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Reviews 4,722

  1. Yeah it's working as excellent service!
    Jeff Hawk
    Forgive me that did upset for not working in few weeks ago. It's perfect to use it anywhere now. Thanks SVRS
  2. Loves n-touch mobile!!!!!!!
    Lu Long
    I cannot live without it as it's very handy as I use it on my new Samsung s5.....
  3. Ntouch Mobile
    Trying get it back on my phone but didn't work on it .Trying working on it ? my phone but didn't work on it keep trying ?
  4. Ntouch Mobile
    Kathy Taylor
    Keep up for asl videophone tv I adore it thanks kathy
  5. Best service
    Karen Roberson
    It's amazing!!! Many thanks to my Sorenson family.
  6. not bad
    Kaylee Miller
    I have no problem for 2 week then start paused I don't like I want to no problem with svrs
  7. Contact sync is awful!!!
    S. Duan
    After MyPhone Group linked to my mobile ntouch app, the contact sync keep updating and duplicating to glitch my phone's contact list. Sorry, I had to request un-linking my mobile ntouch and quitted using it because of big mess in contact list. Instead, I'll use mobile ntouch on tablet and iphone/ipod from now on. Please separate the contact list to stay in ntouch's list from my phone's contact list like P3's platform especially contact list.
  8. Sorenson VP Calling Notification (Alert) On Smartwatch Malfunctioned Without Update!
    Joshua Gurr
    Sorenson VP calling notification (alert) on smartwatch malfunctioned without update! I believe that new smartwatch does not have any bug when it is updated. No alert notification without update. That would be used for older version. I believe that Sorenson technicians could fix it up. They did not fix it up since year of 2013. My father in law and others will be no longer calling me with Sorenson VP; so instead, they would use mobile phone to send me text though. Sorenson is going down unless updated!
  9. Log in and out
    jean jacque
    It's stupid how much work it is just to log out. You gotta go in the settings click on another title then another just to log out. Come on put the log out button in the same place the log in is
  10. Huh
    Lee Yang
    No way to remove the noitifcation that i'm signed out? Takes up space when i dont use it and it worst on battery life
  11. I'm happy with Ntouch!!
    Cindi Sharrow
    I always keep my Ntouch on mobile phone wherever I go I keep in touch with friends and family even if I'm busy I got message machine so I can always call back them. I like that. . Cool and easy . Thanks Ntouch!!
  12. yochell
    Yochell Cook
    Hey guys! My name is yochell cook and I am deaf, may I very happy to see VP of the other day to the way you're deaf and hearing from USA, UK and then we are love it was in VP for deaf and hearing people.
  13. Fonda Currier
    Best for everyone use ntouch connect laotop even tablet now add new cell phone keep touch friends and family better than p3 cuz cause problem that number one is Ntouch
  14. This doing fine need explain
    Emmanuel Robles
    I can't explain but the problem is frezze need fix
  15. Matt Mauk
    I wish login out was easy I have a hard time finding it
  16. Poor Sorenson
    Christopher McElligott
    Lack of call, bad quality on 75mbps/75 include public WiFi are worse. Issue on dialled include it's not HD it is 480p as classic graphic with too much usage cpu and data.
  17. ntouch mobiles great!
    Roberta Hodgkins
    wonderful and useful to have mobile ntouch on go! but depends on where u are...w/ strong wifi areas....if in no wifi /or weak wifi areas, show mobile ntouch blurry or freeze up alot.....
  18. This app is so terrible!
    Cesar Lopez
    I hate this app, just because of contact lists mess up. I don't want to make copies of my Sorenson contact in my Android contact lists. Please fix it ASAP. thanks for your time.
  19. Sorenson VP
    Shirley Jean Shaw
    It's the best I wouldn't want to live without it live my VP
  20. Needs to be interoperable
    roselle weiner
    That is the only flaw but its significant


What`s new

•Updated, modern user interface (UI)
•Interpreter ID visible in Call History
•Received Shared Text can now be copied from the app

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