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  1. Like sands through the hourglass...
    Nate Sheets
    This is one of my favorite games. It feels like doodling but a bit more fun. Also doesn't take up ALL your attention so you can play while watching TV or while sitting in a meeting. Hope that the dev team will continue to update with new elements! (maybe plants that overtake structures like vines)
  2. needs more elements
    Kieran Lee
    very entertaining but may get repetitive and boring due to the lack of a wide variety of other elements
  3. I wondered how much i could type here before i got cut off but then i didnt get cut off so i was happy.
    Ridwaan Ebrahim
    But then i wondered if buying the premium version of this app would make things even funner than the free version and i definitely was not let down . Just love this app it keeps my mind awake the whole day. Thank you. I think i will now put a fullstop here and hope that i actually stop blabbering.
  4. Good
    Matt Lulz
    This one is paid and yet there is a free alternative to this already on the playstore with 60+ element's I really hope there are more features and elements planned for the future. *edit* I've tried the free alternatives of this game and your right they don't run nearly as well as this one and are no where near as intuitive. But could we have some kind of sound effects like explosions burning sounds etc in the future? It's definitely worth the money I paid. Thanks
  5. Disappointed
    Jason Kwok
    I had played the free version and immediately went to the premium version without hesitation, I didn't recognize much of a change from the free version, just a few more elements.
  6. Wish I Could Buy More Elements!!!
    Alada Porter
    I love this app, Id be willing to pay more money for more elements like: wind, (blows materials around, pretty simple), gold (soft metal, melts easily and coats other materials), helium (would make anything that surrounds it float). Or really whatever ideas you guys come up with, MORE MATERIALS TO WORK WITH PLEASE!!!
  7. Amazing game!
    Phil Bradley
    This is a really great game and is definitely reminiscent of the older sand and physics java games. The only problem I have is that the icon is really ugly with the big red asterisk. Perhaps you could change it to the same icon as the free version?
  8. Awesome game
    Jackson Depaauw
    Creating too many particles at one time in a small area really taxes the system, over heating and crash. Great fun
  9. A great port of classic
    Jason Lyman
    Played this classic painting science game since 12 years ago online and flash. I would use this in my computer classes for a fun and academic focus of all ages. Having this game on a touch screen is awesome. One of the originals would let you save or load any picture and turn it into an interactive science mess. Good stuff. Thank you
  10. Paint your masterpiece, THEN BLOW IT UP!
    Levi Guy
    It reminds me so much of the classic flash game QuickSand, which I loved, but in the game description it says that there is limited elements to conserve canvas space. But why not have a just a "button" that resides in the bottom right corner of the screen that opens a page of elements along with the reset switch and a hotbar to quickly access most frequently used elements. That would give even more space to play and remove the limit of how many elements can be added to the game later on.
  11. A must have!
    Chad S
    I was a bit skeptical about buying this at first. I had tried a few apps similar to this in the past, and they were very buggy, slow, and hard to understand. This app is fast, smooth, and very easy to use. I can spend hours of time playing it without really noticing how long I was on. Definitely a cool time killer for while you are bored.
  12. Needs zoom function
    nathan lanter
    Great game but would be better if you could zoom in. It's hard to do small details without it.
  13. Millions of fun.
    Faux Weed
    Pretty much the best "falling dirt" sim out there.
  14. I write notes with thermite
    Ed Pegg
    There is also a Sand Free with no ads or other gimmicks. It's free-free, and a lot of fun, so I went for the Premium version immediately. In Sand, you can paint with water, sand, wood, wax, lava, and many other items, and they behave appropriately when they mix. Fire and water makes steam. Water helps plants to grow. Gunpowder burns with chaos. Sand Premium adds Metal, Plutonium, and other items. It's always fun to play with, and very fast. Highly recommended.
  15. Just like on the computer
    Ismael Espinoza
    They did a really good job in making this game. Its fun to make random things and make new combinations. The only problem is that its doesnt have any sound. Put sime sound in it and ill give it a 5.
  16. Why.
    Whilli Dii
    This is a pretty fun way to kill time but it's crashing far too frequently. I need it fixed or I want a refund. I can't even play it for more than 3 minutes at a time because it keeps crashing. I've sent numerous crash reports but I'm not seeing any improvements.
  17. Willow Crouch
    It won't stay up the moment I start drawing it crashes or closes itself its really fun and I would like to have it but won't keep it unless its fixed
  18. Fast, addictive and fun
    Glynner Me
    Great job by the dev. Could really do with an undo button and more drawing tools. Also, save, load and share would be awesome. It would also sell more with a better flash screen and icon... It doesn't detract from the core mechanic though. Sandtastic!
  19. Powder Game Viewer
    Amir Asyraf
    Search for Powder Game Viewer, free and much much better than this one. Fluid animation and physics simulation. It's almost identical to its web version that runs on Java.
  20. Very addicting
    Erwin Pasia
    Very fun game. I hope you can add the option of puting basic shapes and more elements , hope this game evolves more