content.
  7. Don't work
    I can't get a minute into any of the vids with out it crashing (HTC m8)
  8. Great story
    Abdu Shebubakar
    Great story on the syrian people who struggle at the camp...keep making this story about the effects of the useless war :'(
  9. Cool mais perfectible - vidéo moche
    Philippe Morange
    Je viens de voir le million march in NYC. Il fait un temps pour adapter la vision mais ensuite c'est très immersif. Le seul problème est que la vidéo se met en pause pour des raisons variées, et alors pas moyen de reprendre la lecture : la seule option est de reprendre tout au début ce qui est assez gênant car on ne peut pas non plus faire avance rapide... De plus, la résolution des vidéos est très basse, c'est dommage car après avoir téléchargé plus de 1go on aurait pu espérer mieux...
  10. MX4 support
    Kirill Lanchev
    It worked well on nexus 5 but there's black screen and sound clipping on meizu mx4. Other VR apps work.
  11. Not working at all
    Agin Wijaya
    Downloaded every movie, just black out and audio playing. It's not working on my Asus Zenfone 2. Too bad.
  12. Good/Bad
    The most stunningly beautiful app I've found yet for Google Cardboard. Love that. HATE that I can't move this massive pig to my SD card. The app plus the single NYC video is almost 700MB.
  13. Doesn't work with my HTC One M9+, Gionee and Note Edge..
    Saurabh Joshi
    This app is not compatible with a number of devices.. while on HTC One M9+ and Gionee the app is available for download but none of the videos run.. u just hear the sounds and the screen is a blank and the 3 circles with option for share, replay and other videos appear.. and for the Galaxy Note Edge there is no version available to download..
  14. Good VR, never updates
    John Fisher III
    Amazing 3d experience, but the app never updates. Catatonic has been out for over three months and still no release... uninstalling because I got tired of waiting.
  15. Doesn't work with ASUS ZenFone 2
    Max F
    App installed properly and run. However doesn't show any video, only black screen. Any suggestions how to fix it?
  16. Love it but can't move to SD
    Dan O'Brien
    I love these interactive visual stories, and have used it to show people how awesome Google cardboard is. The only downside for me is that I can't move it to the SD card. That's a biggie for me. My phone doesn't have a lot of space and this app is big, unsurprisingly. I've got to uninstall it for this one reason.
  17. Cool concept and execution of said concept.
    Conor Rzeszutek
    Really enjoying the app and all the videos. Looking forward to the insane asylum one. Any place I can donate?
  18. Can't do 360 on any video
    Michael C
    The way it looks 3d is cool but for some reason I can't do 360. All the YouTube videos and other videos I found online shows you can do 360 with this app and some videos show the glasses I have but the only thing I can't see like they see in 360 and I'm not sure why. This was the reason I brought these because everyone said it was the best.
  19. Videos not playing
    rahul meghwal
    I downloaded all the movies not when i hit the play button, it just crashes and says that its unable to play
  20. Great experiences
    Myrdinn Slothrop
    Loved all the immersive videos. I especially like the New Wave one because it shows what vr can do for narration.


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