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Dmitry Ryzhov | CEO at Social Quantum Development, LLC

Россия |

Роман Таганов | QA Lead – Social Quantum

Ивановская область, Россия |

Владимир Работягов | Project Manager – Social Quantum

Ukraine |

Natalia Kravets | C++ Game Developer

Ukraine |

Reviews 1,392,756

  1. Too expensive, make cheaper please
    Pawel Szczepaniak
    I love the game, I'm playing few years now but in my opinion: finish to build some objects taking ages even with the help of the players. That will be nice to see more buks if you are purchasing for the money and adding additional players should be for free. I hope this my opinion help you to improve the wonderful game.
  2. Great game!
    Julian Boyd
    So far, no trouble, but I fear expansion by declarations will downright impossible. I've ever only gotten 16. Everything else is great, except the Burj Khalifa. Easily not the tallest building in the game, which makes me wonder why I should get it at all...
  3. Does not let me edit
    Sanya Gill
    I have been playing for 2 days. Doesn't matter how many times i rearrange buildings, it always goes back to the previous arrangement. Also hangs a lot. I would really love playing this game but it's making me so frustrated. I love the animations but i would like if the stuff remains where i place it instead of going wherever pleases it
  4. Fabrizio Tofanelli
    Hey guys! How are you doing:? Hope ok... look... i was wondering about have some stats regarding the friends we have in the game... how many times a friend helped in the city speeding up the contracts / constructions, how many times he sent a daily gift ((despite this gift is for free, is not everyone who sent it)), how many times he sent a give in last 7, 14, 30 days... Why? Quite simple.... be easier to see who really help and who doesn't... so, we will be able to have only people who actually do something in the game.... because, it's not enough to this user be ""active"".... it must help us, actually... Cheers =)
  5. Disappointed
    Chelsea Pelley
    I'm disappointed that I cannot delete my save data via the game, my settings/application manager, or by deleting the app and reinstalling. I haven't built that far, but I would like to start over again from scratch and I cannot find a way to do so. If I cannot restart my Megapolis, I will be uninstalling. All other similar games I play give me the option to start anew, and I enjoy having the choice if I'd like!
  6. Hate your game more than ever now.
    Stephen Hamblen
    My game id is -31482381. I have purchased mega bucks from you many times hoping that they wouldn't disappear for no reason or when I try to add a material to my wish list.....again. But they always do. Check my account, you can see how many times I've purchased them to progress a bit. Now I've had enough of this crap. Also, you haven't replied to my last 2 complaints about it. GIVE ME MY MEGABUCKS BACK. One more thing, what have you done in the upgrade? It lags, freezes and/or crashes constantly. You've managed to turn a good game into a total waste of time and my hard earned money.
  7. It's a great game
    Kaliyani Trivedi
    I don't have any experience about game becoz i had just installed it becoz it's about 2 days i had been playing it but it is a great game ever...!!!
  8. Brill
    Matthew Thomas
    Just onw thing cant find my old base and it keeps crashing
  9. Ok but takes ages to finish certain buildings
    Denise McSpadden
    My main gripe with this game is that it can take an awfully long time to complete upgrades on buildings due to the need to collect lots of parts. Some buildings require well over 100 parts that you either have to rely on gifts from neighbours to obtain, or you have to spend Megabucks (you only get those on levelling up, logging in to the game daily for a long time, or spending real money). It's also really irritating that many of the quests require the building of parks which have little value in game play.
  10. Quests say erfolg. Whats that erfolg?
    Roman Gruber
    Timed quests are just a teaser. My newly added neighbours are 40-80 percent inactive. Those who sent me gifts back do it only for a few days. Do not give me obvious inactive neighbours please. I have 40 neighbours and adding 8 new a day is too less. I get sometimes only two new nrighbours and those sent me nothing! I have had days with less of 20 mEmbers of possible 40 or more nrighbours because I had to kicked those inactive out. I made a list and some do not even played in 36 hours. gifts ho up bug you can t add more active members or choose. Message system is bugged in some ways i do not reveal.
  11. Great game. Could be better.
    Ian Tom Jackson
    This is the only game I play online. If you want to progress, you've got to spend real money on it, regularly (and it isn't cheap). Also, it can be very glitchy and unreliable at times. Otherwise, I really like it. I'd like to see it developed further by introducing other 'rogue' elements such as natural disasters, fires, floods - even asteroids etc: that demand a rebuild/restructure of parts of the city. Megapolis is engaging and quite fun - but it would be better if you were able to earn megabucks from your everyday gameplay, not just a meagre amount once every week for playing regularly. Then, there might be more incentive to keep playing and it might be even more fun! Thanks.
  12. Cant acess industrial zone.
    ted gilbert
    On my pc i am bit on phone. Wtf. This game has no my glitches. I love the game but fix the problems maybe youll get 5 stars. Come on guys. Your better than this. Been playing over 250 days straight now. Please fix. Thank you
  13. Frustrated
    John Deeb
    Just a few complaints. First off it is nearly impossible to build majority of the things in the game without spending hundreds of real money. I understand the company that designed this game has to make money, but make it so we can build more without having to use the game bucks. Second is that my game has been rather glitchy lately. I move a road piece and save it then I look back and the piece has moved back to where it originally was. This is very frustrating. Other than these issues I love the game. Thx
  14. Too expensive
    CHE P
    Land expansion too expensive, building materials are too much and expensive and not available easily, too less earnings from installed fixtures...playing after so many months and yet unable to expand my land. Hope u give some discounts and provide a seperate task or mission(simple) for land expansion contracts and also make it to play without internet
  15. To hard
    You simply can't progress without spending real money. I am 40 years old and I will be 100 by the time my building upgrades.
  16. Frustrating problem
    Julieta Gilmore
    Whenever I send someone a friend request through Google plus, they receive it but, and then randomly disappears! Its not clear to me how to add through Facebook- please fix and make it easier. How can I add a specific friend???
  17. My Buddies are gone!!
    Matt Fach
    25/07/15 i had 45 budies. Deleted 2 non active buddies. Then when I went over to add more, it said I only had 4!?!?!?! All my buddies got deleted? What?
  18. Brilliant
    Kyle Rowan
    The best game I have ever played like the airport cool to see planes taxing it would be cool if you could add a theme park please :-) :-)
  19. michelle hockey
    Can,t even remember how long I have been playing this game but it just keeps getting better
  20. Keeps crashing
    Keen Villarreal
    Love this game, but keeps crashing, please fix.


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