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  1. Solid game but...
    Thomas Bowman
    Two issues. First is that it *needs* gamepad support, got an Nvidea SHIELD and this game would work well with it. Second is a bit bigger, needs support for Android RunTime as AOT compiling will be standard on Android L when its released. Would like to see SquareEnix get ahead of the game for once, as it stands this game may not work with the next Android version.
  2. Absolutely Amazing !!!
    theHKsinger Benji
    Being a huge fan of the original, beating it numerous times over many many years, now almost 20 years later i am able to continue their story and it feels absolutely amazing. The ending brought me to tears as it literally felt like i was back in the lives of long lost friends again. The final soundtrack was a masterpiece! The story is now complete!!!
  3. Great mechanics, torturously repetitive
    Misha Rosolak
    I'll get the good parts out of the way first - the new moon phase mechanic adds some variety to the fighting (granted it doesn't add anything else), and the great looks of FFIV remain as well. 95% of everything else was also pulled from FFIV. You'll play the same characters in the same towns using the same items - and hilariously, you'll even have to beat the same dungeons multiple times to go through this nonsensical, lead-you-by-the-nose story. You'll play the vast majority of the game with low-level characters, and grinding is an absolute chore. This is a 40 hour game, and all you've played all 40 hours already. No voice overs, the same music... a complete rehash of IV, with an insane random encounter rate. For completists and masochists only.
  4. FF IV: After years
    Theo Gossard
    Great sequel to one the best Final Fantasy stories written. This is the kind of thing I'd love to see more of from all developers for RPG's of high caliber.
  5. Extended Final Fantasy IV, Nothing Else
    Kevin Armstrong
    I played FF IV (or II) on the SNES many times as a teenager and it was great. This game got my attention and I knew I would be playing it soon enough. I definitely like the look of this version better compared to the others that came out. I am playing this on my ten inch Samsung tablet and it's great, can't imagine any other way. After reading some of the negative reviews I do agree on many parts. The different stories with the characters aren't anything memorable and it seems repetitive. I guess it's nice to see some new characters, mostly just kids that the older characters had and the two twins from the previous game that grew up (I thought they turned themselves into stone though). The part that really sucks is how a lot of the same music was reused. I haven't heard anything new. Overall it's not a bad game for at least one play through. I am glad I bought this at a discounted price.
  6. This is a terrible game
    Brodie Baker
    I just can't do it. I've tried again, and it's awful. WHY would you start the game with the most boring, uninteresting, and uninspired stereotypical character in video game history? God, it's so boring. I hate that it's divided into chapters, because you have that "Nothing I do is gonna matter" feeling the whole time, but even that is just made worse because of how boring this kid is. Rydia is present, Yang is present, Kain is present... And you're playing as a kid. Sometimes I hate the JRPG genre.
  7. Great remake
    James Fox
    I first played this game on PSP when it was 2D. Back then it was really difficult to play and forgettable. Replaying it in the style of the 3D DS version seeing full character animations and things really helps you to get into it much easier than the PSP one. There is no voice acting though unlike the DS FF4 which this game takes heavy graphical influence from. Also the entire recycled soundtrack from the original gets tiring. Altogether seeing good ideas given decent graphics makes this worth playing.
  8. Worst dialogue ever
    Jamie Mascola
    The game plays well and looks good. But the complete lack of any memorable plot point makes this game a painfully long and dull experience. I would give it negative five stars if it were possible. A rehash that sullies everything good about the original. The four year old who wrote the dialog for this game should just give up and become an engineer.
  9. Support for languages but not for various Android versions?
    Thanh Nguyễn
    Like most FF games, the game crashes pretty often. The game itself is pretty enjoyable but this game is old. New features would have been appreciated. It should run smooth to be enjoyed, which it doesn't. There's no cloud save and is not compatible with Android L.
  10. Such fun!
    jacob ellard
    I'm loving this game so far! I just started and am seriously enjoying it. I love the updated graphics but still the old feel of playing an old FF game.
  11. No special dungeon
    James Lawrence
    Only 4 stars as removed special dungeons really good game though apart from that but some key equipment missing
  12. Keep em coming
    Dinard Hajarysingh
    Can't wait for the day that I can have all my ff on mobile device and re live those memories. ..
  13. Please support your games!
    Francois Roy
    Another update, yet still no controller support. I just don't even understand why we have to ask for you to add controller support to ALL your games..SquareEnix = Abandonware / Most games are buggy and never gets updated. If you are running the latest version of Android, it probably won't even launch.
  14. Review
    chin wing chuan
    All is fantastically made except the control need a bit if work. Other then that, worth any cents spend to purchase it
  15. I am the biggest final fantasy fan ever
    Andrew Gorski
    I really love this game especially the moon phase which is unique
  16. Great game,but poor thai translation.
    Atippong Panpitpat
    Every thing was great except Thai translation. I found the dialog funny, for example rosa answered "krab" that is what for male,and many more. And It will be good if I can change language in game.
  17. Best FF I've ever played
    Oat lord
    I'm loving this game. It took my previous favorite game, FF4, and made it better. Well worth the money.
  18. Nice Sequel!
    Knocky Racks
    This is a great sequel to FF4.. The Game Play is classic final Fantasy style, hours of game play.. and the story line sucks you right in! Especially if you played and beat FF4 this was worth the 15.99 I was going to buy Chinese food with.
  19. Awesome
    Nocturnal Nights
    Very slow to get started but a great sequel and a great RPG.
  20. A gimmick to buy another FF game.
    Ed Aganda
    I can't bring myself to like this game. Whatever character level you had on FF4, it's lost in the After Years (but this is just minor). The moon cycle is just a gimmick and only works to the disadvantage of the player (since you'll still use "attack" if the character is a melee type, and magic if it's a magic type; and wear the best armor it could use). I'm more inclined to write this review than finish the game. No cloud save. GAME 2/5 APP 4/5


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