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  1. Swype issue
    William Jewett
    When swiping answers it automatically assumes the next word is I and that word is automatically entered if I Swype another word. Changing Swype settings didn't fix. Samsung Keyboard works fine. No other issues so far.
  2. Sporkle!
    Jessica Hoeft
    Introduced to sporkle back oh 7 years ago and fell in love with all the fun quizes. Haven't quite explored the app version yet but I just like taking the quizes.
  3. Need to be able to challenge
    Justin Jelonek
    Quizzes are well and good but I need to beat friends and family. Challenges are only doable on desktop version. Please fix!
  4. Terrible app
    Clinton Brauer
    Terrible app, search function doesn't work, gives you about 20 games in each category to browse through, want you to pay for games that others have made, really all around poorly designed and not at all worth the money they want for it.
  5. Doesn't work!
    David Ross
    No games showing when I open the app, waste of money.
  6. Limited choices, log in every time
    Andrew Heneen
    I love Sporcle on my computer, but this app is terrible. First is that I have to log in every time. It doesn't even remind me to log in, so a few times I've started to play a few games only to notice later that the bottom says "guest". The app only displays about 15-20 "recent" and an equal number of "popular" quizzes per category. Also, if I'm viewing the "popular" list, click on (and play) a quiz, then click done or back, it goes to the "recent" list. Very disappointing, ESPECIALLY for a paid app!
  7. Meh
    Erin Caldwell
    Should be great , but it isn't. Crashes a lot. Very few of the site quizzes make it to the app. Functionality is limited for a paid app. Could be so much better.
  8. Sporcle
    Nicola Flynn
    Quiz Game General Knowledge lots of quizzes for al ability levels
  9. Poor selection, websites better
    Jinni Bruns
    The selection is poor and much better on the website. Worth buying, but not for as much as I paid given the limited selection and that it doesn't sync with the site.
  10. Desktop is better
    Gordon Reese
    Sporcle is better on the desktop, especially for those mad typing times quizzes. And WHY does the app not remember my login!?
  11. sam sears
    Glitchy and doesn't do some of the best challenges of the computer, keeps on crashing
  12. Megan Dondarski
    Most of the quizzes seem several years old. What's worse is the long quizzes make the app crash without saving any of my progress. When this happens I have to force the app to close and open it again.
  13. Unfortunate
    Kenzie Wood
    It's very unfortunate this app just doesn't work because I really really liked it when it did. I had it for 2 days and it worked great but all the sudden it just stopped. The search doesn't work, it doesn't let me create an account, and it has a lot of trouble with loading. If it worked I would deffinatly be giving it five stars. But since I can't even play it without it freezing and losing my progress I'm giving it a 2 and that's just because I liked it when it worked.
  14. Has potential but needs serious work
    Benjamin Tolhurst
    I had an Apple iPhone and this app was incredible and addictive. Now I've shifted to Android and I'm experiencing all of the faults others talk about. The long load times (especially with syncing if you've set up off-line play) constant crashes, glitches etc. Furthermore Apple also offers user-created quizzes in its App whereas it's sorely missing in the Android App which is a real shame. This app could be 5 stars - if it only replicated ios...
  15. Good but needs fixes
    Clare Sutton
    Used to be good but now it won't let me log in - keeps saying "login failed". I know I have the right details because I can log in on the full site. Even before it stopped logging me in, there was no way you could stay logged in so would have to re-enter my email and password every time. Good fun and great selection of quizzes but just need these issues fixing.
  16. It's ok
    Janie Diamond
    Game is fun to play, the main problem I seem to have all of the time is that I have to clear data all of the time because the entire game fails to load, other than that I enjoy the game quite a lot, I've been playing this game for a couple of years now!!!
  17. Love Sporcle. App Subpar
    Carolyn George
    Often fails to load if I close the app and try to open again later. have to force quit. Some types quizzes just don't work. Only a few quizzes to choose from for each category an "random quiz" keeps giving me the same ones I already played. You can search but not browse the many quizzes that I know are on the website. I wish it could have the suggestions for similar quizzes to the one you are playing. like it does on the website.
  18. Love the quizzes, annoying app
    Jack Staley
    Main issue is only seeing a drastically limited number of quizzes without manually searching. Don't understand why with so many quizzes in your database you don't allow the app to simply browse through them all, as opposed to 15 or so "recent" and "popular" quizzes that often are repetitive topics.
  19. Love Sporcle
    Victoria Higham
    But the app is terrible. Considering I paid for this app it should actually work, but it never really has on any device. It rarely opens to anything other that a blank screen! Not worth the money, waste of time.
  20. Stats are totally screwy
    Lawrence McFarland
    I play this game daily on my iPhone, where it is awesome. On my Nexus 7, however, the statistics seem to reflect a different game altogether. On the iPhone, my score is reflected in a percentile ranking; on the Nexus, no matter my score, it is 1st percentile. Plus the results show responses unreflective of what answers I chose in the game. I still enjoy taking the quizzes, but Sporcle needs to revamp the score keeping.


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