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  1. Crashes on startup when no network connection
    Vegan Heathen
    Would love to give a proper review of this title that I loved as a kid but since I travel a lot I often don't have a stable Internet connection. Please change the requirement to a non breaking exemption. FFIII does not have this requirement. Would also of been nice to know about this before I bought the game.
  2. Makes my Nexus 6 very very hot
    Great game, brilliant new functionality added to make the game slightly more user friendly. Just runs so hot that my fingers actually hurt from touching the screen. Sort it out!
  3. Needs improvements
    Ryan Leininger
    Make the d-pad stationary. Also, allow for the screen to flip 180° when phone is held the other way. I'm currently forced to play with headphone cord sticking out right side of screen which makes a bit of a pain to hold and navigate the menu. Would be so much better for Samsung Galaxy S6 to hold the phone the opposite way. Allow for this to be an option. I'm giving 1 star until these fixes are made. Paying $16 for a phone game there shouldn't be any issues.
    Nathan Rowe
    I am experiencing a glitch where the boss music during the Ymir fight plays over the background music. It's annoying because I like the boss music and I can't listen to it because of the crappy mine music
  5. The fiviest of stars.
    Isaac Wilton
    By that title you can tell I'm a 12 year old which means I have a lot of time to spare. This excites me. THANK YOU SQUARE ENIX
  6. My Favorite Final Fantasy Game
    Michael Carson
    Finally compatible after waiting months to get on nexus 6!
  7. My favorite had come home
    Brandon Wolfe
    This is by far the best, most expansive, and most entertaining game square ever made. Nexus 6 compatability is here. Rejoice :-)
  8. Internet...
    Plagued Sky
    One of the best Final Fantasy games in the series, no doubt about it. From the story to the amazing character development throughout the game, and the unique battle system in the game. Everything was very cautiously put together during this installment. There are some awesome side quests in the game and back stories for everyone, and surprisingly there really good stories too, not just some thrown together ones that I see everyware else. Oh and for people who have trouble offline, let the game read your ID.
  9. Still the best game, period!
    Jennifer Miller
    I love the updated graphics and touch command simplicity of this game. The revised story is done very well. Also, the cloud save option is genius! My only complaint is how hot my phone/tablet get after about 45 min of play, but it's not a huge concern. Square Enix, well done!
  10. Still amazing but...
    josh parks
    This game was one of my most cherished from childhood days, and it still stands the test of time. The updated visuals are refreshing while staying true to the original. The directional controls are a little hard to get used to, I honestly would have found 4 directions, like it used to be, far more easy to Navagate. The original dialogue was fantastic to this game, though due to some censorship for some reason, some rephrasings have lost their emphasis. Still it's still an amazing game worth the time.
  11. 50/50
    Chris Scott
    The game play is good and the touch controls are better than expected. In the first hour of play however the game cut out 3 times but the quick save caught it with little to no loss of progress. A good perches and has cloud save. In the second hour only one crash. UPDATE no crashes when using blue tooth controller.
  12. People whine way too much...
    Ryan Pitts
    This game is awesome! I see so many complaints about things that aren't even an actual issue, it's a little funny. People complaining about not being able to use it airplane mode or with their mobile data turned off...It's worked perfectly both ways for me. Game loaded fine and no glitches. Oh and those who were complaining about the 8 direction touch pad...go into your game settings and simply change it to 4 directional for that more classic feel. Honestly, do you people even try? Lol
  13. Misha Rosolak
    A terrible port of a fantastic game. FFVI easily stands as one of the best RPGs (if not games) of all time, so I don't need to the same things that people have been saying for over 20 years. While I'm glad to have been able to play this game on the go and definitely appreciated the cloud save feature, this port is dreadful. Forget the missed opportunity that was a FFIII/IV-style remaster - the ridiculous D-pad made me want to throw my phone against a wall, and the dodgy targeting system resulted in me casting Arise on perfectly healthy characters. Pressing any random spot during a battle counts as a press for the default target, so if you slightly miss a character's name, you're doing whatever action you've selected on the currently highlighted target. This would be less forgivable on an inferior game.
  14. Andrew Dittes
    Pros: It's Final Fantasy 6! The story and music are as great as they ever were. The higher-resolution sprites are nice, though the character sprites on the field map look a little too much like Bratz dolls to me. The touch controls and UI changes for the touch screen are pretty good. Supports a controller. Cons: It hogs the CPU unnecessarily. It pegs the CPU 100% even when you switch to another app, even when FF6 is left on the title screen. This causes my phone to get hot and reduces the battery life to just a few hours. There is no excuse for this, I have a modern phone with good battery life (Sony Xperia Z3 Compact) and the game should not be taxing. The game also has an obnoxious phone-home feature. I purchased this for an international flight without wifi. Before leaving, I tried it in Airplane Mode and it started up and played. I didn't play it again until the flight home two weeks later, when it refused to work in Airplane Mode. I was able to get it to work by enabling wifi and connecting to the in-flight network, then disabling wifi once it tried to connect. Don't treat your paying customers like criminals!
  15. Lost data!!?? Square Enix HELP!!!!!
    Garreth Mcgivern
    I switched devices, I lost all my save data. Is there any way this can be recovered?
  16. Read this
    Anon Yma
    If you have a cheap phone without a lot of internal storage, DO NOT download this app. At 634 MB, it is very large and you cannot move it to your SD card. I had to root my phone and delete System Apps to get the storage I needed. Very frustrating. At least I'm finally gonna get to play!
  17. Samsung galaxy tablet s
    james capps
    So dang good it hurts me. I do love to revisit another loved story. Thanks square enix
  18. Classic Title
    Hoa Chau
    Perhaps one of my favorite titles of the entire franchise. Also so glad that it works perfectly on the Lollipop OS. I've been very familiar with the SNES title but enhancements on this version. The touch controls feel clunky after the second command option but can be adaptable since its on the mobile platform. Otherwise I like....especially on the go.
  19. A Waste Of Money And Memory
    Ron Roberts
    FfVI apparently needs an active Internet connection to work. Bought this game for travelling and found out it is useless. Unless you are going to be playing this somewhere with permanent, stable internet, avoid. This version is just trolling by the developer. A mobile game that isn't mobile.
  20. Oh, Awesome!
    Eric Lamoureux
    Finally! Thank you Square for making pay a ridiculous price, I never tought I would pay for a port of a 30 year old game ... :) I have been waiting a while for this when I saw Square started to port old FF games to mobile phones.


What`s new

The following bugs have been fixed.
■Problems with the "Album" feature in the menu have been fixed.
■The game no longer crashes when players with no save data stored in their Cloud accounts attempt to access the Cloud.