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  1. Not working in Lollipop!
    Edison Mendez
    This is pretty sad, I bought it hoping to get lots of fun, but here I'm waiting for the game to start (always crashes when starting). No refund and no answer from the provider. Try to not buy it until there is full support for Lollipop (if you have it).
  2. Cant multiple play
    Ken Cheong
    When i connect with other player totaly cant play..will hang..pls told me what can i do...i don wan to waste money buy a game but cant play with my friends!
  3. Not working
    Alex Medina
    Bought it and immediately would not start. It would keep saying unfortunately kof 98 has stopped. I've never even played it on my phone once.
  4. grimjawe zero
    I gave this game a 5 star earlier when i bought it now i cant even open this app, keep crashing. Please fix this. Im using samsung noted edge
  5. Great
    Graeme E
    Could do with Full Screen Mode. Much better than 97 for novice fighters with the SP button and training mode. LG G Pad 4.4.2 Dev can u please sort out the Metal Slug games, want to buy but no Kitkat or HD screen support for the last year, don't put them on sale, FIX THEM
  6. The king of the fighters
    low down no good
    This was one of my favorite games in the arcade as a kid and still is now i can play all i want ill always be a old school gamer you can keep the new stuff give me the classic
  7. Stopped working on lollipop
    Inzee zaman
    Great game, but completely stopped working after lollipop update on my note 4, ridiculous, they should warn about this, money wasted...
  8. Pls add more sp option skills
    Gaspar Sacyaten
    Use all directions to maximize all skills using sp button like the back+down+sp button and the forward+down+sp button, since i cannot refund it anymore atleast you do what i requested and ill give you 5 stars
  9. William Mcking
    Near perfect. The only thing wrong is that a little more customization couldn't hurt in the control settings like the a function to resize to a bigger level would make game play more responsive.
  10. Not working on Lollipop!
    Geoffrey Yeung
    It was a great game until I updated to Lollipop. Now it doesn't work at all!
  11. This is the most amazing game of all the time! Fan #1 since 1994! Love it!
    Salvador Sanchez
    There's no other game like this! SNK should do more games like THE KING OF FIGHTERS! and bring the hole collection for sale! ! I buy it for sure
  12. Liked it but...
    Sergio Orozco
    Its not like the 97 where the controls have memory, they go back to default every time i start from the beginning... pls fix i really dont want to uninstall the game
  13. Heavy D! Too Hype
    Drector Collins
    King of Fighters 98 is wonderful. Also love the option for scan lines. Go SNK!
  14. Note 4 + lollipop = not working
    Paul MacKinnon
    I bought this despite the reviews of crashing, thought it might be fixed, but it isn't. Sad panda :(
  15. Worked before but not on lollipop
    Christian Pencz
    Come on guys. This is my go to game, please fix and make an update quick. Thanks
  16. love it!
    alfred hal
    my dream come true. hahaha.. thank u so much to develope this on android.
  17. Not working on android 5.0
    Kristian Ivanov
    Works fine on the Galaxy S2, but does not work on Nexus 7 2013.
  18. Great !!
    Luis Diego Arias Sánchez
    I have played this game since I was in the High School and I want to play It all my life!!
  19. Does not work on Lollipop
    Andrew Greeson
    Don't just say you're sorry, fix it and make it work again. People paid money for this game.
  20. It works fine but...
    Gordon Cheong
    The controls seem to be a Whenever i move, it always does the opposite of what i want it to do. All the attacks are ok, but not movement because the game interprets the commands the wrong way. So what can i do?


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