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  1. Still love it
    Tsu Yaj
    I have been waiti g forever on this game to come on droid but its really buggy. Had it bug out on some games before i can save and if i leave it tunning in the back ground too long it wants to start over in me. Hopefully bugs get fixed soon.
  2. Great game but the app
    Christopher Blankenship
    The app keeps shutting down and deleting progress after I get to level 17. I'd rate 5stars if this was resolved
  3. Purchased. Again.
    Guillaume Fortin
    I can't own enough copies of this game. Got it for PS, PSP, iOS and FINALLY Android. Solid battle and party system, amazing storyline full of twists, masterful soundtrack, and those added cutscene are icing on the cake. Will buy again probably.
  4. in love again for the 4th time...
    Jessie West
    absolutely love it but definitely needs to make a virtual controller for it because the touch screen is iffy and I have a bunch of units so it makes a lot of things hard to do. and don't get me started on accidentally clicking defend smfh...
  5. Love the game.
    rob kimball
    Graphics are more fluid but the animations are now very fast. Story is still great.
  6. Great game,poor port and force shut down
    chortchoung saprungrueng
    FFT is the best classic turn based ever i want to give it 100 stars. However, with poor port, non touch screen friendly control, force shut down after finish a stage..... very often!!!!! 2-3times in a row make me stop playing it for a day. All those bugs take away 98 stars... so 2 stars for FFT, the best turn based game.
  7. Classic game
    Nicholas Pistor
    This game has been one of my favorites for a while. Super excited to see it in play store. The touch screen controls are great! The game crashes for me sometimes before I save, but not enough to keep me from playing. Would also like to see cloud save game storage so I can play the same game across multiple devices. If those 2 things were fixed I'd give 5 stars.
  8. Crash crash crash.
    Brock Maraee Rohloff
    Oneplus one. Game occasionally force closes and, after reopening, restarts, deleting all unsaved progress. Amazing game, not worth the money if I have to do everything twice. I'll just emulate it for free....
  9. Great game, okay port.
    Zach Gallimore
    I've wanted to play the PSP version of this game forever and was waiting for it to come out on android since the iOS release. The game is still great but the touch controls are just okay. Would love controller support! Also it kills me that this isn't a full screen app. For some reason despite simple graphics it makes my tablet get ridiculously hot in about 10 minutes of gameplay.
  10. Amazing game but keeps crashing
    I was very excited to see the excellent game released on mobile. Unfortunately it has crashed every time I have tried to play it on my Samsung note 3. It is very hard to make progress this way and I feel like I have wasted my money. As soon as the crashing problem is fixed this will be a 5 star review.
  11. Favorite ever
    allen Nessen
    Couldn't be happier playing this again. Please dont abandon the tactics line!
  12. Love the game, but no save state
    Eric Schroeder
    Great game, runs smooth. But no save state, so if you close your phone in the middle of a 45 min battle, you lose all progress. Extremely frustrating.
  13. FANTASTIC GAME! Just a little unpolished.
    Clark Swerdan II
    I love this game and bought it for the 5th time just to play on my phone, but any time a skill is used the animation tanks harder than low end rig chugging Crysis. ADD CLOUD SAVE, MULTIPLAYER, AND IN BATTLE SAVES BECAUSE OF THE MULTIPLE CRASHES!
  14. Crashes constantly!
    Taylor M
    Classic turn based strategy! Super smooth and fluid animation, seems to work great with touch screen. However the game crashes constantly. Especially after battles. This makes the game pretty well unplayable. Really disappointed in this port. Once the issue is addressed itll make a fantastic on the go game!
  15. So far so good
    Yusuke Urameshi
    perfect so far on Galaxy S6. Played through the opening fight scene no hiccups or slowdowns. The original FFT is my favorite game of all time. I hope this holds up.definitely playing to the end
  16. Clayton Borman
    Freaking amazing that this made its way to mobile devices HYPE! Now all we need is R2, and those elusive Fire Emblems and life will be gooooood <3
  17. Crashes Crashes CRASHES!!!
    Paul Meyer
    I love the game, and I actually think the touch controls work quite well on my Nexus 6. The only reason I can't rate it 5 stars is because it has crashed 3 times in the 5 hours that I have played so far. That really needs to be fixed. EDIT: The crashes are out of control! I've finished the game now, and it honestly crashed about once per hour. That's around 30+ crashes throughout my playthrough, so I have to lower my rating to one star until a patch is released to address the crashes.
  18. Still fantastic
    Jacob Frederick
    Crazy this game is nearly 18 years old and it still has yet to be surpassed. Very complex skill and job system along with a mature plot and a fair difficulty level that keeps it at the top tier of strategy games. Unfortunately the slowdowns from the PSP version are still present (which is frustrating) and there is no game pad support. The touch controls are fine though and fairly smart, such as sliding up or down anywhere on the screen will scroll through a menu. Because of these few issues it gets a 4/5.
  19. Crashes when battling for too long.
    Marcelo Soares
    Please, create a feature to save inside a battle. As the battles tend to last very long, and it is in a mobile, saving in a battle would be very handy.
  20. Best Game ever but this version lacks something
    Brian Garcia
    Still the my favorite game after all these years. Great gameplay and storyline. What this version lacks is multiplayer mode. Wouldn't want all that level grinding hardwork to just gather dust don't we?


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