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dragon games
драгон сити
العاب تنانين



Dmitry Ryzhov | CEO at Social Quantum Development, LLC

Россия |

Роман Таганов | QA Lead – Social Quantum

Ивановская область, Россия |

Владимир Работягов | Project Manager – Social Quantum

Ukraine |

Natalia Kravets | C++ Game Developer

Ukraine |

Reviews 388,103

  1. Love it, but....
    andre cosby
    I love the game, very addicting, but I don't like how long it takes to recharge the battles. Takes one hour to get one, so it's extremely hard to keep a victory streak going. Hopefully yall take it back to the 30 minutes yall had last week
  2. Great game
    Katie Maine
    I'm hooked. I've played since the game came out. There have been ups and downs but they've finally achieved a good balance. You can play for free or pay to win as they say. It's true that you probably won't be winning any tournaments without dropping some serious cash & that there are many players who've chosen to put in money instead of time and effort so they end up with super powerful dragons without paying any dues but... I think this game is worth it. In fact it's the only game I've ever spent real world money on (buying crystals at substantial discount) that's really saying something for me.
  3. Was a cool in fun game but now not so anymore.
    Derrick Jackson
    I used to like this game but now it's like pay to win and no new Dragon offers. Bad Dev support. No new islands everything are bunch up together. Needs new Developer's
  4. To introduce time dragon
    Bharat Karande
    This game is really very amazing .But the problem is,there is no time dragon , so please the respected one should see to my problem
  5. Great and awesome
    Jerry Chang
    Excellent diversity and Dragon species. Great ideas. However the new update seems to make the game more complicated. Don't know if that's a good thing or not.
  6. Exelent game but theres an promblem
    Marcus Watson
    I love this game been playing for an year and half. But one major promblem is that my azure dragon say sorry cant equipt armor for thjs dragon. I know its an personal request but im sure other people are irratated with this too so if you can fix that that will be an great help.. also could their be an way to turn gold into crystals because prices to high. Thx for taking time to read this
  7. A must fix
    Kachancetarria Randall
    Kicks me out of the game as soon as it loads up. Takes away battle energy as well as kicking me out of the tournament. Restarts my breading cage, magic lab, money, and when I plant food. It needs to be fix because I love the game so much I almost broke my phone by throwing it against the wall.
  8. (It still Needs more work)
    andrew apple
    (Still It needs a way to trade dragons) and a better element system if your the same type it should not kill your dragon and the armor system is still stupid why put armor on your dragon if its not going to help you have to pay with gems in order to get it the only thing great and better is the Dragons they still look really cool
  9. Fabricio Gabriel
    BEST...GAME...EVER SOOOO unique my fav game i cant find any other game like it! but,there are some problems: why couldent there be a way to make things go faster without crystals eg money?
  10. Typical freemiun
    William Billups
    The only way to do well in this game is to spend a ton of money on a half assed designed game. I played for a year. Uninstalling now. Thus game sucks.
  11. John Dale Angelo Barriga
    I really like it but its very hard to collect coins I hope if you update this please make it easy enough
  12. I like this game
    zhu hernandezz
    This game is a great game, but there is a bug in this game, sometimes my Reward is disappear and i can't get my reward. That make me feel Blow Up. So please fix it......
  13. Like the dragons and most habitats
    mysty storm
    This can be an awesome game if crystals and even greenhouses were made more available. Seems the creators of game wants gamers to pay in USD for food and crystals. Too bad because it can be an awesome game.
  14. Mariah Pittenger
    I love this game!! But I'm really starting to lose interest.. there needs to be more to do for people besides just breeding and grown food once you get to the higher levels.. I'm at like a level 32 and there's not much for me to do anymore.. Please think of stuff.. More islands.. Or something lol I want to still play this game
  15. I love it... BUT.....
    Aimee Frank
    I liked the old earth and fire dragons better. And, I never heard or saw anything about their new looks. I like the old dragons better, and now I can't get them back. Come on, how is anyone going to pay $50 for a game privilege they are going to spend with so easy? The life prices and dragon, buildings etc. prices are unbelievable. I wish it wouldnt cost so much to speed things up, and the hours to make things? Fix those, and I love your game. Dragons are my life!
  16. Great game with some little problems
    Emrah Kürüm
    I love the game (especially after dragon city) but there are some problems about fighting. Both in arena and tournaments competitors are out of balance. In tournament I saw level 33 and no one under 20 while I was 16 (was there no one at my point close to my point?) and it usually becomes like this. In arena I usually be the lowest level guy (how can I (level 18 beat 3 9th rank two gold star dragons of a level 22 player?). Except balance problems it's really fun to play this game.
  17. Lily Hale
    Great game! Really love the dragons, graphics, and everything about it but it can get to be annoying at times. I would consider lowering the prices for most dragons, habitats, etc because it takes forever to get enough to buy them. Another problem I've found, and many will agree, is that the tournaments are extremely unbalanced and practically impossible. As a level 17 with level 15 dragons I'm supposed to beat a level 30 with level 25 dragons?? I know programming is hard to do, but you'll figure it out!
  18. Works, but syncing is an issue
    Ilobmirt Tenk
    If you have already invested some time on the Facebook version, you might get frustrated by starting from scratch even when you sign onto Facebook in the android version. Might be an issue they might fix at a later time.
  19. Great but rediculously time consuming!
    Lindsey Foster
    It's a really fun game that I'll continue to play but as u level up it take soooo long to get anything done... So long that that I consider it rediculous... Also I get that it's supposed to be hard to breed rare dragons but I'm on level 20 & I've only been able to breed 1... The other 3 I gained through quests... It's just a very time consuming game... With that said it's fun & when I switched phone's (ios to andriod) I thought I lost my old game but the tech support got it for me so that was awesome...
    Marli Bester
    This is my favourite game of all time... It is just a bit too difficult to breed rares. The tournaments and dragon leagues are just becoming more difficult and I am having trouble learning my new dragons new ranks. I recently got a Rose Dragon and he is at level 10 since I have no twilight escense, but I can't win any battles with it since I'm having trouble getting it a new rank... It gets knocked out in 2 hits and it barely inflicts any damage. Please fix and I will tell ALL my friends to play this game.


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Soon you'll be able to access the Library! In it you can buy valuable books and use them to upgrade your pets' skills. It's a great way to make your dragons healthier, better and stronger!
What's new:
New building – Library
3 types of rare Books
New options for quality upgrades for your dragon!

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