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  1. I love it snk playmore
    Jordi Astudillo
    But can you put king of fighters 96 in phone
  2. Great Mobile Verision
    Benjamin Kearns
    Lots of fun. Friends love it too. If you are a fan of old school fighting games you will really llike it. Moga has finally updated the pivot app and my hero controller is working again in both A and B mode. This is definitely one of the best fighting games out there for android.
  3. Nostalgia..
    Christopher Nevalga
    Nice game. Slightly difficult to control but that's fine by me..
  4. Great app
    Alexander Hop
    Practically perfect port. Controls are a little hard to use, but the multiplayer practically makes this game.
  5. This game sucks
    Guilherme Lotti
    Inaccurate controls, not to say awful. I used to like it in the arcade but this app is shitty. Don't waste your money on this.
  6. Its sick
    Kid Money420
    Bro i love this game but add more.fighters!for real its getting boring add mature why isnt she in this game!!!!
  7. Back in time
    adil shah
    Used to play in arcade years ago and now on my phone mmmm
  8. Increíble
    Andres Garcia
    De mis versiones favoritas de toda la saga KOF!
  9. Juan Ignacio Alfonso
    Amazing game.. reminds me of my teens..I'm rusty though
  10. Real_Ak-47 Pro
    I don't care I love it! And I wish it could be played online even If I have to pay for it
  11. Awesome
    vipul tyagi
    My childhood game now always in my grab with same extraordinary experience
  12. Great game!
    Michael Kurnik
    On screen touch controls not working properly on Tmobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4 at this time.
  13. Just awesome like me
    David arrington-dehughes
    Awesome love kof. And always accepting challenges anyone think they can beat me? But I highly doubt you could
  14. Great Port
    Dwight Johnson
    The game appears to be much like the arcade version. I am using a Moga controller to play with. Not quite sure how the touch screen would work with a game this technical. Nonetheless I am enjoying this quite a bit. For $ cant beat that! Good money spent.
  15. Harry Mason
    As much fun as it could be, an interface like a smartphone needs a practice mode. The controls are a pain to adjust to. Good but this is going to take patience to learn again.
  16. Great port
    Ridzwan Hakim
    It brings back memories of the good old days. It is hard though, a bit too hard with the touch controls. Movements are just too clumsy with the stick imo need them arrow buttons to help those playing with touch controls move and combo with more precision. In the mean time, gonna try to get the stick to do my bidding and slug it out.
    Tye P
    Classic Game. Oversensitive, inaccurate controls. Needs control stick sensitivity setting. Some more video filters like HQ2X, or SuperSai would be good. Manual /Analog aspect, likewise. Runs good on Nexus 5 with KitKat v4.4.2.
  18. Nice
    Calvin Ho
    Nice game after all but still there's some bad point of this game. The graphic please try to make a bit more clear and put a pratice mode.
  19. Great port
    Nkosi brown griffin
    First what i thought might be a watered down version of game it would be on Android is wrong, its the full game with great controls that read very well and can also be switched around. Also let's you use Android controllers for what ever device you have. There are a few moments of slow down but that's just because of my phone isn't that high-end, but for the most part it runs very fluent. I recommend anyone that loved this game before to buy this. Second, would be cool if the multiplayer was over wifi.
  20. Love it the gameplay but...
    Username Entry
    Its desperately needing a training mode. Even on "difficulty-1" I find the game challenging. I'm no expert on fighting games but I know I'd do much better and have a lot more fun if there was a way to slow down and actually learn the combos.


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