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Reviews 22,215

  1. App not the best and rental too pricey
    Rickie Andrew
    The rental prices if you don't live in a selected area are to expensive.... i really wouldn't bother
  2. Sixt are in a different league!
    Chris Holland
    For the superiority of their fleet, their unbelievably good customer service and now what is by far THE best car rental app on the planet, why bother with anyone else?
  3. Steve
    Stephen O'Neill
    great app. Unfortunately it would not accept the postcode and so it was impossible to complete the reservation
  4. Zero out of 10
    Steve Bliss
    Made reservation. Went to indicated location. They said they didn't have the car I reserved. In fact they didn't have ANY cars. Only a few vans, at DOUBLE the price of my reserved car. Caveat emptor.
  5. Love Sixt!!
    Taneesha Hatley
    I minus 1 star for the customer service when I need to call in, seems I always get the rest who has had a bad day I'll also has one bad experience where I was charged for for extra days and have not received a response regarding the refund! Aside from that six is usually the cheapest and have the newest cars at both MSP & LAS airports.
  6. Robert Pirner
    Outstanding service I wouldn't rent from anywhere else
  7. Login not working
    AJ Mann
    I'm not able to login using any of the options (username/customer id/password/last name). Had no problems with the old version.
  8. Major language error
    Mark C
    Why would you build an app and presume that just because I'm searching for a car in a certain country that I would speak the language of that country.. Example: booking in Dubai but I don't speak Arabic therefore I can't read the prices as they are only displayed in Arabic. No language setting to change and set to a default. And just because the origin of a phone might be Arabic doesn't necessarily mean I speak and read Arabic. Just like if I move to China and buy a phone, set my language to English..
  9. Sixt car rental sucks
    Nori M
    Horrible customer service. I will never rent a car from them again
  10. Brian Fanning
    Won't accept pick up location so can't search for cars
  11. App ok, Sixt really poor.
    Pete Dunn
    After second shuttle from airport, now standing in massive line to get to counter , only then to wait for a car to come back. they emailed promising express checkin, counter guy says sorry, there might be express service at another branch somewhere but not here. Just shrugged when i asked why did sixt send me an email offering to check in online 1day previous so as to just show printout, licence, and pick up keys!
  12. Hervorragend!
    sean stockemer
    Das App ist Super geworden! Mit dem neuen UI sieht das Top aus. Die Entwicklern haben auf die Benutzern zugehört und alles renoviert! Funktioniert (fast ;-)) einwandfrei und hat auch ein super-modernes Look and Feel. Leider fehlt nur eine Kleinigkeit (Zustellung) aber hoffentlich kommt das doch demnächst. Im Moment 4/5 Sterne weil es nur ein kleines bisscchen Verbesserungsraum gibt! Danke an die Entwicklern und ins besondere Florian. :-D Jetzt sind Android Bentuzern genau so 'cool' wie iPhone Benutzern! Sicherer ist es auch geworden--> Login mit Kundennummer und Nachname war nicht das sicherste Lösung (wegen eine Firmen-Kreditkarte das dahinter steckt!!). Weil meine Nachname auf meine Karte steht (mit mein Kundennummer). Das ist auch offentsichtlich jemand auch eingefallen!
  13. Matthias Schmidt
    New update doesnt allow login with card number and lastname, offers are not displayable. Go back to the old version, bjt how?
  14. Nice to have: )
    Jan Niemann
    There is no option to change the currency.
  15. Use the web site instead
    Michael Völske
    Slow and barely functional. Thankfully, Sixt has a fairly solid mobile web site.
  16. Why in USD ?
    Sébastien De Wolf
    When I want to reserve a car in Amsterdam?
  17. Poooooooor
    Mohamed Jumaa
    The price not logic ..bitter rent from the officials sites or if you traveling from airport ..big different price
  18. Poor
    Saman Aziz
    Tried to book a car in netherland. The prices on GPB and very expensive comparing to the website. On the official website is half price. Thats why I gave one star
  19. Works perfectly for me
    Stephan Gnuechwitz
    Login, select, confirm, booked! Works well for me, every time I quickly need to book a car. Without any issues! Simply good.
  20. 'Great App'
    Zeeshan Ali Khan Anwar
    Worked real well for me, simple and very much user friendly. 5 Stars all the way!!


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