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Bennie Eeftink | Strategic Adviser / co-Founder at SPIL GAMES

Eindhoven en omgeving, Nederland |

Stefano Oosthof | Interim Partnership Manager @ Spil Games | Founder + Marketing Manager @ BnB Promotions

Amsterdam en omgeving, Nederland |

Nicola Mizon | Product Manager at Spil Games

Hilversum, Provincie Noord-Holland, Nederland |

Astrid Huntjens | Producer at Spil Games

Hilversum, Provincie Noord-Holland, Nederland |

Reviews 189,099

  1. Please help
    minirex pvp
    Dear creators i was a lvl 31 and i did everything you could imagine in the game and i then lost my phone and my progress was deleted and now that the new gamemode is here i have to level up again so i was wondering if you could give me my cars back and my lvl to continue with my game and if you dont believe me you can look at my accounts achievements so please respond or help me out because it took me a long time to get that far, please and thank you.
  2. Tank battles
    The scoreboard stays on the screen after some tank battles and I'm forced to quit and reenter which I don't like doin, I like playin against the same ppl
  3. This game is awesome.
    Nick Pickel
    Best game ever. Its absolutely awesome competing to win and level up and get new cars. One complaint I have is that since I downloaded Avast Mobile Security on my Samsung Galaxy S6, it won't let me open the app because it says it has a Trojan horse in it. My choice is to uninstall it or report it as a "false positive". So now I don't know what to do.
  4. Adrian Olvera
    Great game just one glitch or bug when ever I get a new to a new map it takes all my everything that I have on my car
  5. Its amazing
    Stalking prey
    The game is fun but it takes a long time to level up but its still really fun and evry thing is so expensive like what the heck.
  6. Good game
    Anamaria Lopez
    Great game I want to know if you can get money faster so I can get a lot of cars and I can get a lot of tanks and I can have all my cars and tanks on the higher level and I can get a lot of win ! I WANT MORE MONEY!!!!
  7. Changef my mind
    Patrick Corcoran
    I thought you get 10 Mil when you beat them but i guess i was wrong...... Not because i stopped to read rhe text they say thats a rip off i know you beat them and unlock them but at least give rewards for beating them they are basically amini boss to get better cars.......And here's a tip for you people who want the special vehicles get the tank-max it out-beat the jeep and pimpmobile. Thats as far as I've gotten see how far you can get leave a reply on how many you beat.
  8. WHY???
    Spadraig Gaming
    It says my device isn't strong enough to play multiplayer!!! And I KNOW! My device is strong enough! I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
  9. Really well improved graphics compared to crash drive one.
    Caleb Wray
    just flat out cool. and a lot better than CD 1
  10. lucille sarocam
    Glitches on the game make gamers angry im still angry ’till now. Thats why shady dealer beat me always
  11. I love the brand new mode, and I found this annoying Glitch, and I found a bug that is even more annoying
    Adalberto Robaina
    It actually gives a meaning for tanks to be able to shoot other players, and one more thing on the map canyons I found this glitch that most of the time when I press the forward button it activates both buttons the forward and the back button and it makes my car go backwards, and whenever I am down doing tank mode and I go to a regular level the car that I used before I went and tank mode becomes from level 10 on everything to level 1 on everything its really annoying and I'm not gona give it five stars if yo don't fix these bugs.
  12. Awesome Game!
    Inaudible Death
    This Game is fun for alllll ages! Me and my little brother play it all the time and its great fun!! The Tank Wars game is extremely addicting!! There are a few glitches (shot tanks dont fly away, score board doesn't go away sometimes....) but its is still very fun..... Playing with the cars can get a little boring tho...... all in all its a great game!!
  13. Its a really good game but...
    hitman ichigo
    I beat the shady dealer and it don't give it to me and when I upgrade/level it up it takes I right back to level 1
  14. It all right
    Stephen Tafoya
    When you get to the tank battle it wont let you shoot fix it and ill give 5 stats
  15. I love it.
    Jun Park
    I played it when I was a child on my mothers smartphone. This game seriously needs some bug fixes. For example, there are tomes when there are just no events... None. Also, the humongous lag on collect events and sometimes race events. I have a new LG G3, first game I installed was this. It lagged when I first started a collect event. I was highly disappointed. Add more cars and you're currently on a highway of success. Tips and Improvements: Color choice of cars. Update. BUGS. TOO MANY. Car de-levels.
  16. Great
    Brandon Flugan
    Great game... good time killer. Updates are awesome and better than before.
  17. Tank battle
    Montana Huffman
    How do you get battle tank mode please tell me I have all veicles
  18. Controls
    Xminer 124
    The gas and brake peddle are connected and I can't go forward unless I waste one minute doing something stupid.
  19. What?
    Alexey Lapshin
    I can't have mulpipayer? It says my device is not powerful enough I just got the Samsung galaxy tab 4, what is wrong.
  20. Broken with the tank battle scoreboard
    Mikael Haipola
    After a tank battle the scoreboard won't go away, but rather just stays on the screen forcing me to exit to the main menu. The game is still great fun


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