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  1. Buyer Beware!
    Matt Thomson
    I originally purchased this game before the in app purchase for solution help. Games are now very obviously structured to be unwinnable without buying "rescue". Buried numbers result in dead ends in almost every game. Buy at your own risk.
  2. Hardwood Solitaire
    Jafa Omfa
    Started playing it on pc many years ago still good even on cell phone
  3. Not random!
    Jeff Brown
    I play this game all the time! A good version, however I have played it long enough to have noticed patterns that consistently occur.
  4. No wireless connection makes game unplayable
    Glenn A Nicholson
    When a wireless connection issue with not avalibe,every 20 or less a popup window appears stopping my ability to play the game. Personally I did not by this game for your social interaction. I purchased it because I owned the PC version. The game does NOT play anything like the PC version, how do I disabe the network retry or at least slow it down. If this is not possible
  5. In app purchases to cheat
    Andrew Fuller
    Paid for the full version but now you put a big button next to the deck to pay to cheat. Wtf? Shows profiteering motives from developer!
  6. Hardwood Solitaire is the Best
    Janet Steinberg
    I have this collection of games on all my devices and love them!
  7. Great Game!
    Glen Ford
    I've loved the Win versions for years, and the app is just as good!
  8. Fix game prompt
    Rose Yjohn
    I can not rate this game high because I can not reach prompt button. Hands are large and cover has to be remove each time to play game..Move prompt button. My second complaint is SPAM..apps. I do not watch Adult Websites..I can not enjoy the game that was purchased Because of Spam. FIX...FIX...FIX.. I wld like to enjoy the game..Next the power points 5x button needs to Go. Old version is better and really did enjoy trying to beat my own score..You have created a monster...Fix....Fix...Fix
  9. Older version better
    Stephanie Goens
    Something went wrong with the recent update. In backbone, my cards are inverted, rendering them virtually illegible. Love all of this developer's games. Please tweak it back.
  10. Older version is better
    Danielle Anner
    Cards are inverted in Backbone. May be unplayable. I'm sorry I updated.
  11. Upgrades killed it
    Tobias Haller
    Used to be a decent app. Upgrades have made it virtually unusable.
  12. Greedy nickle dime you to death game.
    Michael Johnson
    Nobody holds a gun to your head and demands you buy the other features but when game types must be purchased and not just vanity eye candy that is just too much. Card randomization feels bogus as well. A refund in money would at least get me to remove a 1 star review....
  13. New version fixed the lag problems!
    Ashley Stokes
    Thanks for the prompt response and fix for the lag problem. Five stars once again :-)
  14. Worst solitaire. BEWARE!
    Nansye anonymous
    1* for great backgrounds, as someone who "paid" for this one, i expected more than the 3 solitaire games i got. Klondike was the only solitaire game i was familiar with & other apps on google play for FREE offer tons of solitaire game varieties. where is RUSSIAN & CHINESE solitaire to name only two? Rude Cust. Svc. WON'T purchase from this co. again.
  15. Ever since the change to a money grab setup!!!
    Anthony Crawford
    Ever since the change to a money grab setup!!! The randomizer for the cards seems suspect and seems to need you to buy the help options to win a lot of the game. The balance of the game is all wrong, i paid for a game card game now with the money grab concept I feel like I paid for free software, this is a joke, lost all respect for this develper! I use to recomend this software, not any more.
  16. Too much in game purchase
    Marek Wierzchwecki
    Not enough content provided in the paid version. There are other, better looking and playable games with a ton of content for less money.
  17. Touchscreen response fixed - game fun again!!
    Mitch White
    These guys worked quick and fixed the touchscreen response bug in their last rev. Game works again!!
  18. Excellent game!
    Jason H
    A lot of fun to play and a graphically gorgeous game.
  19. Power-ups.
    Jamie Barton
    I really enjoy this. But since latest update, the touch screen seem inaccurate on Xperia Z. Also, there should be a way to disable the power - up shortcuts. I couldn't find a way. Thanks for replying to my other review. I wrote it a long time ago, but it seems to have reposted itself.
  20. Nexus 7
    Jenna Matthews
    Antonio Cuevas avatar image
    Antonio Cuevas June 1, 2013
    Bought tokens, never received fir a week now This is a very exceptional game, probably the best on Android actually. Great graphics, relaxing music, more types of solitaire are able to purchased also, and multiplayer. That would be all that would make me give a 5 star rating but it's store front is broken. I purchased Thier $9.99 token package and they literally took my money and ran -didn't give me any tokens but my bank account shows they sure did take mine... very disappointed. Can't recommend to others until this is fixed :(


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