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Jack Jones | Software Engineer

Greater Salt Lake City Area |

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  1. Amazing
    Chris Greeney
    Actually said my grandmothers name who's been passed on for 15 years now and it's not a common name. Also said my parents names in sequential order.
  2. Great App
    Jayson Stark
    I don't care what anyone says this app is for real!
  3. Lotta fun!
    AnnMarie Walsh
    Real or not, I don't know... But I had it running along with another app by a different person, and both have matched words before.
  4. Best Ever
    debra smessaert
    I love this App it does what it says it does. It really works. A must have, so download you won't be sorry!
  5. Wow!
    Eric McKean
    I am just as excited to see this new app as I was when I found the original. It is super slick. No regrets here..
  6. Its do works...
    I lost my brother last month and it still hurts me. On that day i opening it up the app.. I knew it was him. Cause he say momma.. I scream and call my mother. She seen it what he said. Me and her just started crying. Also he said angles twice. I cry cause i know he in heaven. This app is real. You think its a toy but its not.
  7. Def not for entertainment purposes
    Kevin Brick
    A lot of tech for the price. Big learning curve. Only thing is, spirits and angels do not use an occasional word when communicating. Just the opposite! They blast you with super fast, super high frequency transmissions. Sounds like a high pitched whine. Spud, you should develop a spirit box. Should have ability to sort session log by sig strength to help separate spirits. I use it in airplane mode to reduce radio and other low level wave falsing. Add your and your family names, and town names to vocabulary.
  8. I Have A Problem, But Excellent Developer
    Michael Dodge
    A very interesting and enjoyable app... I am having a problem though. EVERY time I tap on the menu icon and then select settings, the app immediately crashes. The settings options don't even open... I instead get a message that says "Ghost Radar Connect has stopped unexpectedly." Something good has come from this though...the realization that there are some really good, considerate developers out there. When contacted about this problem, this developer responded immediately and offered to look into the issue. Subsequent messages have not yet resolved the issue, but it is nice to see a developer who takes pride in what they offer and respects the people who use it. Hopefully the problem wll be corrected and the performance of the app will match the quality of the service.
  9. Needs a little tweaking
    Pamela Campbell
    Love the app, but every time it registers something my screen is frozen preventing me from scrolling for quite some time... too long. Pls work on getting it to run smooth. A word should be able to appear without freezing the app for 30 seconds!!! When that is fixed the app is 5 stars. Pls add a feature to print all words instead if having to email event separately. I would like to print out all the words simultaneously if possible.
  10. I give it a three because it does make good entertainment .
    Playrough2014 2014
    However I'm not sure if it's just some app game throwing random words out or not.
  11. Excellental :-)
    Wade Ryan
    I like this one especially for the event records, and being able to add to the huge vocabulary. My ONLY suggestion would be to either keep the status bar visible (to see the time) or add a little clock to the Radar screen. If you think this is a fake app - think again. It doesn't pretend to be an EMF Meter, because it's not. The way disincarnate people are seen on the radar, and communicate, is an entirely "internal" process. ETA The developer is outstanding, he addressed my concern right away
  12. My son
    Wendy Sanders
    I know this app is real. I was upstairs smoking a cigarette and I asked it if Mattye (my adoptive mother) was here, and it said Juju. For those who don't know I nicknamed my son Juju, but he's named after his father, Maurice. But when it said that I put my cigarette down in the ashtray and took off downstairs, and my son was sitting up in his crib and he said Granny. I was scared at first but then I cried cause I really believe my Adoptive Mother was watching over my son. I told my fiance and he held me.
  13. A1PI
    Tracey Miley
    This Awesome Radar has help me find Ghost and capture them on Full spectrum cam, by: Apparition One Paranormal Investigations
  14. Not to bad
    Savannah Blayney
    Its really good but who the he'll is Richard and beans,pan it just doesn't make sense
  15. Its real!
    shelby Jergens Pence
    So i was sitting in my room and i heard it say "goes" and i wasnt looking at it when it said it so i thought it said ghost and right after i said that out loud it said "ghost" this app is real!
  16. ashley howard
    Good app been using it for awhile and get intelligent response most of the time. Can get a little creepy sometimes tho lol.
  17. Its really works
    sugeng tanoto
    I saw some spots with colors yellow, red, blue and green. What is each spot's mean ? Everytime appear spot received word like window, paint, officer, etc..what is the word mean ? How to do communication with them ? Someone may advise ?
  18. I don't know
    Jerry Elsemore
    I think it's just saying random words I know I have a presence in my apt. I have on many occasions had stuff happen like once a spoon bent in half and I was the only one home at the time and on another occasion all the stuff from the top of my fridge flew accross the kitchen and this app is just programed to say random words at different times :( kinda sad cause all the other comments about it said it was real :(
  19. Very good experience
    Joann Beam
    Got intelligent answers to direct questions. Several exact names of people that I know that are deceased..Really cool
  20. App won't work if you want to wander around with it
    gentry koda
    Only works if you stay in one room without wandering around. Went to a restaurant that was HIGHLY active for 5 hrs. The whole time I was there only 1 name came up & 0 blips. Got many voices on a voice box, EMF indicators were constantly going off. I got more activity with this app at my house than I did at the restaurant (because I, either, left it running at night while sleeping, or had it running while in my kitchen making food & eating<-----like I said: just keeping it in one room the whole time)


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