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Orange See | Director at M-Inverse Holdings Limited

Hong Kong |

Reviews 233,494

  1. I can't find my monster!!
    Joshuageorgenavin Kirwan
    I just downloaded it and when it says drag ur monster to it party my monster isn't there!!! Please fix it and I will rate it 5 stars
  2. Bad enough for me
    ginta silvester
    Loading takes too long time. And now advertize using video, video adv in Tap Titans gives you gems or something big in return. Without rewards, its totally annoying. Gotta unistall now.
  3. Great!
    Jackie Williams
    This game is amazing! I had been shown it by my friend and was hooked right away! Its great mechanics and ideas are amazing. It isn't easy to create over 200 art styles and concepts of monsters. But the one thing I dislike is the time it takes to "Revive" your monsters after they "Faint" Maybe adding a place where you could heal them or maybe just cut the time down would make me play more often!
  4. Christian Riddle
    Fun game. Capture balls could be less scarce, and any monsters 4+ stars are almost impossible to capture without spending money, but is a fun and addictive way to kill time.
  5. Absolutely amazing
    Aaron O'Neill
    I loved this's soooo much fun. I love pokemon but there too expensive but this is a great and free alternative. One complaint is that it can't load without wifi.please please fix
  6. Piyush Choudhury
    I want to give five stars I gave four because it is not coming please fixed it fast I want to play
  7. Level of my monsters resetting..
    John Rupert Murillo
    Before I log out my monster/s are level 38, when I play it again my monster/s levels, down to 33.. and my potions, I have 10 potions, but now, I only have 1 (I didn't use it), Please fix this because it happens all the time..
  8. Cant play offline
    Jake Andrei Garcia
    I read that it can be played offline but when i start the app when my wifi is off, only the title screen appears and there is no start the game or something button. It works perfectly fine online but some gamers, like me, prefers to play offline for more versatile and more time, means more fun. Please reply. Tnx.
  9. Zane Travis
    Good game wish you could buy balls with out outside money and that they were more afetive
  10. Great
    Chaz Conkey
    Well the game did freeze before i took the wifi off and it didn't freeze anymore. Just like pokemon. XD
  11. Keep up the good work
    Nervens Petit-Frere
    I love this game. I love the graphics though they took a lil adjustment I was astounded by the battle sequence anyways good job and keep going, P.S I also love the farms.
  12. Monster lucky draw ticket
    ShakilKhan Nabik
    Please add a option to buy monster lucky draw ticket and i give you 5 on 5 star
  13. Can't find monster
    Steven Sawyer
    I can't drag my monster to my party well because it doesn't show up on screen! I've played this game before and it was a good game plz plz fix!!
  14. Cool
    Emma MacDowell
    Fun and addicting never though of it being so fun.
  15. Monster lucky draw
    Saul Martinez
    It is Very hard to get monster lucky tickets if we were able to buy monster luck draw tickets it would be awesome
  16. Too hard
    DextureDuzGaming Deep World
    Trying to ubtain the earth dragon is too difficult with the child at the end. No one wants to see his monsters. I came for the earth dragon and the dumb kid makes it even harder. I hate this game just for that. Don't advise people who rage to play this horrible game.
  17. Ausom game!!
    megan clark
    Its like pokèmon but it has a different story. U see I don't write reviews on games but its worth writing on this game !!! The best thing about the game is that u can play it offline !!!!
  18. Cracking game
    Derry Podmore
    Really good game, only problem is buying balls with real money is a pain
  19. No monster spawn
    Noah Billingsley
    At the beggining if the game when it tells you to drag the monster into you inventory, there was no monster within the fence for me to take
  20. Can't play offline
    Chris Daniel Padua
    At first I can play it offline but then when I open it only the title screen appears.Theres no play button.please fix this then I will rate it five star


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