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  1. Easy controls, addicting gameplay
    Austin Tanner
    I have never beaten a final fantasy game so I figured getting it for my phone would make that easier. It is extremely fun and I have had zero problems.
  2. Kyle Clark
    This is an excellent remake, much better than some of the others in the series. My only complaint is the disconnect between the sprites and the dialogue portraits (they don't look anything alike). There should be a way to turn off the portraits entirely. Also, the updated sprites aren't as faithful to the original as I'd have liked. Otherwise, solid release.
  3. Great!
    Chris Morozin
    I've got a file with 29 hours logged. I'm at the end of the game. I've been forced to root my device and use Titanium Backup to retain my file. Restored my file after the most recent update, but I am unable to save to the cloud because of the sign in error. Hopefully this is resolved soon. Great game otherwise. Thanks for listening, Square Enix.
  4. Comedy relief ff
    joshua callaghan
    Been beating all the ff in order. Ff1 is hard but great. Ff2.... I hate that game but still beat it. Ff3 great game a lil easy. Ff4 great game. Ff4-2 had potential but kinda drop the ball I think. Ff5 is the comedy relief!!! Omg so funny the dialog is awesome! So many situations that are so cheesy and predictable its hilarious! Harder as the game goes on too its nice.
  5. Great game, but buggy. Do not use a custom theme!
    Chris Ainsworth
    I'm a huge fan of Square and Enix. They made the best RPG's while I was growing up. They are big on remaking some of the classics on iOS and porting them over to Android. Unfortunately, they put very little effort into it. FFII wouldn't work unless you turned USB debugging off, and when it did start up played in a window so small you couldn't even interact. I purchased FFV once last week and it would immediately crash on start up. After getting a refund, I heard the bugs were fixed so I downloaded again. Same problem, now I can't get a refund. I'm staying clear of their Android ports and buying on iOS. Get it together guys. Edit: Thanks to another review I got it working. I was using the Holo Glass theme. Changed it back to normal CM theme and the game runs fine.
  6. meh...
    Matthew Heckard
    I rather play the original one. I just don't get the same nostalgic feel playing this one.
  7. kenneth okoduwa
    I of the crappiest phones known to man but yet played this game flawlessly to the very end. Only downside is after i reached the end i lost interest in playing. Shouldbtuat even be a downside. Its like saying after i finished with that girl i didnt like
  8. Formerly Disappointing! Now Awesome!
    Timothy Hans
    UPDATE: I was pretty harsh on the Squeenix FF titles in previous comments but I finally came back and tried the game again after several updates and they have done everything we've asked for and more! The game has great controller support now (using the Nvidia Shield). And they added a very well made cloud sync for save files so you can sync your adventure between devices! Thanks for listening Squenix! OLD: The game could be so great but Squeenix continues to screw up their Android games. - No controller support. - Touch controls are clunky and uncomfortable and no option for a fixed dpad. - No game sync or cloud sync between devices. - Numerous bugs with losing saves or game crashing. - Outrageous price for a lacking game. The game looks fantastic and they did a great job updating the look while not changing too much. But they have to cover all the bases if they think they can ask these kinds of prices. Too many Android games out there offer all of this and charge a few dollars or less. If you don't want your games pirated, don't ask over triple the average market price for an android game. Please get these games fixed so we can enjoy them!
  9. Magic Lost
    David Morris W
    Remove your phone home bullshit. Everyone of your games does this nonsense and it's a crime. They removed all the charm and whimsy the game had by using these emotionless 'HD' sprites. SNES era sprites from Square had amazing range and emotion. These new ones are generic, boring, and emotionless. I'd much rather see a 3D rendition like FF3 & 4 than this horrible butchering of a classic. Controls and UI have a lot to be desired.
  10. Good game. Bad Controls.
    Geoffrey Lucas
    The game itself is pretty much JRPG standard. Not as good of a story as FF4, but still pretty good. It has interesting game play elements with the job system that I really like. The controls on screen are laughable: One of the worst I have ever used. The option to use an extra Controller is nice but not when I just want to pull it out and play a few minutes.
  11. Very fine remaster for a fine RPG!
    Brett Barker
    I'm impressed with the updates made to one of my favorite rpgs . job system is as excellent as ever and the trophies are a nice reward for mastering it. Cloud support is also a nice addition.
  12. Possibly best job-based FF
    Gideon Jeremiah
    Final Fantasy V: Android is a rather enhanced port of the GBA re-release of its original SNES release. This Android version features incredibly polished sprites, original artwork befitting each characters dialogue, a beautiful OST (as the classic FF games were known for), & the well-devised job-system that FFIII created & this game nearly mastered. Play this game if you enjoy turn-based RPG's, then smile as your hours slide away (remember to sign into G+ on the home screen for achievements).
  13. Does not work on stock 5.0
    Matthew Wilson
    Managed to get it to launch, but only after installing the Franco kernel r65. Fun game, but I hope Square updates all of their games to work with stock Lollipop.
  14. Dislike it
    Filipe Governa
    Good RPG with Google Play Game Features and great presentation, but too expensive (€5+ for an Android game is ludicrous), no Google Cloud Sync, and no immersive full screen on KitKat.
  15. Not fair
    Dale Sansom
    Can't even connect to the game, I love the ff saga and am starting to regret paying for any of the games because they won't load on my Xperia
  16. Won't launch
    Brad Cramer
    I have read that phones running xposed (though i uninstalled it and it still wont launch) won't launch some apps. I'm just curious why after paying $20 for a game... SquareEnix sees it fit to prevent a game from loading...a game I paid for simply because a non related app is installed. I will never by a Square app again.
  17. Trippin' on Nostalgia
    omar yassin
    Loved playing this classic again on my phone. New graphics make it feel fresh again. Controls could be better but not an issue at all and still easy to play!
  18. Could be better.
    Andrew Staten
    You no longer need to uninstall Xposed to get it to run, and it now has controller support. It's the core FF5 experience. The graphics are ugly and movement feels awkward.
  19. Awesome!
    Humberto DeLaTorre
    Although the story and character development are quite lackluster, the gameplay and job system make up for it! This job system is a giant improvement from FF3 in every way! The game offers many jobs that offer players varying ways to take on the superbosses and extra cave after passing the main story. It took a little less than 30 hours go pass the semi straight forward story. Worth the price to those willing to pass the game multiple times!
  20. Awesoooome!!!!!
    Zach Wise
    My favorite game right after Earthbound and Golden Sun. The graphics on this is better than the GBA version.


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