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  1. Great app
    Luis Roman
    This compass is a great asset the update clear all flickering when moving around. Working with N shield only one thing needed having the ability to on/off individual screen functions. AR Pro we'll be in a class by its self.
  2. Some issues
    Francois Visagie
    This app's Hover lock does not work for me, although the drone does hover fine with FreeFlight and ARDrone Flight Pro. Also, with Pro and Dual Stick Modes turned off, the single joystick doesn't seem to work. In Pro and Dual Stick Modes the height/yaw stick does work. A couple of other niggles: there's no explanation for the bitrate unit being "octets", it seems local video recording bitrate is fixed at +/- 4Mbps (even when Target/Maximum Bitrate is less), and the Phone menu button only works when the Action Bar is visible. Regrettable no response from the developer so far.
  3. Read the instructions
    Mike Stewart
    My wife always said read the manual if I was having trouble with a product and once again she's right. Though the app was junk at first until I looked over the instructions. Never flew before and after taking an hour or two to look over the "how to" I'm flying! I can't give it 5 stars because that would have ment it was to easy. I think I've got a great past time hobby now - and what a stress reliever.
  4. Just got my AR drone, noticed a huge difference immediately
    Jared B
    I have only flown about 3 times thus far, and our of the three two were with the default parrot app. I took the risk to try another right off the bat, as it just felt so wobbly to me. This app I noticed immediately more stability better controls and it just felt more like I had control over the drone. 5 stars impressed here
  5. A work in progress?
    Rich C
    Had problems connecting intitially, but after some time got connected. Haven't tried flying outdoors yet. There is work to be done on this app for sure, but this is a good starting point. I don't know about the $5 charge though!
  6. RE Swesey
    Robert S, Ufologist
    I think this a great software program and seems to work well with the AR Drone 2.0. Had to add that support from shellware is great!.Note: it also works very well with the Nvidia Shield with AR Drone 2.0. Now the only software I use on the shield. (Shield is a Great controller) For get the smart phones! UPDATE: I don't think this is supported anymore, Having some issues with 4.4.2, No more updates I think. Sad this was a great peace of software.
  7. Excellent
    mark farmer
    Well so far, better than free flight, more stable and no loss of connection. Highly recommend trying if you have a drone.
  8. Go to app
    BrettandStephanie Gruchow
    I use all the apps for my ar2 but this is my go to when I am not using my laptop and drone in autonomous mode. Great job guys.
  9. 4.4.2
    Rizal Saini
    Thks for the prompt replies and help. This app does works for 4.4.2 Worth the money. Definitely. Works great with ps3 controller. Loving it... cheers
  10. I've tried about 4 different drone programs and this is the best so far. Easy-to-use interface and is stable and the drone flies a lot better
    Guy Precht
    This is the best one I've used yet I like it
  11. Best app for ar.drone
    Absolutely worth the cost just for the configuration features alone. And so much more functionality than Parrots own software. For the price of the ar.drone parrot should have had something this good. Thanks to the author of this little beauty we can do so much with it now.
  12. Absolutely perfect
    Mark Tindal
    Connected to drone, GPS, sixaxis controller waypoints...... Everything you need. Thanks for what must have been a lot of development time but its worth it. The app is fabulous!
  13. Decent App
    Brian Iredale
    Have tried to contact author several time regarding a few features (stats and graphing) I would like to see. No reply whatsoever.
  14. Good
    John P.
    Smooth, Precise, Worthy, and make sure the Hover lock is on. It is amazing to have such thing and works perfectly fine with my nexus 5
  15. brandon bush
    nice display would be better if had absoulute control feature
  16. Would not recommend
    Tim Jarrett
    Sometimes gamepad works and sometimes it doesn't. Settings reset automatically.
  17. Bryan James
    Great app for ar drone. controller mapping is great. Probably the best app for flying your drone. Object detection works real well.
  18. Really want this to work as it looks years ahead of default app
    Rod Tuckwell
    GS4 4.4.2 google edition. App doesn't see drone...
  19. Unstable
    Dave Maddalena
    This is an unstable app....turned it on drone went straight up 75 feet, 2 houses over, then shut off and dropped I had no control.....afraid to use the app now
  20. Compass Display
    Harry M
    Is there a way to hide the compass display on the screen?


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