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  1. Add
    Don-Paul Foster
    Add Multi-player. Add controller support. Add VS mode with 2 controllers. People will freak the F out. 10 out of 10. I would pay 20 for these features. The screen is cut in the paid version to increase resolution, making it harder to use the joystick. Not recommended for note 4.
  2. Please add KitKat support
    Bill Surowiecki
    It's a shame this app does not support KitKat. I'll bring my rating back up after its compatible.
  3. Desperately needs multiplayer.
    Matt Richard
    There is nothing wrong with the gameplay and it runs very smoothly. It does take up over 1GB of storage but whatever. Playing the same CUP over and over again becomes way too predictable. Make a multiplayer mode playable through Wi-Fi.
  4. Arther Casillas
    Fixed my woes with FML toro 4.4 Kitkat i was getting data corrupt issues preiously.I likeTraining mode. Large character roster. Ability to record and playback. Depth in fighting engine. Button masher friendly but difficult to master such as level 5 training mode give you a sense of the timing required of the fighting engine.
  5. Keep crash........ come on! We pay for game not force closed!
    Li An Quek
    Game keep crashing... please fix it snk. So big company but game crash. Should do something with it right? We pay money not for free!
  6. Contradictory experience
    Pedro Abraham
    It has great gameplay, solid roster, it is easy to grab but quite challenging, the animation and sprites are beautiful. That been said it keeps crashing (moto g KitKat), lacks versus or online multiplayer and the resolution is a bit low. It feels like a lazy port of an amazing game. I love it as much as I am frustrated with it...
  7. Crashes on Nexus 7 Kit Kat
    Chuck Gray
    Can't get past character select screen on 2013 Nexus 7 running 4.4. SNK, it looks like this has been an issue for a while now. You might want to fix this soon … with Christmas done there will be a lot more N7s out there and they're going to want to play your game! Fix it!
  8. Irfan Arosid
    Unfortunately.. Stop every play fight in my nexus 4.. Please fix it to get 5 star :(
  9. Needs Support 4 KitKat
    Izaac Picazo
    Love this game! It plays very well, but only on training and challenge mode. The other modes let me play 4 a lil bit ranging from 2-7 matches before crashing. Would play the hell out of this game and rate 5 stars once fixed. Playing on my LG G-Flex
  10. Seems like a great game BUT!
    Patrick Beigijanian
    Crashes every time you start a seems a kit Kat problem so it's just sitting in my m8 taking up over a gig of storage and I can't do a lot with it.......devs please fix cos it seems like a great game and with all the new devices coming out all with kit Kat ideally you would want this game to be compatible.....1 star only I'm afraid kit kat users avoid.
  11. SNK Please Hear Us Out
    william lopez
    I have this game in the iOS and it works perfectly however even though you put a warning that it maybe glitchy on other devices it does not mean you should not fix it. I really like this game , just give us the Kit Kat support please . Also it would be nice to connect my ps4 controller , but right now all I care about is the support for the higher tier phones. please do not let us down, this could easily become a grossing game in the Play Store if you guys gave it working it needs.
  12. awesome game.
    Tomasz Abramowicz
    too bad it is unplayable on nexus5 due to continuous crashing, when support returns so will all 4 other stars.
  13. Crashes Constantly
    Albert Pak
    Crashes constantly on my HTC One M8. This game only supports very few devices. This just calls out LAZY on SNK's part.
  14. Great game but....
    Michael Kurnik
    Great game BUT missing online multiplayer features of iOS version and sometimes VERY prone to crashes. No google play intergration that I'm aware of. First day I had game it crashed when using certain characters repeatedly. Second day it crashed EVERY time during tutorial and ANY match. A shame because when it works is very enjoyable with well executed graphics and play mechanics. Hope SNK decides to update and fix! On Tmobile Samsung Galaxy Note 3 running Android 4.4.2 stock and non-rooted.
  15. I can't play
    Jorge Niebla
    I have KitKat and only at some scenes, its a shame that it likes me too much
  16. Game controller
    arron grey
    I would of given it 5 stars but I wish I could connect my ps3 controller like kof android please snk sort this out becaaause this game fuckin sick
  17. The game dosent work
    Ahmed Al-Rashdi
    I downloaded the game and it didnt work it asked me to install it again and i have done that 3time already please assist me
  18. Solid
    Nate Blue
    Definitely worth the money. Runs very smooth and has perfect picture quality on my S4. No crashing, no problems/glitches. Very happy to have this game and worth 5 stars but without Wifi multiplayer i had to give it 4. Best fighting game for mobile I've ever played. Now if only there were Street Fighter 4....
    James Garcia
    So sick worth the money! Cuztomise key touch lay out and kool charecters a must have for all who r into fightin gamez Thanx SNK been a fan since i was 6! :D
  20. Waste of money
    Akbar Lokhandwala
    This game doesn't work on my Nexus 7, which is recommended by the developers. Launching the game shows error, Failed to initialize your data. Data might be corrupted. Mailed this error to developers, but no response from them...I wasted my money..please don't buy this game.