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ruzzle adventure
ruzzle adventure free


Reviews 146,732

  1. Great game concept
    Jeff Roselli
    Lacking ways to earn free coins to buy stuff.. Dear app developer please add this feature
  2. Awesome
    Tina Clayton
    Fun new way to play a match 3 game that's easy to pick up but challenging enough to keep you going. Kills boredom easily
  3. A super little chill out game
    Rob Heward
    Good game for instigating grey matter activity! It's like two games in one - match three, and scrabble. Nice one. Yes there are "in app purchases" but you don't need them, just be patient and enjoy the game.
  4. Love it!
    Nichola Cunningham
    This is a great, if addictive, game. It puts a whole new spin on straight forward matching games by needing to find words and complete other tasks to do the level. Am going to download on the kids' devices to help with their spellings. Very bright colours and the only 2 minor quibbles are the flashing colours when you complete the level and due to good graphics my battery doesn't last so long.
  5. Fun but...
    Michelle Cooper
    I'm stuck in a level and can't pass it no matter what I do. I meet all of the objectives, might need 3000 points but can't move, can't use any of the helpers at the top, nothing, it's just stuck. I've refreshed it 4 times now. I was finally able to get that level to work, and now it's happening in a different one, again. Something is wrong with this game. I have several moves left and it just stops working. Every time I refresh it costs me a life , but it's the game that's making me have to refresh.
  6. Love this game
    william matley
    So easy to play but its a good game to pass the boredom on x
  7. Best game yet
    Charles Damon
    Keeps you guessing. Unlike other games where you play just to "waste time". Thus one MAKES you want to keep playing. GREAT GAME!! Please keep them coming. Major kudos
  8. Update your dictionary please
    Andrea El-Urfali
    Some words that are considered English words come back as wrong. Qi and Que are words... When you have a goal of having to spell words that start with Q things like this can make the difference in winning or loosing the game. Other than that complaint it's a very fun game and keeps me interested and challenged.
  9. Candy Crush for smart people!!
    Joseph Capone
    Fun animation, and great combination of thinking game with mindless game.
  10. Awesome!
    KR Tilley
    Finally a fun word game that eventually challenges . very creative and fun..I am completely hooked!
  11. Candy crush with words
    Teresa Donnelly
    I did much better once I realized the letters didn't have to touch each other to make a word!
  12. Languinis
    Matilda Bullock
    Colorful. It surprised me with lots of fun.
    Tiaan Venter
    Really love this game. I feel really clever when I spell difficult words lolz
  14. Fantastic
    Sharon C
    Had a issue with the game at first but with the help from the game developers I am back to making words and freeing the little linguines.
  15. Fun game
    Monica wilmot
    I enjoy this game. However, theres some freezing during my game process. I think its because of I have the old phone Razor MAXX....
  16. Brilliant game
    Jan Van Leersum
    I love this game. It combines the best of several types of game that I enjoy and in doing do creates something really fun and original. Well done!
  17. Good, but one flaw.
    Chris Belcher
    Let me pay to get rid of the ads! If there is an option I can't find it and its really irritating.
  18. Strange but interesting
    Abbie Turner
    I like that there are two parts to the game. No adds or interruptions yet
  19. Amazing game!
    Amy Scerri
    So much fun, challenging but still enjoyable. Brilliant.
  20. MattyB
    Matty B
    Fun game and it makes you think. A game I like my 9 yr old to play when she uses my phone.


What`s new

Spooooooky times are upon us! This is what the Languinis have prepared while carving pumpkins:

- A brand new Wordfest event! Spell words, and get awesome rewards!
- Say BOOOOOO! We got ready special Halloween activities to celebrate the scariest day of all!
- 30 new levels to keep up the challenge -make sure to free Zombila so he can join the celebrations!
- Bug fixes and minor visual improvements

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