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  1. Will not work
    Brenda Moore
    Had it for less than a month and now the screen freezes. It will load but the game never begins the icons just sit there. Reloaded twice same result.
  2. Game not functioning correctly
    Ashley Reardon
    I re downloaded this app because I had previously bought it but it doesn't work on my s4 it blocks out letters so I can't choose what to play makes me very upset because I previously loved this game
  3. Michael Trollope
    Paid to download a game that doesn't work. Why is that only certain letters are able to be chosen when playing the game? I want a refund. Not worth downloading if you can't actually play the game.
  4. Melissa Breen
    You cant choose letters that you want, it's like they're greyed out. But it gives me the same 5 letters to choose from! Kinda lame.. was excited to play this but now i can't
  5. Irritating
    Jennifer Pierce
    I love wof, but this app is extremely irritating. I've had to turn it off and back on 20 times and I still can't get or to play a level all the way through without messing up.
  6. Disappointed, multiple bugs
    Sean Duncan
    Game has a lot of potential but falls short. When the game works through a whole round it is a blast to play. However, it seems like at least 2 out of 3 games I can't finish or play because almost all of the letters are greyed out. Or it will just hang in game after I incorrectly guess which means I have to start the entire round over. Also the speech bubbles will have text going outside. Overall I don't believe it is worth $3 at this time. If they can fix the above issues then it would be worth the money.
  7. Update fixed loading issue
    Brian J. Morgan
    Thanks for the update. Chromecast support is awesome. I wish more app developers would do this. I apologize for my fellow Android users that posted really rude reviews instead of just contacting the support team directly, as you advise several times. Some of us can read.
  8. Fun game
    Margaret Herberger
    It has a few bugs. I've met the requirements for winning the million and the game fails to recognize it. It also will randomly begin rounds with all letters greyed out or the category blank. Love it otherwise.
  9. michael west
    Too many bugs. Often the puzzle and the answer don't match or it won't let u select the answer or letters that are correct
  10. Love it but it still won't load, won't allow me to log in through Facebook and keeps giving me a error message can't download to device nor to SD card.
    Kasaundra Cloud
    I love game....... but for the last week it won't load my games, keeps saying network connection required so I uninstalled game and trying to reinstall it but it keeps saying waiting for network connection but I have 4G with 3 bars???? Please fix soon Cuz I purchased this game and can't play it now.
  11. Had to purchase twice
    John Stevens
    Just like all my music and most apps. I switched from iPhone to Android and had to repurchase everything. You would think that someone in the process would recognize how much money you spend and let you keep your apps.
  12. Too many bugs need fixing
    Jaye Curtis
    Considerimg i had to pay for this game i am very dissapointed in the lack of commitment and care put into it this game has too many glitches in it. Cant always choose letters cant see phrases and other players dont take their turns just some of the things that need to b fixed...... for a game that cost money it serously is not worth it dont waste time there r free ones that actually work
  13. Android 4G LTE
    Ashley Steele
    I do love playing this game. However, I wish it didn't take up so much space and use so much data.
  14. Crashed part way through
    George Nixon
    We bought it to play on the Chromecast as a family. After a few rounds, it stopped working, and we all sat around for 20 minutes while I tried to get it working again. When I would resume the game, the host and a player just stood there, not doing anything, and no menus came up. Don't waste your time and money!
  15. can't choose letters
    Mat Owen
    same problem everyone else is having most letters are greyed out should of listened to the reviews but that's what the refund button is for
  16. Waste of money
    Ryan Brockway
    Game wont let me click letters to solve puzzles biggest waste of money ever .maybe if they fixed the constant glitches it would be ok . I have a galaxy 5 and the game wont work
  17. Game freezes.
    Matthew Gonzales
    There were times during the opening rounds I'd hit the solve button and my keypad would not appear for me. I'd have to close the app and go back in. But when I'd do that, it would treat me as if I failed to solve it the first time and not let me try solving it when the letters appeared at reload. When it worked it was really fun, but it's not worth the headache to try and get it to function the rest of the time. I'm using an HTC One M8. Anyone else having this problem?
  18. Okay game.
    David Ludwig
    The game is fun but a few things are wrong with it. First, there's no solo mode. Second, the CPU becomes very difficult in the later stages. Third, the puzzles are usually too small to make any money.
  19. Good But...
    Cory Sennett
    The M-points popups are really annoying and get in the way of certain selections while playing. An option to turn off these notifications would be nice. Game is 5 stars but these popups really kill the replay value.
  20. This Sucks!
    John Matlock
    I've had to unistall and reinstall this game 4 times over the last year. It's always trouble with the keyboard. Either there are no letters or no puzzle. I know there's a better game out there...I'm going to find it! I love the "Wheel of Fortune" game...just not this one!


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